March 18th, 2006


New Hyotei binsen (Aiki Ren), One Piece binsen, KKM tin, Bleach plush, Conan shitajiki...


New stuff I have for sale:

BLEACH 5 plush set of Ichigo, Rukia, Gin, Yoruichi, Kon
(pics, prices if follow the link)

Aiki Ren new doujin stationery: D.Gray-man, a 2 piece Hyotei (2 sheets make one picture) and a new Hyotei lami card set (7 shots). Images & pirces listed on my doujin stat page

I also got up the small amount of One Piece (various artists) binsen up as well.

Also got in a Kyou Kara Maou storage tin: Yuri on top ^^ surrounded by (on the sides) Wolfram, Conrad, Gwendal and Murata.
PIC 1, PiC2 $18US

And have a reg (60 cards) set of the Mai HIME / Mai Otome Carddass set ($35US)

Pictures of all other items I have which I haven't had time to list on my pages yet can be found in these folders:
Posters, keychains, pins, tins, memos, etc
Prince of Tennis items

Shitajiki OR some are listed on THIS page. Couple new ones are the 10th Anniversary one for Conan and one for Karin.

I'm in Canada. Paypal, MO, cash accept for payment.
Shipping costs depnds on size, weight and what country you're in.
My ebay profile is here

Any questions about items, price, etc, I would prefer to be e-mailed at tasuki at shaw dot ca rather than an LJ post please!


Looking for...

Anyone selling a Hello Kitty...what are they called... scrapbook/photo album? (One of those large books with the plastic covered sticky pages you peel back and arrange photos on?) I didn't see any I liked at Sanrio when I went last... Let me know how big your book is, a pic, and how much you want WITH shipping. Thanks!

(as always, let me know if you have anything Super Gals, Sailor Moon, SD13 girl, or anything ganguro-related.)

anime for sale--with pictures!

i need money to buy contacts, so help me out please!
i have more under the cut but heres just a little sample of what i have:

Now & Then Here & There complete 3-disc set
Fruits Basket complete 3 disc set
Card Captors forst 2 discs
ranma 1/2 manga volumes
sailor moon VHS
still-in-package shoujo beat magazines
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Pink blinking kitty

Selling visual kei indies fliers

About a year ago I offered visual kei indies fliers for sale, and I'm doing it again as I find myself drowning in stacks of them! I am selling them in grab-bag format. This is great for people who collect fliers, are interested in finding out about new bands, and so on. They are being sold as: a set price of $20 for a mix of 30 fliers, or xx amount of fliers for any price over $10 (at a similar ratio). So basically, send me any amount of money, and I'll send you LOTS of fliers. The more you send, the more I'll include. I won't be stingy, believe me ^^; This price includes shipping within America (shipping is extra outside the states. International shipping price depends on how many you want and what country you are from, it would be about $2~5 extra for around 30 fliers).

They will all be full-color, full-sized, non-damaged fliers, and they will be a random assortment from recent visual kei indies bands. I can't do specific requests for all the fliers I include, but if you have a preference of cutesy bands over gothy bands, I'll put together the piles that way, and if you have certain favorite current bands, I will include them if I have any.

Note: This is not a direct flyer requesting, I cannot guarantee I will be able to include all the bands you ask for, but list a lot and I will try to include as many as possible.

I DO NOT have any fliers of:
~Any bands that broke up more than 6 months ago (PLEASE don't ask for Malice Mizer!!)
~Any major or major-like bands such as Dir en grey, Nightmare, Despairs Ray, MUCC, Miyabi, Kagerou, Kagrra (I do have Gazette though)
~Any bands outside visual kei (no Morning Musume, for example)
~Alice Nine, Antic Cafe, Panic Channel, Vidoll

I can accept pretty much all forms of payment: Non-credit card PayPal (preferred), cash (USD), personal checks, US domestic money orders or international postal money orders (from outside the US). I only request that you send your payment quickly, and I will be prompt in shipping too.

So, if you are interested, comment like below:

Amount: $20
Preference: Cute/oshare-kei
Wanted bands: Lolita23ku, HenzeL, Irokui, Serial Number (but I suggest you list more than this!)
Payment method: PayPal
email address:
Country: USA

Check the list of the fliers I do not have before commenting, please >_<

Thank you! (this is cross-posted around too! Sorry!)

L'arc~en~ciel photobook and jrock magazines!

Selling a few things! Pease contact me if interested in any item(s) ~ ~ I have 100% positive feedback on ebay under the id vintage.heart. Shipping will be $1.50 - 2.50, possibly more if you live outside US. I accept paypal and money orders. Please feel free to ask any questions! Thanks!

Image hosting by Photobucket
L'arc~en~Ciel BEST OF photobook - $20
- 100 color pages full of photos, interviews and information about each L'arc member. Lots of cute photos and even fun informational bits like each member's clothing detail and cigarette preferences ;)

Image hosting by Photobucket
B-PASS jrock magazine (Vol. 2 12/05) - $5 - 166pgs, color
featured artists: L'arc~en~Ciel, Porni Graffiti, ORANGE RANGE, Bump of Chicken, CHEMISTRY, SHAKALABBITS, nobodyknows+, BENNIE K, 175R, HIGH and MIGHT COLOR, YUI, Sasuke, Remioromen plus a lot more..

Image hosting by Photobucket
Arena 37c Jrock magazine (November No.278) - $6 - 148pgs, color
featured artists: L'arc~en~Ciel, Miyavi, Sophia, Janne de Arc, Gazette, Orange Range, Dong Bang Shi Ki, KISHIDAN, UVERworld, B'z, Shakalabbits, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, Shulla, CHEMISTRY, PaniCrew, Phantasmagoria, Hinata, ZUBOND ZUBON, 3B LAB, WAT, Kra, plus a lot more..

Thanks for looking! :)

Luna Sea and Alice Nine PVs.

hi to the people out there, i am looking for Luna Sea and Alice Nine PVs. any of their PVs will do. anyone willing to send them to me can email me at

can send it to me through

Thanks for your time.
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fuck me pumps


Thanks for all of you who responded to the sale I posted yesterday! Just letting you know that I havent forgotten about you, I'm just a bit swamped with the number of responses so it maybe be monday before I can get quotes for some of the items. (need to go to the post office).

Those of you who paypaled me $ for items, they will be shipped on monday.

Also, I've added Shiina Ringo's two seitekina healing videos on VHS if anyone is interested.


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Artists for sale are:
Malice Mizer
Moi Dix Mois
Dir en grey
Psycho le Cemu
KinKi Kids

As well as a pair of Moi-meme-Moitie socks and Mon Amour FC magazines + FC binder. Thanks for looking~
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