March 20th, 2006


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Everything here is purchased in Japan during one of my trips back to visit relatives.

All prices are listed for each item.

* buyer pays actual shipping costs + $2.00 for shipping supplies/handling *

only well-concealed cash is accepted at this moment

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Gackt "Mirror.OASIS"($25)
- 1st press VHS
- Contains the PVs and 'making ofs' for Mirror and OASIS.
- Short clip feature Gackt in L.A. (Los Angeles, California)
- comes with mini 8cm story disc

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Me in red 2013

Looking for something..

Hello ^_^ I hope this is ok..
I should have my own stuff up for sale soon..but right now I'm looking for something:

If anyone has any L'arc~en~ciel CDs they would like to get rid of (especially "Real","Smile",or "Awake") then would you please point me in that direction??

Mods-if this isn't ok, please feel free to delete it. Thank You Very Much!
Sleep to Dream by kiku_kitten

[[ SPRING CLEARANCE ]] manga ; anime ; jrock

reppu - your order has been shipped!
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picaaa - your order has been shipped! it came back... I failed to fill in the full address... *headdesk* I'll fix that and reship it. I'm so sorry!!!
kersiv - thank you for letting my know it arrived safely!
andonaru - are you still interested in the DVD, please email me :
destinylight - I've yet to receive your payment, please let me know your status as I have someone else interested in the item as well.
sealedw - thank you for your patience!

Still going, still have items. Discounts for large orders!

Please drop a comment & email me!
Send all questions to sakito.guitar @

(( Note all prices are pre-shipping / pre-paypal 5.5% fee -- see bottom for shipping options ))

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Official Fushigi Yugi boxset for sale $50.00

  • Fushigi Yugi Suzaku boxset for sale $55.00 dollars Manga sets ranging from Ceres Celestial Legend, Paradise Kiss (Parakiss),Alice 19th, and Reveloutionary Girl UTENA can be found right  
    here in this entry in my selling Live Journal quinn_hotness I am trying to get rid as much stuff as I can before I make a big post office run on Wensday.So hurry ^.~
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