April 12th, 2006


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hi, i was wondering if anyone was selling any FLCL artbooks or had some for trade? actually any merchandise would be cool, but mainly art books, not manga.

also, is anyone interested in the murakami book "little boy", retails for 45 usd? let me know, thanks!
Sleep to Dream by kiku_kitten

[[ Clothing Auction ]] kera-esque & punk/goth-ish items ...

The end of the auction has been moved up to April 13th as I will be out of town beginning Friday April 14th. Winning bidders please email me at sakito.guitar @ gmail.com as promptly as possible so I may prepare your items for shipping. If I do not receive an email/payment prior to my departure on Friday your item will not be shipped until I return the following week.

(( Please check it out ))
mako - buried

Selling D'espairsRay LIMITED/FIRST PRESS CDs

Hellloooo everyone.
My friend's selling D'espairsRay (AND +D'espairsRay+) Limited AND OR

Some of them includes:
Sexual Beast, Ori, Demo CD: SIX TERROR, Genwaku

So please, if you have time, go and check it out! ^^

MOST of the CDs are +D'espairsRay+, so it's VERYVERY Rare!
Please consider, and go and take a look!

[Follow the DeathGod]

Also selling:
Kyo's FIRST Poem Book

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I am parting with a ton of manga to make way for MORE MANGA!

I would like to trade with folks, if possible.

If not, talk to me and I might be swayed into some other kind of arrangement.

All volumes are in great shape.

Here's the list:


Getbackers - V 1 and 2.

Konjiki no Gashbell!! - V 6 and 7


Excell Saga - V 1 through 8

Inuyasha - V 1 throught 12 in the old, large format and 13 - 18 in the new small format

Mars - V 1 though 4

Azumanga Daioh - V 1 and 2

Death - at Death's door V 1

My Sassy Girl - V 1

Post a comment or email sarah at aksarah.com for more information~!

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Happy Mania

#1-6, 10&11

Yugioh <--all still in wrapping


Tokyo Boys and Girls <--also still in wrapping


Make me an offer. Pics available upon request.
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I have pictures of these so if you want to see pics email me or leve a comment here

Everything is for make an offer.

Nyanko Necklace
Sailor Moon Group Backpack
Gundam Wing: Wing Gundam Backpack
Gundam Wing: Gundam Wing Boys Backpack
Heero Yuy Backpack.
Gundam Wing Mousepad *boys group*

Video Games
Spce Channel 5 *Dreamcast*
Dead or Alive 2 *Dreamcast*

Cosplay Outfits, Props & Accessories
Dollfie Commissions
Anime, Jrock, Jpop,  Original Themed Jewelry and hats
Sketches, Sticker Commissions
TV/Vampire Diaries - Caroline/Klaus

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ajsales - shirts, books, and other crap. If you don't like the price I have listed I will go lower, it's not really set, just suggested.

muffinsare_good disappeared so the items on hold for them are not on hold anymore.

I had to change my email address so I lost the email of the person holding a few items for me. If you could comment here I would be super happy. Pleeeeeeease do!

Thanks. =)

[fma] rare fanbook binder for sale

I'm selling this now hard-to-find Fullmetal Alchemist fanbook with binder. I originally bought this at Otakon 2004 but no longer have room to keep all this stuff. This book is about 25 pages long, all in Japanese text and includes images, character settings and summaries of certain episodes of FMA. I'd like to offer it to you kind folks first before trying my luck in eBay.

Asking price: $15.00 (not incl. shipping)
Shipping: Media Mail ($3.00) or Priority ($4.00). Intl addresses, please comment
Payment: Paypal, money order, concealed cash (at your own risk)
Paradise Kiss

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Manga are all in English and near mint condition unless specified. I prefer to sell as set or $6.00 each.

1. 50 Rules for Teenagers #1
2. Alichino #1
3. Alichino #2
4. Alichino #3
5. B.B. Explosion #1
6. B.B. Explosion #3
7. Broken Angels #1
8. CLAMP School Detectives #1
9. CLAMP School Detectives #2
10. CLAMP School Detectives #3
11. Crazy Love Story #1
12. Crazy Love Story #3
13. Cross #1
14. Demon Diary #1
15. Demon Diary #2
16. Demon Diary #3
17. Demon Diary #4
18. Demon Diary #5
19. Demon Diary #6
20. Demon Diary #7
21. Dolls #1
22. Doubt #1
23. Doubt #2
24. Doubt #3
25. Doubt #4
26. Erika Sakurazawa's Angel Nest
27. Erika Sakurazawa's The Aromatic Bitters
28. Instant Teen #1
29. Instant Teen #2
30. Instant Teen #3
31. Kill Me Kiss Me #3
32. Loveless #1
33. Madara #1
34. Musashi #9 #1
35. Saber Marionette J #5
36. Saiyuki Japanese #3
37. Until the Full Moon #1
38. Until the Full Moon #2