April 21st, 2006


SALE: Dollfie & Doll stuff (DoD Bee-A and accessories!)

Pics behind the cut.

The DoD Bee-A is an Asian style BJD. It's cross listed on DoA with a current high offer of $285. I'm taking offers on her until Sunday, the 23rd. You can find out more about DoD dolls and prices by visiting their site: http://www.dreamofdoll.com

She is in excellent condition, fully sueded, s-hooked at the feet, fully strung. She will come with a set of PJs, her default brown eyes (I think they're acrylic), and a fur wig. Shipping within the United States is $20.00. Insurance is optional but recommended and is $5.00. Accepted payment method is money order, cashier's check, or personal check. Do note, however, there will be a hold on checks until the funds have cleared before I send out the item (usually takes 3-14 days to clear, depending on what bank it's drawing the funds from). She's got the makeup system from DoD.

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And I also have sets of ReMent stuff for sale. Mostly food items. They're really high quality and the size is great for Barbies. I took them out of the packaging and threw out the packaging a long time ago because these were parts of my miniatures collection. But I don't have room for a collection anymore, so I have to get rid of them. They've been sitting in a glass encased display case since they were removed from packaging, so all are in excellent -if not completely perfect -shape.

There are certain sets that I had to mix b/c I couldn't remember which items belonged with what sets. I would like $4.00 per set, and $8.00 where it's obviously 2 sets thrown into one.

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Shipping for the ReMent items will be $2.00 for each single set. So it's $4.00 for a two-set. Priority mail is a flat $4.55 fee for up to 3 sets and an extra $1.50 for each set thereafter (so $6.05 for 4 sets, etc).

I will be unloading my FMA collection in the very near future (ie, as soon as I find my camera batteries...)
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by Estragora

A want list

Well I want to post a list of wants seeing if maybe i can find a few things i have been looking for. So here it is.


I'm Gonna be an angel - vol. 2

Comic party - vol. 3 & 4

Saiyuki - vol. 11

Saiyuki reloaded - vol 1&2 and vol. 7 - up

Sailor Mercury items

Sailor moon dolls(want to find cheap ones for my daughter so she stops trying to steal mine)

I also have a list of item i wouldn't mind trading or selling(I can get photos)

Princess sailor moon harp

SAilor moon rod(us version)

3 sailor moon cels

Gundum model

these will be more to come^>^

PLease post offers here or email me at B2topaz@aol.com
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Special Buy 3 get 1 Free Sale!

Hi, everyone I am going back home for the summer in about a week and will have to leave a bunch of stuff here in my apartment over the sunmer.

As such I am having a Buy 3 get 1 Free sale! Feel free to mix and match across categories. Traditional lowest price item is the one for free rules apply.

In my journal I have lots of of anime, manga, soundtracks cheap. Some of the cheapest prices on livejournal (All individual dvds 10 or less, all manga $5 each, all anime soundtracks $8 PRE Buy 3 Get 1 Free). And Shipping is FREE in the US, so stock up today.


Gackt x Hyde Photobook and L'arc en Ciel Shibuya Seven Days


I've found myself stranded in Japan with more baggage than I can drag home with me, so I need to sell some things before I leave here, sigh. Since I'm not a collector of Photobooks (but like looking through them) I couldn't resist and bought the Hyde & Gackt MoonChild one (White, Hardcover, Hyde & Gackt on the Cover, Poster still inside, new for $36). I only looked through it a few times, it's still as new as it looked when I bought it. Since it's still used, I'd ask for $25 (or best offer). Shipping to the U.S. and Europe will be $14 (it's heeeavy!). It's cheaper to Asia.

The second book I bought is the L'arc en Ciel Seven Days Concert Document Photographs. I only looked through it a few times (lots of nice close-ups of sweaty Hyde looking sexy) and it still has it's Obi (the paper thing wrapped around it) and the special stickers that came with it. It cost $28 new, so I was thinking of $20 for them book? Shipping would be another $9.

Payment would be through Paypal, or banktransfer if you're in the Euro region. I have plenty of feedback on eBay.

If you're interested please contact me at SilATblackboxDOTnet.

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Multiple Newly posted BRAND NAME Lolita Items up for grabs at my selling journal!
*Tall Size Antique White Blouse
*Pink Alphabet One Piece w/ Matching Bag
*Blue Striped JSK
*White Lucky Pack Blouse
*Pink Goblin Print Skirt and Bow
*Double Decker Creeper Boots
*White Bloomers

Other Brands:
*Putumayo Card Deck
*Hot Topic 3-Strap Mary Janes
*Demonia Lace Up shoes
*Wooden Platform Shoes


Thanks for looking :)!
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Westwood & Putumayo - Sale

In an attempts to make more money to go to Japan, I am selling two of my most beloved items. One is a gorgeous Vivienne Westwood clasp purse [with box] and a pink Putumayo cross wristband. Both brand new and never used. I would like to do this auction style and the auction will finish late tonight or tomorrow [depends on what I'm doing hehe ;D]. I ship anywhere and have Ebay feedback if you want to see it. Collapse )

Nyanko, Relax Bear, and lolita earrings for sale

I have some accessories for sale, including two Nyanko phone charms, a fuzzy Baby Relax Bear coin purse, and some adorable lolita crown earrings. Click the cut for prices & payment/shipping info!

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There are lots of other things up at my journal right now, including handmade earrings, the Gackt Platinum Box V, MALICE MIZER's Bara no Seidou, a new issue of Cure, and many, many other things. Please be sure to check my journal out ^^

Lowered prices for english manga sale!

Some sets for sale: (ship within US only) I can take paypal.

Ceres Celestial Legend v1-4 (Like new) Only $22 shipped
Saint Tail v1,3,4,6- 2 of these have creased spines, but fine otherwise. $8 for all 4
Seven of Seven v1-3 complete set (new) $10 for all 3 (two sets available)

Bt'X v1-8 $30 shipped or best offer By the creator of Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac)
Dragonball v1-5 all 5 for $20 shipped
Dragonball v4-7 all 4 for $16 shipped

Initial D v1-3 $12 for all shipped Or best offer
Project Arms v1-3 $12 shipped for all

Selling much more manga (english versions) at my selling journal! tachikoma_sales You can check out the full list here. Free shipping for $20 or more purchase. or $2 flat for any number of books. $1.60 for 1-2 manga. (All media mail)

Not a lot of series runs, but a lot of volume 1s and 2s of a lot of Shoujo and shounen series. Prices are negotiable- make an offer.

Still selling stuff!

I'm selling Final Fantasy VII Yaoi doujinshis, a Dark Cloud 2 PS2 game, Manga in english and Japanese (Mars, The Wallflower, Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2 in Japanese), also some Sailor Moon and Saint Seiya stuff and anime soundtrack CDS.

Help me out! I'm broke and I'm selling tons of my personal collection items.

Please take a look!


ALL the loose anime CDs + Steamboy DVD preview for $20 shipped!

( All the stuff here!! More to be added soon. )

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Need Commissions?
We're taking Cosplay, Clothing, Art, Props and Character/Fruits Fashion Jewelry commissions.
If you're interested please contact us at

Looking for anything in particular?
Be sure to check out our shops!
We carry clothing, video games, dollfie items, Manga, Books, Comics, DVDs, CDs, Posters, Rare Import items, Cosplay items (such as the popular hide cosplay glasses and costume commissions), Collectibles, School Supplies, Toys and much much more.

http://www.jpopshop.us (JPS Main Site with Shops, Links, Communities, Convention Photos and Reports, Free Japanese Lessons, Fandom, Quizzes and so on)
http://stores.ebay.com/JpopShopUSA (Our eBay shop with auctions and other items that you may not see in our Main site shop!)

J-Rock flyers, posters + a mag

I got some newish J-Rock flyers (seperately, no batches), but I'd trade too, and some J-Rock posters that I don't need, as well as the newest Gab. issue. Want to get something off of Y!Auctions and just need a few more bucks to cover up the fees + shipping. Don't get paid until next month and I need this noooow!! So if you want something please do consider leaving a comment, I'd be willed to lower the prices too. ;~;

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Henry dancing

Evangelion, Manga, Jrock clippings, Final Fantasy X...

I need money for Anime Central and it's less than a month away! I'm selling a lot of stuff. Some makes me sad to let go... There's Jrock clippings, Final Fantasy, SIMS, Lolita and Fruitsy stuff, Manga, Anime... EVERYTHING MUST GO. Serious bidders only please. Please don't be afraid to haggle. ^^ I also have Final Fantasy X on ebay for $5 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8278851370&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1

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