April 13th, 2006

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Relisted item!

+ Demonia Platform Boots
+ Terranova Soho Rising Sun Lightweight Hoodie

Terranova Soho Rising Sun Lightweight Hoodie [ Size Medium ] - NEW w/Tags for $10Collapse )

Also, these brand new Demonia cybergoth / punk boots are still available at a huge discount -- made of Black PAT (Animal Friendly)!

And my shipping’s always free in the U.S.!  Check here for purchase details.

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Deals of the week

In attempt to clean up my room with things I don't need, I'll give a weekly "sale" to offer things.

I'll accept paypal (prefered) and concealed cash (at your own risk, of course). I'd prefer to sell only to the US, but if you really want something then I'd be willing to send it out to you.

(: I'm willing to take offers on the price if you don't like the set price.

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Oh and feel free to view my garbled selling journal. :3

New selling journal

Well it seems i'm not the only one spring-cleaning~
Please check out my selling journal here: tachikoma_sales
I'm selling quite a bit of manga, right now there's 38 manga up, all english and fairly new. I'm going to be adding a lot of books this week, so please stop by! There's also a stargate dvd set and a Robot import manga for sale.
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Misc. Stuff for sale!

I'm currently selling a great many Mangas:

Tokyo MewMew
Angelic Layer
Sword of the Dark Ones
And lots more for only 4 dollars each!

I'm also selling Anime:

His and Her Circumstance
Wild Act
Devil Hunter Yohko
And More for 10 Dollars each

I'm selling some cute Purses and some Newtypes as well.

All merchindise and information can be found HERE
Closing in on me // Ayu

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UPDATE! @ bloomzybuyit

* Ayumi Hamasaki - Rainbow [Album]
* Ayumi Hamasaki - My Story [Album]~ CD+DVD
* BoA - Best of Soul [Album]~ CD+DVD (Limited Edition)

* FRUITS T-Shirts, Shoes, Bags, Jewelry, and Accesories

* Hello Kitty Stationary

* Japanese DVD's

It's raining manga

Selling a ton of manga in english at my selling journal: tachikoma_sales I Accept paypal, and ship (only) within the US. Not a lot of series runs, but a lot of volume 1s and 2s. Prices negotiable if you buy several, shipping media mail is free for buying $20 or more!

You can check out the list here: click! I've got some Yuu Watase manga, random CLAMP stuff, Shounen Jump/Action titles, and more coming soon. Pictures available.

Just updated with a large shounen batch! (and a few shoujo!)
Shake It.


My Clow Cards and Hello Kitty purse are almost closing auction soon!

Click on the picture and it'll lead you to the eBay link, which has more pictures of course. Thanks for looking!
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Does anyone want any volume of Inuyasha 1-23. If you do please offer a price or name a trade. Perfer to trade w/Kodocha or Cardcaptor Sakura Master of the Clow v.4. or Imadoki
JRM, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Buy Stuff Get Stuff Free Sale! Sailor Moon, Hello Kitty, and tons more!

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who bought from my last sale...!!! *cries happily*

As my moving day gets closer and closer, I am still flipping out about getting rid of things. That's why I'm trying a new sale, it's called the 'Buy Stuff! Get Stuff Sale!' Basically how it works is if you buy 3 or more items you get an item of your choice free. The only stipulation is that the free item has to be equal or less than your cheapest item. That's it! Even if your cheapest item is $15, you can still get a $15 or less item free.

Poster shipping: Add $3 to your total poster order for shipping, this includes a tube and postage. (US only, international is about twice as much)

I take paypal, MOs, and concealed cash, but I prefer paypal. New items (which there are quite a few) are listed at the top, the rest that hasn't been sold yet is at the bottom.

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Other Items for Sale (All with pictures!!!)
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Thanks for looking, please comment if you are interested in anything...^_^