April 20th, 2006


Direct Sale:

Sharp PW-9100: Japanese-English Electronic Dictionary. + Kanji electronic dictionary. Kanji look up capablities.

For sale on amazon.com HERE for 44,000 yen. Roughtly 440 dollars.

Selling this for 145, or best offer. (Willing to take less if you pay by paypal and soon.)

This dictionary was the first out there with the 'super jump' capability to look up kanji that you're unsure of while on a page with a reading, ect. It's got a great vocab in it and I've never been unable to find a word in it.

Great for Intermediate+ Japanese learners.

Cosplay Mooks for sale...


Anyone interested in issues of Cosmode #1 to #7 & an issue of Cosplay Girls? I'd like around £12 + Shipping each for the Cosmodes since I paid around £20GBP each & £13GBP for the Cosplay Girls Mook or highest bid. All Mooks are in good condition & have only been looked at a few times & so are the Cosmodes even the patterns which are intact & still attached. Some of the Cosmode mooks also contain Gothic Lolita spreads so cater to a wide range of styles. Please comment if you are interested...

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PS: I have Stuff here & here available that might interest you inc a Cosplay Costume...


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Okay so here's the thing..
Gazette is my all-time favorite jrock band..
My birthday is May the 9th..
Gazette is on the cover of the May 2006 issue of Arena37c issue!!..

It is meant to be..
I am meant to havr this magazine..
I havent been able to get my hands on it..
Thats where you guys come in..

Just make it a decent price..I just hate having to pay $15 a magazine..

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Random wants/needs

I REALLY REALY need one of those ear cuffs with the chain connected to a lip ring...I don't know if they have a name.... *>_>*

Lisa frank (basically anything...especially jewelry boxes and unicorns)
RODY horses (big/small)
Plastic apple containers

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Need Commissions?
We're taking Cosplay, Clothing, Art, Props and Character/Fruits Fashion Jewelry commissions.
If you're interested please contact us at

Looking for anything in particular?
Be sure to check out our shops!
We carry clothing, video games, dollfie items, Manga, Books, Comics, DVDs, CDs, Posters, Rare Import items, Cosplay items (such as the popular hide cosplay glasses and costume commissions), Collectibles, School Supplies, Toys and much much more.

http://www.jpopshop.us (JPS Main Site with Shops, Links, Communities, Convention Photos and Reports, Free Japanese Lessons, Fandom, Quizzes and so on)
http://stores.ebay.com/JpopShopUSA (Our eBay shop with auctions and other items that you may not see in our Main site shop!)

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Looking for...


Someone made a post that had the Sailor Moon movies on dvd for sale but I can't find the post >_<. If you are the seller, or anyone else that may have them, please post~! Thanks!
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Selling stuff!

I'm selling Final Fantasy VII Yaoi doujinshis, a Dark Cloud 2 PS2 game, Manga in english and Japanese (Mars, Until the Full moon, The Wallflower, Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2 in Japanese), also some Sailor Moon and Saint Seiya stuff and anime soundtrack CDS.

Help me out! I'm broke and I'm selling tons of my personal collection items.

Please take a look!


A super cute Prince of Tennis plushie! I'll be adding more stuff later.

( All the stuff here!! More to be added soon. )
Ohno Satoshi // Smile...

Curiousity... Please help?!

I would like ask anyone a favor if someone know. I am looking for an issue from Animage that has a picture of Athrun Zala from Gundam SEED holding a flower. I want to get it for a friend who loves him. Thank you all in advance.
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I just opened a selling journal,yatta!
Includes mangas[translated and non],plushies[few hello kitty], comics [japanese and non],ect!

So here it is~ nanners_closet, i'll mostly reply under my regual LJ name [the one i'm using now]. Go on check it out! ^0^

ps- Those who have purchased items from me in the past, please leave me feedback on my selling journal! I'd greatly appreciate it! ^-^
panic attack!


Alice Nine - Namae wa, mada muhi [first maxi - 2nd press] limited 3000
Schwarz Stein - New Vogue Children [first press]
Schwarz Stein - Artificial Hallucination [first press] (SEALED - BRAND NEW!)
Dir en grey - Gauze [first press]
Dir en grey - Macabre [first press]

Please make offers w/o shipping!
Paypal and concealed cash accepted~
emails: delirious.asian[@SPAMT_T]gmail.com
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I am selling these brand new, and boxed, Draven shoes. They are beyond awesome that you will need to own them ;D They are a UK 10/US 11. I am selling these auction style in hopes of getting the best price for them to get another pair but a smaller size to actually fit me ;_;

I will ship worldwide with no problems ^_^ Shipping to the UK is £5. Anywhere else is £10 via Airmail.

I would like bidding to start at £7/$13 [this excludes postage costs]. Bidding will end tomorrow evening ^_^b