March 23rd, 2006

Princess Mia

New selling journal~

I've made a selling journal and I'm having a big garage sale~ More items will be posted in the future, I'm currently having camera issues, but there's quite a few things there already!

Toys, Stationery and more from Sailor Moon, Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Digi Charat and FFX!

...and lots of misc jewelry, too! Please check it out, and be sure to read the information post before commenting with questions (they're probably already answered in that lj-cut section *^______^*)

Thank you!


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I had a HUGE update in my selling journal! hurry before it is all gone!
I will look at ALL offers!

Para's Selling journal
If you by 4 or more manga you will get a discount and I will pay shipping! The more you buy the more you will save.


(x-posted many places sorry ^_~)

Looking for...

Hi, I'm looking for any Ayaka Komatsu and Sawai Miyuu photo books. Also any Candy Magazines with Ayaka on the cover.
Please provide pictures && feedback if you can.
I live in the U.S. and can only pay with concealed cash at the time.

My e-mail is

Thank you!
gundam dork // ginger kitty

For Sale...

Please take a look and see if there's anything you'd want. Help me make space in my home and pay off some bills. ^^;

Leave a comment here for questions, pictures avalible on request, contact me either via AIM at wolfschen or wolfschen at gmail dot com.

Thanks for looking!

EDIT: These prices do not include shipping... I'm very sorry that I didn't include this information before. My sincerest appologies!

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Please check out my livejournal for lots of Japanese items!

Anime/manga merchandise
Stationery jewelry too!


And would anyone be interested in buying this Kon pin, made by me?

I can also make Kon earrings and cell phone straps.

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Due to my account going crazy on me recently, I am going to quit selling online. So this is your last chance to buy something before I delete my selling journal!!

ALL manga will be $7 shipped! (or less maybe! =O)

All Dvd's will be $10 shipped!!

Example of some items for sale:

Card Captor Sakura vol. 1 and 2
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Saiyuki vol. 3
Free Image Hosting at

Sorcerer Hunters vol. 2
Free Image Hosting at

Yu yu hakusho- The Movie
Free Image Hosting at

Comment if interested or just check out my journal!!

Red Girl
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Anime, Manga, and Magazines for Sale

A New Bunch of stuff to sell and a few old things that didn't sell last time.

Everything is in English unless specified.

I am currently selling 10 mangas:

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I am selling 5 anime DVDs:
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I am selling 8 Newtype magazines:
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Shipping Costs: 1-5 items 2.75 USD, 6-10 items 3.75 USD, 10 and up 4.75 USD. International orders add 6 dollars.

Payment: Paypal orders to I also accept checks or cash through the mail. E-mail me for details. Orders not sent until payments received.

selling j-rock magazine

I need money to pay some bill.
Please buy my stuff~ ><

-All items ship from Thailand.
-I only accept concealed cash. Sorry about that.
-The shipping cost depends on where you live.

I'm selling
-ARENA SPECIAL vol.26 Nightmare back cover 20P.
(missing;Alice nine)
cost = 7

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

-ARENA 37C Gackt cover with big poster
(missing;Alice nine,Gazette,Miyavi,Nao(Kagrra),kannivalism)
cost = 7

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

lastest update flyers1$ each

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or check all items at ★here★


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Anyone selling Cardcaptor Sakura's cards?? those cards that Sakura uses. anyone?? and is anyone selling any guitar picks use by any Jrock guitarist??? Luna Sea fliers anyone? i hardly see people selling Luna Sea filers, so wondering if anyone is selling??? please comments if you have them!

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