May 9th, 2006

pink geisha

More Unearthed Treasures!!

CARDCAPTOR SAKURA cosplayers -- Get your book of Clow & Cards NOW!

In mint condition, I am offering the Book of Clow and a deck of cards. Purchased a looong time ago. I don't need it anymore, and it's just taking up space in my room. That's not my picture above, but my digi is tweaking out, so I borrowed one from Google. However, my set is in mint condition, as I mentioned above, and all the cards and pieces are there. No bent cards, no missing cards -- perfect!

Asking Price = $20 SHIPPED within the U.S.

(I also just found a poseable doll of Sakura in her school uniform. If you're interested, drop a comment and I'll try to get some pictures as soon as my digi's batteries are charged up again. ^_^)

Thanks for looking.

Looking for things.

Hi, does anyone have any WaT / Eiji Wentz items. I really <3 to get new WaT things from here.

I'm also looking for Judy & Mary, YUKI, Mika Nakashima and NANA items, So if you need to get rid of something, let me know : )

Filikili by eumelkeks

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Selling off some of my stuff. Various J-rock good, plus some Weiss Kreuz manga.

Shipping is $5 unless otherwise specificied. Only shipping within the US.

I take well concealed cash and money orders. Not pay-pal, sorry.

If you have any questions or would like to talk about prices (I'm open to negotiation), e-mail me at elisabess [at] gmail [dot] com


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Last call for the first 4 (of 6 total) volumes of the kiddie-toon incarnation of Monster Rancher on VHS, English dub. Needless to say I'm not looking for much for 'em; wants list is here, but certainly open to offers.

(cross-posted to anime4sale)

Up for bid

Gorgeous talking plush Teddy from the anime series Cutey Honey!

*~Product Description ~*

Cutey Honey Plush Teddy Bear. 10" Tall. Speaks 90 Phrases. Can also Record and playback spoken phrases! A unique collectible Plush. Bear Speaks Japanese phrases only. Imported Japanese product packaged in a windowed box with Japanese packaging.

Fabulous condition, box has a LITTLE wear. Bear is BRAND NEW.


Auction: Shonen Hump Volume 2

I am selling my rare Shonen Hump Volume 2 edition.

This is the official doujinshi for Yaoi-Con 2002.

Shounen Hump is an English Language Anthology featuring 354 pages and includes bonus CD-ROM with more material!


Visit the auction for more information. Any questions can be sent to my email address.

PS: I apollogize if my post is inappropriate because it's an English language anthology.
me and the hubbie &lt;3

hentai 3dvd box set for sale.

perfectly new (unwrapped and viewed once), nothing wrong, come in original casing, all disks there, no stratches.

boxset title; romance is the flash of the sword 2. mini stories involving loads of sexual content. raw, uncut, and pretty hot if you`re a pervert. XD

i love me some hentai, unfortunately my collection is getting rather large so i can part with this set. originally a $50 dollar set.

looking for $20 shipped or best offer.


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Items for Sale~!

I added some new items to my things for sale list ^_^ If you don't agree with my prices feel free to tell me

Or just leave a comment.
I do ship internationally but of course the shipping price will be larger.

-Princess Mononoke Tree Spirit Bag
-Kana Study Pouch Bag (brand new)
-Oshare Kei large Sunglasses (brand new)
-Red & Yellow Asia Jam Harajuku Necklace (brand new)
-Pikachu Retro 1996 Plushie


-Miyavi Last Live in Niihon Budoken

English Manga or Anime Novel

-Midori Days 1,2,3
-Planet Blood 1,2,3
-.hack 1 & 2 Novels
-Legal Drug 1 & 2
-.hack Volume 1,2,3
-Love Hina 1 and Peace Makers 1
-Loki Ragnarok 1 & 11th Cat
-Beautiful People & FLCL 1
-Midnight Opera

Japanese Language Manga and Novels

-Aria Vol 4 & Vol 5
-Kino no Tabi Vol 1 & Kino no Tabi Vol 2

Japanese Guide & Teaching Books

-Japanese Tour Book
-Kanji and Kana Writing & Understanding Book

NewType Magazines

Japanese Food

-Japanese Curry Cup
-Japanese Ramen Package

Anime DVD's
-Hide & Seek
-Tenchi Muyo - Tenchi in Love
-Paranoia Agent 1
-Somedays Dreamers 1 DVD
-BLOOD the last vampire DVD


-The Sisters
-Dark Tales of Tokyo
-Spooky Tokyo

Anime VHS
-Ju On (un-opened brand new!)
-3 Pokemon VHS's
-Ah my Goddess

If you don't agree with the prices leave a comment or e-mail me at!

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Cleaning out some of my jrock cd's and videos!!

Methods of payment accepted: NON-CC PAYPAL, money order, concealed cash(at your own risk)

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Prices do not include shipping.
if more than one person wants an item, said item will go auction-style.
Once item has been posted, we are not held responsible for lost items/postal errors.

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Still searching for magazines with Gazette and Psycho Le Cemu on the cover..Mainly March and June 2006 Issues of Shoxx Mag. With Gazette..I ask for decent prices and I am up for trades..this is my selling/trading LJ FYI so take a look and let me know..thanks and help me finish my collection.


Manga fer grabs! CLAMP, Yaoi, More! <3

In attempts to raise a bit more funds for my move, I've placed the following manga up for grabs on eBay in case anyone is interested. Reasonable BIN's and starting bids! I have plenty of great feedback so bid with security and confidence and thank you for looking!

Getbackers Vol 1-3

Chobits Vol 1-4

Angelic Layer 1-5 Complete

Yaoi Lot 1: Kizuna: Bonds of Love Vol 1, Golden Cain, and Level-C Vol 1-2

Yaoi Lot 2: Passion Vol 1-2 (complete), Desire, Only the Ring Finger Knows