March 24th, 2006

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I am searching for a cute cellphone pouch/holder...
BUT I am broke at the moment ~ Does anyone have any that they would be willing to trade?!

I have plenty of items up on my selling journal bloomzybuyit inc. Designer Jewelry, Fruits Clothing and much more.
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Manga sale!

Got some manga for sale again, do take a look-see.
All shipping is from Hong Kong. If you are interested in any of these books, let me know and I can check on the shipping prices for you.

From top to bottom, left to right we've got:
Liberty Liberty! By Takanaga Hinako [Love Tyrant, Croquis, etc.]. Excellent condition (read only a couple times). Don't miss out on this warm and fuzzy mild shounen-ai standalone by a great mangaka! Asking $5.
Yume Chu Up! By Oya Kazumi [June Pride, etc.]. Good condition. A school shoujo I bought by mistake. Looks pretty amusing though! Asking $8 for all 3 volumes.
The Laws of Fate, By Ichinose Ayako. Very good condition. A teacher and school clinician's rather fluffy tale. Very nice, streamlined art. Asking $4.
Koishikute, by Zenkokuno Keuru and Yaduki Kikyou. Fair condition (bought from a manga library). A rare classic BL story about two salarymen and their affair in a single volume. Asking $3.50.
Demian Syndrome By Oki Mamiya [Ja-dou, etc.]. Mint condition (just got them)! The two newest volumes in Oki-sensei's series, get them while they're hot and steaming! Asking $10 for both volumes, or $6 for each.
Voice or Noise volume 2 by Enjin Yamimaru. Excellent condition. A story of a boy who wants to learn to talk to animals, and his friendship(?) with a young professor who's a sexier version of Dr. Dolittle. Asking $5.
Tensaiji no tame no Renai Houteishiki By Ami Kitasato. Fair condition (bought from a manga library). Another old-school but awesome tankubon about a tutor and his genius charge, who goes from cold and unlovable to cute and sparkly--the sparkles of love! Very silly story. Asking $3.50.

Discounts if you want more than one book. Thank you muchly for looking!

Kon pin, earrings, cell phone strap...

pin           $6.50
earrings  $7.00 with surgical steel hooks/$7.50 with sterling silver hooks
strap       $6.50
* Kon for pin will be around 2", around 1" for the earrings and strap.
** Prices do not include shipping. Shipping will be an extra $1.50 (or $2 if you buy a lot ^_^).

1. Paypal non-cc, money orders, and concealed cash are accepted.
2. Please check out my livejournal for feedback from garagesalejapan & eBay.
3. I make these once I have your payment. Turn-around time will be one week.
Sheila Rozann
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eBay auctions ending this weekend

Japanese clothing:
Auth Japanese RARE dyed top Gouk h.Naoto fruits asian
Auth Japanese RARE kimono jacket Gouk h.Naoto fruits
Elegant Lolita Jumper Skirt gothic egl metamorphose

Anime goods:
NEWTYPE Japan anime magazine BLOOD+ Mai Otome
W-Juliet W Juliet manga RARE ZEN-IN pencil board shoujo
Gundam Seed Cagalli RARE not for sale full body poster
0-Torus RARE yaoi Carnelian hot guys pencil board

All here:

More items added, listings on eBay...

Selling lj updated with more stuff!

Sailor Moon, Saint Seiya, Manga, Final Fantasy VII doujinshis, and a PS2 game. Some were listed on eBay. More to be added soon! Come and take a look ^^


And I'm still looking for the person who made those sushi and mamegoma plushies and cell phone charms!! Please contact me! *begs*
Gloomy Squash

To Heart Volume 1

I haven't tried selling on here before, but here goes-

I bought the first manga volume of To Heart about a year ago, but couldn't get into the first chapter and basically didn't read it. It's doing no-one any good by not being read, so I've posted it for a very low starting price on eBay. You can also Buy It Now for £3.00 ($5.20). It's in mint condition and I have 100% positive feedback on eBay for all transactions. I welcome any international buyers, just give me an e-mail before you bid, so I can give you a (fair!) shipping price.

Ending in 6 hours! ^^

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-Temari (Naruto) Cosplay fan/items
-Gazette Posters
-Clazziquai CDs/Posters
-Import games (Naruto for GC or Bleach for DS)

Please help me..
Check out my LJ for new items for sales or trades posted daily!)


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I'm saving up for college, and thus, selling all that I have. I'd be much obliged if you'd help me out!

I have a bunch of stuff, DVDs, doujinshi, a whole lot of plushies, posters, wallscrolls, manga weeklies, manga, shitajiki, how to draw books, CDs (anime and Jpop and English). All located here: witness_sale.

Thank you so much! If you find anything you like, please don't hesitate to contact me! :]

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Please make an offer! Or Check out my Journal for more stuff!

 White/Card Captor/ and other characters Stationary Set
 Fresh Fruits School Supplies
 magic user's club complete DVD boxset (like new)
 green hair accessory
 wing gundam 1/144 scale model kit

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Everything is in excellent condition and if you are interested in anything leave a comment here and I will glady post pics for you.

Please make offers but please be reasonable thanks!

I will be shipping from Canada.

I'm willing to ship internationally but shipping will be higher though.

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