March 21st, 2006


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Gazette poster for sale!
Very good condition!

I sold this to a girl, but she changed her mind so it's up again!
As I always do..put it up for auction! Please comment with your bid by replying to the previous bidder, so he/she knows that someone is going higher ^^"

Thank you and good luck!

Starting bid: $8
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yaoi (b-boy luv, junk!boy ect...)
DJ(hxh ect...)
how to draw manga,
manga(english, japanese, chinese)
magazine (kera, zipper!!!)
and so much moooooore *3*!!

come check it out :)!!! need money for school *must sell* !!

only taking: MO, and concealed cash at the moment...(will have paypal set up sometime soon)

more pictures at request :)!!

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Second time posting this! Please if you know for sure that you want what i am selling, reply! if you are not sure, then don't reply! ^_____^

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if you have any questions or comments, if any questions, please feel free to comment here~

thank you so much!
You Dumbass!

Jrock, Fashion Mags, Band Goods, Flyers

  • Items in red are for sale and have a set price. Items in green are for sale, but you need to make a best offer. All other items not for sale right now.

  • Prices on items under the cut are in USD and are excluding shipping fees.

  • Feel free to try a trade. There's a trade list at the bottom, or you could suggest something I might want. (I really want Gloomy goods right now!)

  • Everything comes with flyers.
I can also sell flyers individually if you want. Name some of the bands/shops you're interested in and I'll look for some. Prices (including US shipping): 10- $8, 20- $12, 30- $15, etc.

( The List )

( My eBay Feedback )
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Ugh, I need money D: So I'm selling some of my stuff, including part of my CD collection (OMGWTFNOOOO!). Please give my stuff a good home, ne? ^_~

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Shipping for CDs is $5
Shipping for Videos is $7
Shipping for Manga/Doujinshi $6

I accept concealed cash, postal money orders, and international postal money orders. Sorry, I don't have that cool paypal thing :/
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Complete Anime Series for Sale!

Complete Escaflowne Unedited English Dubbed (8 VHS)

Complete series, 8 tapes, All Unedited English Dubbed. Amount starting is $25+s/h or Buy it Now is $40+s/h. All tapes in excellent condition and watched once. No pics available, so you'll just have to take my word! ~_^

Shipping: Shipping is $20.00. Payment must be received within 5 days after the end of the auction. Any questions please feel free to contact me!

Complete Escaflowne Unedited Subtitled Special (8 VHS)

Complete series special Clamshell edition, Japanese import, subbed Unedited. 8 Tapes. Amount starting is $25+s/h or Buy it Now at $40+s/h. In excellent condition and watched a couple of times. Sorry for not having pics! ~_^

Shipping: Shipping is $20.00, Priority Mail. Payment must be received within 5 days after auction ends. Any Questions feel free to contact me!

Complete Fushigi Yuugi series+First 2 OAVs Subbed (19 VHS)

Complete series+first 2 OAVs (1-9). 19 tapes, All Subbed. Suzaku season in a boxed set, rest are separate. Amount starting is $40+s/h or Buy it Now at $65+s/h. In excellent condition and watched a few times! Sorry for the lack of pics! ~_^

Shipping: Shipping is $20.00, Priority Mail. Payment must be received within 5 days after the end of the auction. Any questions feel free to contact me!

Entire Unedited Gundam Wing Series+OAV (VHS, 17 Tapes)

You are looking at the entire Gundam Wing series plus the OAV 'Endless Waltz' English Dubbed, unedited, and on 17 VHS tapes. All are in excellent condition, some watched a few times, most watched once. Starting is at $40+s/h or Buy it Now is $65+s/h.

Once again, those are the UNEDITED and ENGLISH DUBBED versions of the entire series of Gundam Wing plus the OAV. Sorry I don't have any pics to prove my words, but you'll just have to trust me. ~_^

Shipping: Shipping cost is $20. Payment must be received within 5 days after the auction has ended. Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Good luck and happy bidding!
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POT SP7 bromides, KKMaou cards, Meine Liebe promo CD, Inuyasha pins...


Have a spare Konami Meine Liebe Wieder PS2 promo only (NFS) Orphe CD (3 tracks but I have no idea what's on it because this CD hasn't been opened) for sale since I managed to win two ... but I haven't received the other one yet.


Prince of Tennis Shining Clear 4 was released today in Japan ... hopefully I'll get my boxes in less time than it took to get my SP7 bromides ... got those in yesterday. Anyone have Fuji regular as a spare?

Also in for POT cards is the reg set (and singles) of TCG 16 which has quite a bit of Hyotei content and one Atobe/Tezuka picture. ^^ Scans (sorry, they came out small and not going to re-do) are up (SP BR7s too) on my POT CARD PAGE (scroll waaaay down) Regs $0.50 each, Reg set for $22US


Got a lot of Inuyasha pins & button badges in, most of them are Sesshoumaru ones ^_^ All for sale. Prices are shown on the scans ... HERE and HERE and HERE.


Other trading card updates:

Kyou Kara Maou TC3 reg singles ($0.50) and reg set ($35) plus scans (also came out on the small side, d'oh) added
as well as Saiyuki movie singles ($0.50 each) and 2 SP and also have a Mai HIME/Mai Otome reg set in ($35). Go HERE

I'm in Canada. Paypal, MO, cash accept for payment.
Shipping costs depnds on size, weight and what country you're in.
My ebay profile is here

Any questions about items, price, etc, I would prefer to be e-mailed at tasuki at shaw dot ca rather than an LJ post please!


Hello Kitty Digital Audio Player (IPod) Pouch For Sale.

I have this Hello Kitty Digital Audio Player Pouch for Sale.

Brand new. Size: (4.5" x 3" x .75") *I do NOT have an Ipod of any kind, so with that said I do not know what the measurements of any of the players are. And I do not know which one would fit in here.
$14 + $3 (shipping)= $17 shipped within the US.
Buyer sends first. I am whitelisted at +24 and I have all positive feedback (+154) at
I except Postal Money Orders, Cash (at your own risk). Only US money excepted.
If you have any questions, etc. Please post here.

Please check out my livejournal for other items like:
Clothing, Jewerly, Cds, Dvds, Ect. jayarep

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All the manga I was previously selling was put on eBay at lower start prices. The auctions are ending in about an hour, so please check it out!

Click for my eBay list

Manga includes 1-13 of Sorcerer Hunters, 1-6 of Evangelion, 1-4 & 6 of Fushigi Yuugi, 1-6 of Cardcaptor Sakura (plus one of the newer set), and volumes 1 of both X/1999 and Gundam Wing.


(no subject)

Interested in anything Asian?
Like manga, anime, jrock or even jpop..and other japanese, korean and chinese influenced things?

-Shojo Beat Magazines..Sealed
-Newtype USA- Mint
-Manga-Read only once if that!!

and new things are being added all the time..
so come check it out and I also will accept trades or best offers..

so what's to lose?!?!