April 4th, 2006


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anyone want to buy any J (ex-luna sea) posters? I would keep them but it's not possible to do so. I don't have any pictures of one of them, but...

this one looks like the cover of the Crazy Crazy dvd, just with concert dates on the bottom. It's a very nice poster.

The other two look like this: J Get Ready and J Break
Both of those are from singles.

This is from Shoxx Vol. 80. Smaller poster than the others. It has a white border, but it's kinda hard to see because of the white wall in back of it. x.X

Also, I have some laminated pages from a magazine: pic 1 and pic 2.

I am asking...how about $5 per poster ($3 for the small one) and $2 for the laminated pages. Heck, i could even have the posters laminated for you. I think it costs about $6 per poster though. Oh, and plus shipping. I like to use Media Mail because it starts at $1.45, though I think Priority (or maybe it was First Class, not sure) starts at like $0.60. Media Mail is good for media that's heavy. So I would recommend the other option. whichever it is. i can find out, depending on where you live and such.

This will not be cross posted anywhere, so if you know anyone who might be interested, please tell them about this. I need to raise money to pay back someone for a dvd I bought from cdjapan. ^_^;; ah, the life of an otaku. Buying more than you're able to and then selling your possessions to get more. kidding. sort of. <.<;;;; hahahaha ^_^;
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Hi! I'm looking for a copy of Rentrer en Soi's 1st press of their first mini-album Yurikago. I'm willing to pay a great deal of money to anyone who'd be willing to part with it. Also if you have anything Rentrer en Soi/RENTRER EN SOI I'd be interested as well. That includes promotion items, posters, magazines, flyers, cds, etc. Unless I already have it that is. XD

I'm greatful for any help you can provide and thanks! ^^
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shirts for saaale

just a bunch of shirts for sale. alot of Japanese labels. some used, some new.
Click picture to go to list with photos. =)
Post with your paypal addy so i can send an invoice. shipping is $5 and up in the US. $12 international. My paypal addy is sales (at) genkigang.com

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Each manga is $5 with $2 shipping. (standard shiiping rate)

Beauty is the beast 1 and 2
Guru Guru Pon-chan 1 and 2
The cat Returns
Confidential Confessions 1-5
Planetes 1-4part1
Zodiac P.I 1-4


Socrates in Love NOVEL (HB) $10

i can take paypal, moneyorders and cash at senders risk.

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fangirl moment.

FS - Couple H!P Albums & DVDs

A few new items for sale.

☆ Natsumi Abe - 2nd~Shimiwataru Omoi
☆ Berryz Koubou - Special! Best Mini~2.5 maime no Kare
☆ Maki Goto - 2004 Haru~Makkin-iro ni Nucchae! (DVD)
☆ Matsuura Aya - First Concert Tour 2002 "First Date" (DVD)
☆ Matsuura Aya - Concert Tour 2003 Spring Matsu Ring Pink (DVD)

All are imports and have only been played once. The three DVDs have been reduced to 10.00-15.00 each!

Check everything out here, photos included. SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY, I cannot hold items anymore due to having too many problems with people claiming they sent payment but never did.
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me and the hubbie &lt;3


a brand new pucca tote bag i bought off of a really nice lj user. the sad thing is i am probably never going to use it & i want it to go to someone who will. it will fit everything & anything in there. take it traveling, to school whatever. the outside says a funny lovestory of pucca & garu! cute cute cute.

$14 shipped or best offer!

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Looking to buy! Sell to me!

Looking to buy:

Prince of Tennis Japanese manga (no English please) by Takeshi Konomi. Viz has the English version out, so anyone looking to get rid of their old Japanese version?

Gackt CDs (other than Sixth Day, Seventh Night, Moon, and Cresent). Reasonable price, about $10 max, but make offers. No posters or videos.


Selling manga

I'm looking to pay off some bills, so these books really need to go. ^_^

o ALL books are in like-new condition.
o ALL books are in English.
o Each book is $10, shipping inclusive (I would prefer not to ship outside the United States, but if you're an international buyer, shipping will cost a bit extra, sorry).

o Fruits Basket #1
o Death Note #1
o Death Note #2
o Peacemaker Kurogane #1
o Inuyasha #1
o X/1999 #1

1. I accept checks, money orders, and cash at your own risk.
2. If you're interested in purchasing, just leave a comment here, or if you'd prefer, email me: strawberri_gashes AT hotmail DOT com. Also, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!