March 29th, 2006

Azumanga Daioh Ipod

Looking to trade

Hi everybody.  I'm looking to either trade OR buy if you have what I'm looking for.   EDIT/UPDATE:  I managed to find a list of all the HTDM books, and have listed the specific titles I'm interested in.  I know it looks extensive, but please take a look.  Thanks !

What I have:
DVD Magic Knight Rayearth Vol 1. Daybreak [Please note, it doesnt say whether this is region 1 or 2]  
DVD Chobits Vol 4. Love Defined [Region 1]
Usagi Canvas Bag from

What I want:
'How To Draw Manga: Maids & Miko'
'How To Draw Manga Volume 14: Colorful Costumes (How to Draw Manga)'
'How To Draw Manga Volume 15: Girls' Life Illustration File (How to Draw Manga)'
'How To Draw Manga Volume 18: Super-Deformed Characters Volume 1: Humans (How to Draw Manga)'
'How To Draw Manga Volume 19: Super-Deformed Characters Volume 2: Animals (How to Draw Manga)'
'How To Draw Manga Volume 21: Bishoujo Pretty Gals (How to Draw Manga)'
'How To Draw Manga Special: Colored Original Drawings (How to Draw Manga)'
'How To Draw Manga Volume 31: More About Pretty Gals (How to Draw Manga)'
'How to Draw Manga: Costume Encyclopedia'
'How To Draw Manga Volume 39: Creating Stories'
'More How To Draw Manga Volume 1: The Basics Of Character Drawing (Manga Technique)'
'More How To Draw Manga Volume 3: Enhancing A Character's Sense Of Presence (More How to Draw Manga)'
'More How To Draw Manga Volume 4: Mastering Bishoujo Characters (More How to Draw Manga)'
How To Draw Manga Volume 36: Animals (How to Draw Manga)
- How To Draw Anime & Game Characters - I already have vol 2. of this, but others would be welcome.
- Azumanga Daioh manga in English, I have 1 & 2, so the others, please.

What to do next:
If you have something I want but dont want to trade, only sell- please comment with a price and/or shipping quote.
If you have somethign I want and want to [even partial] trade - please comment and we'll work things out.
If you want something I have, and don't ahve anything I want - you can comment, but know I really want to hold out for the things I want.

Please note:  I live in Ireland, so please take this into account with regards to letting me know shipping costs and allowing for longer postal delivery.
I also prefer to pay - and will only accept payment - via PayPal.

Thank you!
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Paypal woes!

If you can call it a woe. XD;

I have a random $5 sitting in my paypal account! There is no note on it telling me what it's for, and no note saying who it's from!

Please, if you send me money by paypal, include a note telling me what it's for! T_____T

In the meantime, would the person who sent it please tell me who they are? I'd like to send you your things, but I don't know which things to send! T___________T
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HellCatPunks wristband for sale!

I am auctioning this cool wristband by HellCatPunks. I've worn this once. It's dead cool but I've realised I prefer wearing single row wristbands so I can wear a bracelet[s] with it XD So my loss is your gain!

The wristband is pink and black with double buckles and straps. The wristband also has pyramid studs all the way around and has HellCatPunks printed on the front in white. As I said, I got this brand new and only wore it once. It still looks new in my opinion - so I've been taking good care of it ^_^

You have until tomorrow morning [UK time] to get your bids in. I will ship ANYWHERE. Bidding will start from £7/$12. SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY - NO DEADBEATS!!
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For anyone interested in the Power Ranger items...
I listed a few more things...and have prices now :)

I will slowly be adding stuff...I just don't know how much my photobucket account can hold. :)


Somethings I have to post are a couple more Zords...some posters...a comic book...magazines...more Power Ranger action figures...and more..

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Doujin garage sale!!

Clearing out some unwanted stuffs, to make room for NEW ultimately unwanted stuffs!
Round 1: Initial D and Prince of Tennis doujins!

All doujins are:
In very good condition unless otherwise stated,
Shipped at cost, from Norway.
In Japanese.

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J-pop/J-rock sheet music magazine!

Up for sale...

"Big Artist & Saishin Mega Hit Shuu" [Big Artist & Latest Mega Hit Collection]
Softcover book with dustcover. 115 pages.
Includes interviews, as well as piano & guitar sheet music for many popular songs (from 2003).

Artists include: Gackt, GLAY, SMAP, Bump of Chicken, B'z, Aya Matsuura, Morning Musume, Pocky Girls, Every Little Thing, Venus Mousse, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Hikaru Utada, Chemistry, Ayumi Hamasaki, Ken Hirai, Misia, Yuzu... and more!

Great condition... very minor shelf wear on dust jacket.

Price does not include shipping (although if you're in the U.S. I can tell you right now that it'll be $3.50. Anywhere else in the world, please ask first). I can only accept PayPal (credit cards included) at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience. Serious buyers only.

Thank you!