April 1st, 2006



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Malice Mizer "merveilles - cinq parallele-",($40) ($30)
- 1st press VHS
- includes all the PV's from the merveilles album
- comes with clear case and picture cards

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Gackt "Mirror.OASIS" ($25) ($15)
- 1st press VHS
- Contains the PVs and 'making ofs' for Mirror and OASIS.
- Short clip feature Gackt in L.A. (Los Angeles, California)
- comes with mini 8cm story disc


hi ~ i'm selling a rare & very hard to find
tshirt by the label if six was nine ---
almost impossible to find in the U.S.!
casual but agonizingly cool tshirt . . .
cream with skulls + leather + grommets!
click on pic to find out more . . .

rik45 [Albedo]

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I Am Selling:

Video Games:
NintenDogs: Dachshund and Friends (DS)
Dark Cloud 2 (PS2)

Volumes 1 and 2: Until the Full Moon (Complete Series)
Volumes 1 and 2: Fushigi Yugi

Malice Mizer CD: Merveilles
Miyavi CDs: Rock No Gyakushuu -Superstar No Jouken- with DVD, and Freedom Fighters.

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pink geisha

Paradise Kiss Manga.

I forgot if I've posted this request here, and if I did, I sincerely apologize.

I am a HUGE Ai Yazawa fan and am trying to get a complete matching set of the Paradise Kiss Manga. (I have half in purple and half in white covers. And yes, I am anal retentive.)

I am desperately seeking volumes 2, 3 & 4 with the PURPLE COVERS featuring each individual member of Paradise Kiss. If anyone has them and is willing to sell them at a reasonable price, I am really interested. Additionally, I have these covers in white if anyone would like to trade. I am an honest seller/buyer and my only request is that I do business with people of the same reputation. I can only use Paypal as a method of payment at the moment.

Have a great weekend everyone, and I hope someone can help me!

Selling my Yuna toy! NIB

Comes in box, only used for display purpose. I have two so I'm selling this one. Start: $25 USD

Please buy~! XD I have an extra one so I want to get rid of my extras. I accept paypal, money order, or USD concealed cash. Email me at aznsandwich@yahoo.com or reply here. Thanks!!! ^_^;