April 15th, 2006

Lots Of Manga, Yaoi, Sailormoon and more!

Recently, I have found that a lot of space in my room is being taken up by items that I no longer use. So, to clear up some of that clutter, I am posting sales here. I am offering all items at starting bids which I consider to be appropriate- though I am quite flexible if, say, you would care to bid on an item at $0.25 or $.50 cents less than my original asking price (though I would greatly appreciate it if you make mention of such a deduction). I have numerous items available from my general manga, yaoi and Sailormoon collections that I am offering for sale here- please note: all items are on a bidding system, and all are direct sale through LiveJournal.

My selling terms are as follows...
Bidding System
All items posted here are on a bidding system. Starting prices are listed along side each item, along with a short description. If you wish to bid on a particular item (or number of items) please start the bidding at the starting price listed. (Bidders should mention the name of the item as well as what they are bidding as to make it easier for me to track bids.)

Forms of Payment
I prefer to be paid by means of PayPal. But if you can only pay by money order, please let me know. I can only accept official post office money orders in USD. (If you are from Canada or another country outside the United States, please note that there is an additional charge of $1.50 that my bank charges and I would like that extra charge to be included in your payment to me.)

Shipping Charges
There are numerous options for shipping within the United States all of the ones I offer are the flat-rates. (Unless the items you bid on are manga or books which have variable shipping costs according to weight via Media Mail.) The shipping rates start at $4.08 and move upwards from there. (Most items, if you order multiple ones, can try to be placed into a $4.08 box though I may need to move up to an $8.10 box to fit everything safely.) If you are outside of the United States, please expect to have higher shipping charges. As for international buyers, please inform me of your country so I may let you know the shipping charges.

Contacting Me
I may be contacted through this LiveJournal account (pierrotseven) or through e-mail pierrotseven[at]hotmail[dot]com.

Items available are...
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Yami no Matsuei/Descendant of the Dark [PROMO FUROKU ARTPRINTS]


Promotional Yami no Matsuei ARTPRINTS

Rare furoku item, from Hana to Yume 2002. These beautiful art pieces by Yoko Matsushita come on thick paper/cardboard, BIG SIZE (A3). Plainly wonderful. I've already put my own favourites in a frame and put them on the wall. ^^ COLLECTOR's item, not available for sale. (I had a hard time finding them!)

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Take a look at my selling journal, silent_saviour, for more collectibles, plushies, artbooks and yaoi doujinshi! ^^
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Manga, manga and more manga

Selling a ton of manga (english versions) at my selling journal: tachikoma_sales I Accept paypal, non-cc and credit, and ship (only) within the US. Not a lot of series runs, but a lot of volume 1s and 2s. Prices negotiable if you buy several, shipping media mail is free for buying $20 or more!

You can check out the list here: click! I've got some Shoujo manga, CLAMP volumes, Shounen Jump/Action titles, and more coming soon. Pictures available, and better pictures available upon request.

Recent additions:
Ceres v1-4
A few shounen jump titles (PoT, whistle)
and lots more!

Kyou Kara Maou cards & Meine Liebe Wieder items


I have extra Kyo Kara Maoh Photo Collection (ie bromides) trading cards that I have as well as a promo Meine Liebe Wieder day planner and B's Log 3 (Meine Liebe Wieder cover) I have listed with images in this post in my LJ.

I have other items (shitajiki, doujinshi, plush, posters, keychains ....) listed for sale on my webpage here.

I'm in Canada. Paypal, MO, cash accept for payment.
Shipping costs depnds on size, weight and what country you're in.
My ebay profile is here

Any questions about items, price, etc, I would prefer to be e-mailed at tasuki at shaw dot ca rather than an LJ post please!

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Looking for..

Hi! I'm really looking for Gackt/Miyavi/TMR/Phantasmagoria posters, and if anyone has My Lovely Sam-Soon/My Name is Kim Sam-Soon related items (I'm also looking for the box set and OST1), I'd love you forever :)!