April 25th, 2006


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Selling this excellent shape Keita (W-inds.) photo book~ I think its rare. I got it about 3 years back and I never really looked in it once I got it. It's been sitting in my closet for years. I'm not really sure why i got this photo book. I'm just not a fan of W-inds.

The book came with a poster and a sticker sheet. The poster is in perfect shape. Double sided as well. The sticker sheet is missing 1 very small sticket on the bottom. But the bigger stickers are still there.

I paid about 30 USD for this photo book, but I am asking 15 USD plus 5 USD shipping world wide.

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Gackt - Book : just bring it! Live tour 2002

Gackt - Book : just bring it! Live tour 2002

I bought it for 21$ and will be selling it for the same price I bought it.

I forgot to take pictures of what it looks like on the inside, but the actual cover is a poster, I found that out when I took off the cover and inside is a poster of gackt. LOL.

If you are interested leave a comment or email me: dalocalsiren@hotmail.com with the subject of "gackt book" or whatever. ^_^

Thank you!

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Anime & Geek Girl tees for sale!

1. Trigun Kuro-Neko Baby Kanji Baby Tee Shirt *Kero-Neko is fuzzy to the touch* - Size Small - $10

2. Cowboy Bebop Faye Baby Tee Shirt - size Small - $10

3. "I steal music off the Internet" Baby Tee Shirt - Size Small - $10

I accept Paypal, POSTAL money orders, & well concealed cash. Prices do not include shipping but will discount shipping if multiple items are purchased. I ship worldwide! *please check http://www.xe.com for conversion rates if needed*

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Up for bid!!

DVD sets!!!
-Ranma 1/2 Season one official boxset -Starting bid: $25-
-Serial Experiments Lain COMPLETE official boxset -Starting bid: $25-
-Evangelion Platinum DVDs 1-5 Official DVDs -Starting bid: $40-
-Paranoia Agent DVDs 1-2 Official DVDs -Starting bid: $11-
-Inuyasha movies 1-4 )- Starting bid: $28-
-Cyborg 009 DVDs 1-2 -Starting bid: $8-

Manga Sets!!
-Mermaid Saga 1-4 -Starting bid: $18-
-Decendents of Darkness 1-3 -Starting bid: $12-
-Kill Me Kiss Me 1-5 COMPLETE -Starting bid: $22-
-Chobits 1-3 -Starting Bid: $12-
-Suki 1-3 COMPLETE -Starting Bid: $16-
-Ranma 1/2 1-3 -Starting bid: $12-
-Cowboy Bebop 1-3 -Starting bid: $10-
-Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star 1-2 - Starting bid: $10-
-Confidential Confessions 3-6 -Starting bid: $14-

L`arc~en~ciel SMILE cd-Starting bid $8-
Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B cd- Starting bid $8-
Wolf's Rain Soundtrack -Starting bid: $5-

Sasuke chibi mousepad -Starting bid: $7-
Bleach Zangetsu keychain -Starting bid: $5-

email me for info at: fadedfaithless@bellsouth.net

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Need Commissions?
We're taking Cosplay, Clothing, Art, Props and Character/Fruits Fashion Jewelry commissions.
If you're interested please contact us at

Looking for anything in particular?
Be sure to check out our shops!
We carry clothing, video games, dollfie items, Manga, Books, Comics, DVDs, CDs, Posters, Rare Import items, Cosplay items (such as the popular hide cosplay glasses and costume commissions), Collectibles, School Supplies, Toys and much much more.

http://www.jpopshop.us (JPS Main Site with Shops, Links, Communities, Convention Photos and Reports, Free Japanese Lessons, Fandom, Quizzes and so on)
http://stores.ebay.com/JpopShopUSA (Our eBay shop with auctions and other items that you may not see in our Main site shop!)

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Greetings all :)

Just thought I'd tell you that I have lowered prices on most of the Power Ranger items that I have up for sale.
I'll list more things once I get rid of some of these.

Please check them out.

And if you don't like a price...make me an offer and we'll see what we can work out :)


New items added!

-Final Fantasy 8 Figures of Rinoa and Selphie
-Game boy Color with Harvest Moon
-EGL Bible pattern

Plus alot more!
-Plushies [Hello Kitty. Sonic. and Blossom of the Powerpuff girls!]
-american release mangas [Saiyuki.Fruits basket..]
-American comics[ Static X. Johnny the Homicidal Manic]

Check it out at- nanners_closet
Help me get to AnimeBoston and AnimeNext!!! ^3^!
Sorry if you see this twice on your FL! XD;;

[ps- people who have purchased things from me before with my other LJ name that is _kyochan_ , I would really appreciate feedback~]

Still selling!!

Still selling Final Fantasy VII Yaoi doujinshis, a Dark Cloud 2 PS2 game, Manga in english and Japanese (Mars, The Wallflower, Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2 in Japanese), also some Sailor Moon and Saint Seiya stuff and anime soundtrack CDS.

Help me out! I'm broke and I'm selling tons of my personal collection items.

Please take a look!


ALL the loose anime CDs + Steamboy DVD preview for $16 shipped!


Kingdom Hearts CoM GBA game, Legend of Dragoon and Chrono Cross PS1 games, and Tokyo Babylon DVD!

( All the stuff here!! More to be added soon. )
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Buy 3 get 1 Free Cheap Anime, manga, anime soundtracks. Free Shipping.


I am going back home for the summer in about a week and will have to leave a bunch of stuff here in my apartment over the sunmer.

As such I am having a Buy 3 get 1 Free sale! Feel free to mix and match across categories. Traditional lowest price item is the one for free rules apply.

In my journal I have lots of of anime, manga, soundtracks cheap. Some of the cheapest prices on livejournal (All individual dvds 10 or less, all manga $5 each, all anime soundtracks $8 PRE Buy 3 Get 1 Free). And Shipping is FREE in the US, so stock up today.

brit v mag


Hello, I have several items for sale. I need to make $90.00 by the middle of May, so please help!

Boring jargon: I'm in the USA and accept PayPal and Money Orders only. I ship worldwide. Shipping prices listed are for the USA only, if you are out of the USA, please comment or email me with your location and I'll calculate shipping for you. Shipping insurance is optional. NO DEADBEATS, serious buyers only. I have 100% positive eBay feedback under the name l_design. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I do consider offers.

Items for sale:

-2 Hamtaro plushies of Bijou - one large, one small.

-Neopets Faerie Kougra plush.

-Invader Zim plush of robot-Gir.

-His & Her Circumstances Volume 1 anime DVD.

-Kingdom Hearts original soundtrack, 2 discs.

-Fruits Basket character book (Japanese).

-Gameboy Color (transparent purple) with carrying case and three games. (Games and case can be sold seperately and include Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Crystal.)

-Lot of Lenore The Cute Little Dead Girl comic books SIGNED by Roman Dirge (can be sold seperately).

-Set of 2 Final Fantasy: Advent Children posters.

-Card Captor Sakura poster.

-Fruits Basket poster.

-Final Fantasy VII poster.

-2 Inuyasha posters.

-X/1999 poster.

-2 DNAngel posters.

-2 Invander Zim patches.

-2 DiGi Charat patches.


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Please comment here or email me at mkdaly30188@yahoo.com. THANK YOU! If you have any questions or offers, please contact me.

Yami no Matsuei/ Descendants of Darkness mangas! (#1-4 Eng., #1-7 Jap.)

Hallo, this is my first post, hope I'm doing this properly! :3 

I am selling my Yami no Matsuei/Descendants of Darkness mangas. It is one auction on Ebay for the following bundle:
- Volumes 1&2 of YnM translated into English and published by Viz.
- Volumes 1-7 of YnM in the original print, Japanese text.

Shipping: All mangas will be sent together in a padded box. I will only ship to North and South American and Europe. Shipping costs will be roughly calculated on Ebay.
Price lowered to a beginning bid of $15!!!

Auction is located here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=6054135552

Thanks! <3