April 24th, 2006

Auctions Ending Today!

jrock/jpop magazines, photobooks, videos for sale + manga and more!

I accept concealed cash, checks, and *INTERNATIONAL* or *US* post office money orders (at your own risk).

Prices are negotiable and *do not* include shipping.

Pictures are available, just ask :)

All manga is in Japanese.

GTO vol. 1 - $4 (new)

Gekkou no Tsuki by Yazawa Ai - $5 (new)

Power Game vol. 1 & 2 - $15 for the set (softcore - feel free to ask for an example page) (great condition)

Silent Hill from Sequence Records (live recording featuring Tokyo Mikaeru/Michael, Sulfuric Acid, Mizeria, +ISOLATION) - $30 (new)

Kinki Kids - -ISM - $10 (new)


SHAZNA - Fantasia - $15

2002 Johnny's Jr. Concert - Tackey + Tsubasa Performed by All Johnny's Jr. - $7

Kagrra - sakura - $8

w-inds. - kirei da - $8

DA PUMP - Expression - $8

L'arc-en-ciel - Spirit Dreams Inside - $5

Glay - Kuchibiru - $3

Glay - SOUL LOVE - $3

Glay - Be with you - $3

SHAZNA - Koibito - $3

SHAZNA - Piece of Love - $3

SHAZNA - Sweet Heart Memory - $3

SHAZNA - Love is Alive - $3

Luna Sea - STORM - $3

Luna Sea - BELIEVE - $3

Luna Sea - LUNA SEA - $10

Luna Sea - Singles - $10 (2 CD)

TMR - Wild Rush - $3

TMR - Atsui Hekireki - $3

Please post a comment here or email me at zundoko(at)gmail(dot)com

4.27.01 Budokan Macabre Deep Quake Tour Final Only KAORU Posters on ebay…

First Shinya then Die and now KAORU!!

Hello! It’s me again, Denkiva… I bring more Dir en grey poster goodness…

I have put the 2 KAORU Budokan only posters up for auction.
Please check them out!!! These posters were only sold on 4/27/01 at the Macabre Tour Final, Macabre Deep[quake]

They are super quality and printed on really thick paper, these are really hard to come by so if you’re a collector, please check out these auctions.


If you have ANY questions… email me at denkiva (at) gmail.com



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Dinosaur comics

Mana galore DVDs VHS

Manga Galore!
Alrighty then! I need to get rid of all of this by saturday!
Please help me!

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If you see something you want but don't want to pay what I have marked Make me an offer (if it's within reason) I'll most likely accept it. I really just want to get rid of everything!

Send me an e-mail at taichotoki@hotmail.com for more details

Videos $5

-Fushigi Yugi
      The Universe of the Four Gods
      Trials of the Heart

-Ranma 1/2
       Buns of Steel
       Darling Charlotte


DVDS $10

       The Motion Picture

-ES Otherwise
        Vol. 1

- Inu Yasha
       A Love Across Time
- Excel Saga
       Vol 2

Ranma 1/2
       Wack Winter Wonderland

       Past Unfound

- Mini Goddesses
       The Beldandy Files


Seasons $20

- Inu Yasha
       Season 1
       Season 2
       Season 3
       Season 4

Games $10

- Way of the Samurai (ps2)

- Shinobi (ps2)

Manga $3

-Ranma 1/2
     Vol 2
     Vol 5
     Vol 6
     Vol 7
     Vol 9
     Vol 10
     Vol 11
     Vol 13
     Vol 14
     Vol 16
     Vol 17
     Vol 18
     Vol 19

- Maison Ikoku
      Vol 1
      Vol 2

- Inu Yasha
      Vol 1
      Vol 2
      Vol 3
      Vol 4
      Vol 5
      Vol 6
      Vol 7
      Vol 8
      Vol 9
      Vol 10
      Vol 11
      Vol 12

-No Need for Tenchi
       Vol 2

- One Peice
       Vol 1
       Vol 2

- Fushigi Yugi
       Vol 1
       Vol 2
       Vol 3

       Vol 1
       Vol 2
       Vol 3
       Vol 4
       Vol 5
       Vol 6
       Vol 7
       Vol 8

-Hands Off!
        Vol 1
        Vol 2

- Eerie Queerie
        Vol 2
        Vol 3

- Angel Sanctuary
        Vol 1
        Vol 1 ( not a mistake. . there are two)
        Vol 2

- Alice 19th
        Vol 1
        Vol 2

        Vol 1

- Peach Girl
        Vol 2

- OH! My Goddess
        Traveler (not numbered)

- Les Bijonx
        Vol 1

- Tokyo Mew Mew
       Vol 1

- Gunslinger Girl
        Vol 1

- Paranormal Investigaitors (novel)
        Vol 1

- Naruto
        Vol 1
        Vol 2

- Gundam Wing
        Vol 1
        Vol 3
        Episode Zero
        Ground Zero

- Ceres; Celestial Legend
       Vol 2
       Vol 3
       Vol 4
       Vol 5
       Vol 6
       Vol 7

Japanese Manga $2

-Clover vol 3

-Inu Yasha Vol 26

-G-Unit Vol 1

- One Peice 1

Cards $2

- Naruto Season 1 Set

Shonen Jump $2

- Nov 04
- Dec 04
- Jan 05
- Feb 05
- March 05
- April 05
- June 05
- July 05
- Aug 05
- Sept 05
- Oct 05
- Nov 05
- Dec 05
- Jan 06
- March 06

That's it ^_^ Thanks for looking!

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Manga, VHS up for sale~

I'm low on cash so these items are still on sale. All items have little shelf-wear but are in very good condition. Name any price for any item! This is a great chance to buy for less at reasonable prices!!

All have some shelf-wear but are in very good condition. Most have only been read/watched twice!

The accepted payments are checks and money orders. Well concealed cash is at your own risk. Ask me for details concerning shipping!

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Contact me at stripesflutter@gmail.com or leave a comment if you're interested in buying. Thanks!
brit v mag


Hello, I have several items for sale. I need to make $90.00 by the middle of May, so please help!

Boring jargon: I'm in the USA and accept PayPal and Money Orders only. I ship worldwide. Shipping prices listed are for the USA only, if you are out of the USA, please comment or email me with your location and I'll calculate shipping for you. Shipping insurance is optional. NO DEADBEATS, serious buyers only. I have 100% positive eBay feedback under the name l_design. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I do consider offers.

Items for sale:

-2 Hamtaro plushies of Bijou - one large, one small.

-Neopets Faerie Kougra plush.

-Invader Zim plush of robot-Gir.

-His & Her Circumstances Volume 1 anime DVD.

-Kingdom Hearts original soundtrack, 2 discs.

-Fruits Basket character book (Japanese).

-Gameboy Color (transparent purple) with carrying case and three games. (Games and case can be sold seperately and include Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Crystal.)

-Lot of Lenore The Cute Little Dead Girl comic books SIGNED by Roman Dirge (can be sold seperately).

-Set of 2 Final Fantasy: Advent Children posters.

-Card Captor Sakura poster.

-Fruits Basket poster.

-Final Fantasy VII poster.

-2 Inuyasha posters.

-X/1999 poster.

-2 DNAngel posters.

-2 Invander Zim patches.

-2 DiGi Charat patches.


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Please comment here or email me at mkdaly30188@yahoo.com. THANK YOU! If you have any questions or offers, please contact me.
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Gackt things for sale!

Hello all! :O Being the poor college student that I am, I've decided to put up a few of my Gackt merchandise for sale. These things are ALL in PRIME condition, and are all authentic, and imported from Japan.

For the complete listing and complete information, please visit this page (inc. pictures, prices, and other information regarding the specific merchandise), which is a link over to my personal sales journal, 2882.

Some things for sale are Gackt's Platinum box III, special Malice Mizer music box with CD and DVD, a few magazines, and a bunch of CDs, as well as the Moon photobook :O

Shipping is via USPS Priority shipping, which is from 4 to 5 dollars, no matter how much you buy (since everything's under 70 pounds XD;), and I ship anywhere :O, and they should not take more than a week to arrive (so says the USPS website). There is also tracking number, which is free of charge for you.

Any questions and such, please feel free to ask over at the sales post! Or feel free to ask here too :D

Thank you all, and feel free to pimp this out to someone who might be interested O_O

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I’m so in need of summer cash, and this stuff has been sitting around for 3 years so its time to sell it!

I’m in Canada and I’ll ship Worldwide. I don’t know the shipping costs, but that’ll depend on what you want so just email me and ask! If you want shipping insurance that’s up to you. My email address is laughinconsequence@yahoo.com. I will accept Paypal, or a Money order only please. PayPal payments will be charged a little extra to cover their fees. Items will not be shipped until I receive payment.

I haven’t photographed any of the items, but if you want me to all you need to do is ask! I also will consider negotiating on prices on certain items.

Fushigi Yugi soundtrack (its been so long I have no idea what it is, I’ll photograph the cover for you if your interested) - $5
Revolutionary Girl Utena movie soundtrack - $8
Bubblegum Crisis – Priss Asagiri Vocal Collection – As Sekiria - $8

Ceres Celestial Legend DVD – Destiny – From Pioneer and Viz Video – English $10
Revolutionary Girl Utena the Movie – Collector’s Series – from Software Sculptors – English and Japanese with English Subtitles $25
Fushigi Yugi – Bootleg Dvds – 6 discs in total – 2 box sets – Chinese and English Subtitles $35
Animatrix - $10

Samurai X – Trust – English Language Version – A.D.V. Films $5
Revolutionary Girl Utena – The Legendary Spice – English (this is actually autographed by Saito Chiho and somebody else whom I can’t remember, but related to the production) $5
Revolutionary Girl Utena – Crest of the Rose – English $5
Revoltuionary Girl Utena – The Eternal Castle – English $5


Ghost in the Shell – English - this has a number of colour pages among the b&w pages, and it was hella expensive so I’ll sell it for $20

English - $5 each, if you buy all the volumes I have in a particular series I will give you a bit of a discount.
Cowboy Bebop Shooting Star Vol. 1
Angelic Layer Vol. 1
Sorcerer Hunter Vol. 1
Clover Vol. 1
Kare Kano Vol. 1

Peach Girl Vol. 1
Peach Girl Vol. 2
Peach Girl Vol. 3

Cowboy Bebop Vol. 1
Cowboy Bebop Vol. 2
Cowboy Bebop Vol. 3

Mars Vol. 1
Mars Vol. 2
Mars Vol. 3
Mars Vol. 4
Mars Vol. 5
Mars Vol. 6
Mars Vol. 7
Mars Vol. 8

Paradise Kiss Vol. 1
Paradise Kiss Vol. 2
Paradise Kiss Vol. 3

Fushigi Yugi Vol. 1
Fushigi Yugi Vol. 2
Fushigi Yugi Vol. 3
Fushigi Yugi Vol. 4 (has a big crease on the back cover because I accidentally bent it, will sell for $3)

Inu Yasha Artbook - $35
Fushigi Yugi Manga Artbook -$40
Fushigi Yugi Anime Artbook -$35

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I'm looking for stuff on Nakama Yukie, especially magazines (I already have most, but not all, of her drama series.) Also mags or photobooks of Morning Musume people, current and past, and gothic lolita bibles that I don't already have. Maybe even tamagotchi connection version 2s.
pink geisha


FRUiTS-y jewlery & SOUNDGIRL shirt.

I will take best offers, and I do combine shipping if you are purchasing more than one item. I am just desperate to get this stuff out of my dorm room!

SALE: Pick three pieces of jewlery for $10!!

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