April 2nd, 2006

Sale - doujinshi, manga, goods, + lots more!

Looking for...

I am looking to buy the Crescent Moon Wand from the first season of Sailor Moon.

I am most interested in this version - http://www.plutomoment.com/toys/moontoys/Season1/cresentworld.jpg

The Crescent Moon Wand World Version.

Failing that, I'm looking for this version - http://www.plutomoment.com/toys/moontoys/Season1/cresentoriginal.jpg

The Bandai Asia release of the Crescent Wand.

Thank you in advance.

I'm in the UK - so you'd have to be willing to ship here - and I can pay with paypal.
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Please Buy!!

Hello everyone! ^^

Bills are calling and I desperately need money at the time. T__T I only have 2 items to sale so please consider buying them.

- D.N.Angel manga Vol. 7
There's a little wear at one of the top corners but other than that it's in top condition. Nothing else is bended, worn, torn, or stained.

Price: $6.00 (with shipping)

- Final Fantasy X-2 (PlayStation 2)
This is a very fast-paced video game and also happens to be the continuation of FFX. The game disc only has 3-5 hairline scratches but it doesn't affect the gameplay at all. Comes with the game case, game booklet (instruction manual), and game disc. Game booklet is not torn on, written on, or worn out.

Price: $16.00 (with shipping)

Payments accepted/Shipping methods
I will only accept PayPal for these items. Both my e-mail and PayPal address is: moonxchild@gmail.com. If you have any questions please let me know. ^_^

I will ship via Priority Mail, so you will most likely get your item within a week. I'm willing to ship worldwide as well. Items will be sent from Texas, USA.

lots of stuff for sale - Cure, Nana, Gackt, Japanese shoes, cds, and more!

I have a ton of stuff for sale right now - two issues of Cure, the first volume of Nana, a Gackt poster, some brand new Japanese shoes, some CDs, pink hair dye, and a Japanese language box-set.

Please click here for photos and pricing. Thanks :D

Also, I still have a lot of unsold anime stuff on this post so please check it out and see if there's anything you're interested in.

Shipping Question

What is the best way to package posters and (especially)Wall scrolls?
I know you can buy those hard tubes-but can I just cut a box up and tape it into a triangle? Would that work for wall scrolls as well?

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i updated my livejournal with almost my whole ayu collection :( anyways anythign anyone bought from me recently should be recieved by now or very soon! anyways please check my listing, i have lots of fashion mags, namie, koda kumi, m-flo, random stuff. you can check ebay feedback at tina2384
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Cosplay for Sale

Good quality cosplay for cheap

Includes wigs, props, full costumes, and a few misc items. Please take a look!
It's always hard to get rid of costumes but I simply don't have enough room in my closet! Most of these have been worn one time and some have never been to a con at all! Everything is in good condition. I'm also really in need of money so if you see something you like but not the price, I'm willing to talk it over.
brit v mag


Because so many people were interested in this, I'd like to sell it to the highest offer. :3

Since my camera battery died, here's an image of the item I have, this is not my picture:


I would say it's in mint condition. I paid $30.00 for this new and it's a great buy. I'm only selling it because I need the money. :3

Offers start at $12.00. I ship worldwide and accept PayPal and Money Order. Shipping within the USA will be Media Mail and will be $3.00, insurance optional.

You can email offers to me or comment here.


THANK YOU for your interest! <3

EDIT: Now it's at $20.00. :D Still accepting.

EDIT: I've added pictures! Huzzah, huzzah, my camera is working!

Examples of pages -


IMPORTANT: I've noticed that I have some finger prints on the very first page of the book - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v220/ponyart/HPIM5744.jpg If this is a problem, please let me know. Otherwise, I don't see any other faults. ^^
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check out my journal!


ALSO gameboy color pokemon edition, featuring, togepi, pikachu & jigglypuff. with pokemon games blue & silver. $15shipped foreverything!
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Bunch of anime, manga, and anime soundtracks for sale/trade

Hi just found out about this community and i have alot of anime related stuff I am interested in selling/trading so I thought I would post it here. I have alot of postive feedback under this user name on ebay. All prices INCLUDE shipping in the US. I'm willing to make some multiple item deals as well, so please ask. Everything is in the original case unless noted. These are all the real deal, Region One US releases. I will accept paypal or money order as payment.

List can be found here:

i like long walks

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Greetings :)

I added some more Power Ranger items to chylds_sales
Come check them out.
I still have plenty of things to add, so keep checking back.

Collapse )

I have some magazines called "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Chronicles"...that I hope to be posting soon. I still need to get pictures of those.
Same with the posters.
As well as some mini-figures of the Rangers and bad guys :)

New Here


I am new to this community and just finshed creating my lj sales sn (which is this one) and setting it all up. Majority of my items are anime related and novilties at that. I don't have your run of the mill manga or dvds. I prefer trades, so if you have a trade list let me know or a wish list as well. I still have items of my own I need to sort through, so I may have something your'e looking for and not have posted it up yet. Anywho if you don't see anything you like but notice something I should change let me know. Also my prices arn't concreate, I am willing to halgle on certain items.

Thanks for your time
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Stuff for sale XO

FOR SALE! Prices don't include shipping, but it's going to be a flat rate within the U.S. of $5 for nearly everything. @_@; Prices are all U.S. dollars.

Cutey Honey DVD vol 1 from ADV (cover)
~ contains episodes 1-2 of the 4 part OAV
~ great condition, only watched once
~ $10

CLAMP's X series vol 1-15 original Japanese version (sitting together on the shelf, art example, art example 2)
~ there are 18 volumes released so far (the series isn't complete!) so this is all but three of what's out!
~ each one has been read only once; in fact the later ones I don't think I even read XD
~ as a SET: $50 (I was asking $70 before. This is 15 manga, of the same series, for $50!. You'd pay twice that for buying them new today.)
~ I really don't want to sell these separately, unless I get enough offers for different volumes. =/

CLAMP's Magic Knight Rayearth vol 1 original printing, original Japanese version
(cover, inside cover, art sample, color art sample)
~ this manga is now rare as the MKR series has been re-printed into smaller volumes
~ oversized compared to most manga, with color inserts and a color mini-manga at the end!
~ it's mahou shoujo, so it's aimed towards young girls and easy for those of you beginning with Japanese
~ $6

Shitajiki/Pencil Boards
Digiko from Digi Charat (front, back)
~ This is a rare shitajiki used for promoting a Broccoli event in Japan a few years back.
~ Features Digiko as a puppy instead of a kitty! XD
~ $8

Tokyo Mew Mew (front, back)
~ A bright and happy shitajiki I bought three years ago and never touched. o_o
~ $7

Eternal Sailormoon (front, back)
~ My first shitajiki ever, but I have outgrown it. ;.; A bit loved, but still good condition.
~ It's got some scratching on the edges that you can kinda see in the photos.
~ $5

Hikaru no Go (front, back)
~ Definitely the nicest shitajiki I own. :O
~ Beautiful color images on both sides. ^^
~ $8

Poker Card Decks
Shaman King (back of cards in case, card samples)
~ regular 52 card deck + 2 jokers, perfect for any game with friends or solitare XD
~ often played with (I'm a solitaire junkie), but kept in very good condition
~ $6

Other Video
MALICE MIZER sans retour Voyage "derniere" ~encoure une fois~ Concert VHS (front cover, back cover, the tape)
~ filmed April 1, 1997 at Shibuya Kokaido
~ Malice Mizer's last live as an indies band before they were signed to Columbia
~ $30 (somewhat rare)

Thanks for looking. ^^
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Each manga is $5 with $2 shipping. (standard shiiping rate)

Beauty is the beast 1 and 2
Guru Guru Pon-chan
The cat Returns
Confidential Confessions 1-5
Planetes 1-4part1
Zodiac P.I 1-4


Socrates in Love NOVEL (HB) $10

Want piccies, just ask ^^
mal d&#39;aurora

old jrock magazines, manga,miho matsuda egl skirt


Miho Matsuda black pinstriped, apron'd skirt, SM
other non-brand name/vintage EGA style clothing

ROJ April 92 Sakurai Atsushi x Imai Hisashi (BUCK-TICK) cover special
ROJ Jan 93 Sakurai Atsushi/BUCK-TICK cover
ROJ June 93 BUCK-TICK cover special
NONSECT Nov 2000 Sophia, Zigzo, L'arc en ciel, Crystal Kay
Ongaku to Hito July 1996 Sakurai Atsushi x Imai Hisashi (BUCK-TICK) cover special, cornelius, ends

japanese doujinshi of LOTR (unopened)
Yotsuba&! No.3 (english trans)
Cromartie HS No. 3 (english trans)

thanks for looking!
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