March 28th, 2006


Last Day For Auctions, Manga, Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose, Putumayo, More!


^_^ New Sales Journal and Items ^_^

Hello everyone, I just started a new sales journal since I've got a few more things I'd like to sell via LJ other than my japanese and anime related items. But I will update here for when I add new things to the categories that is japanese related. Currently right now today just added new manga, doujinshi, and a Magna Carta Gashpon. So please go check it out!

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eBay - Shitajiki from Fushigi Yuugi, Evangelion, Gundam Wing, 20 Masks, & Kenshin

We took a short break, but the shitajiki are back. We have pencil boards up from CLAMP's 20 Masks (Man of Many Faces), Fushigi Yuugi, Kenshin, Evangelion and Gundam Wing. Check them out!

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Selling All My Stuff


I'm selling my games and DVDs.
Payment methods are negotiable, as are most of these prices.
Nothing I'm selling is below Good condition (meaning only a few surface scratches, nothing major.), and if it is I'll make mention.
If you want pictures of anything I'm selling I'll be happy to provide them, but right now I just want to list all of this stuff before I forget what all I have.

Uhm... that's about it, so... here's the list.

DVDs- All these DVDs are in Great Condition, only viewed two or 3 times each. They come with their original boxes and the inserts.(The little sheet with the chapter lists on them.)

Sorcerer Hunters Vol 1
Sorcerer Hunters Vol 2
Sorcerer Hunters Vol 3
Sorcerer Hunters Vol 4

Suggestioned Price: $10 ea. or $35

Games (PS2)-
Star Ocean: Til The End of Time (Complete/Near Mint Condiction): $15
Silent Hill 4 (Complete/Great Condition): $15
Final Fantasy X (Complete/Mint Condition): $10
Final Fantasy X-2 (Complete/Mint Condition. NEVER PLAYED): $10
Onimusha (Complete/Great Condition): $10
Chaos Legion (Game w. Case/Good Condition): $10

Games (GCN)-
Resident Evil 4 (Complete/Mint Condition): $25
Resident Evil (Complete/Near Mint Condition): $10
Resident Evil 0 (Game w. Case/Great Condition): $15
Luigi's Mansion (Complete/Great Condition): $10
Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (Complete/Great Condition): $15
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time + Master Quest (Complete/Great Condtion): $20

Games (Xbox)
Halo 2 (Game w. Box/Great Condtion): $10

Games (PSone)
-These are games from my personal collection, these are hands down some of the best games you'll ever play. Most of them are RPGs and have been hailed with the highest reviews. Some of these are rare and hard to find, it took me a while to find some of them. If you think some of the prices are too high I'm willign to negotiate, though.)

Final Fantasy Origins (Complete/Mint Condition): $20
Final Fantasy Anthology (Complete/Mint, Never Played): $25
Final Fantasy Chronicles (Complete/Mint, Never Played): $25
Legend of Mana (Complete/Fair Condition, works flawlessly): $15
Vagrant Story (Complete/Good Condition): $20
Legend of Legaia (Complete/Mint Conidtion): $15
Legend of Dragoon (Complete/Mint, Never Played): $25
Jade Cocoon (Complete/Mint Condition): $20
Kartia: World of Fate (Complete/Mint, Never Played): $15
Eternal Eyes (Complete/Great Condtion): $10

I think that's everything. Include $5 dollars for shipping in each price, I think its $7 if you're in another country. I'll give discounts if you order a bunch of stuff at once. Shipping will be compounded as well. That's about it. Ask for pictures if you want them.

If you're interested in anything here oyu can reply here or email me @ Either way.


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GACKT's Photobook Series

- photoshoot set in France
- style is modern clothing, various breath-taking country/city settings

- photoshoot set in beautiful old chateaus in France
- all but the last 2 photos are done in the old French aristocrat-style

Gackt Photo Album *Subarashikikana Jinsei 3* ($25)
- third in its series

Interested in Jrock stuff? Gackt, L'Arc-en-Ciel or Malice Mizer items? Please visit the lj cut for more items =) thanks

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Just a little bit more to go... auctions (Doujinshis!) at eBay will end in a few hours...
fast, go and take a look!!

series & authors are:

Fullmetal Alchemist
Gundam Seed / Destiny
Prince of Tennis
Wolf's Rain
Mamiya Oki
Yamato Nase
Yamada D Yonezou
Death Note

to be found here:

(all doujinshis that won't be sold and a few others can be found here later^^: )


Hey, I'm selling all my old Manga and Anime DVD's.
I have a whooole lot of stuff on my selling journal (cleanup_sales), including:

Magic Knight Rayearth Manga Box Set
Japanese Fruits Basket Charater Profile Book
The New Generation of Manga Artist Portfolios
Japanes Tankubons

&&&& MUCH MORE!!!
For CHEAP! Individual Mangas for 3-8 dollars!!!!

Please check it out!!

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hello =]

i'm selling my Bandai final fantasy Seymour Guado figurine. he's in used condition but not broken or painted, etc. he's a rare one! ^_^ no longer obsessed with him, he needs a new home. $10shipped to usa. $11shipped to canada.

cash, non-cc paypal, postal money order.

I also have ICO (for PS2) in great condition, original case & booklet. $14shipped