May 12th, 2006

Items for Sale~!

Hey, added some more items (I keep finding them O0O). If you have any questions or such feel free to e-mail me. And also, its okay if you want to haggle ^_^

Or just leave a comment.
I do ship internationally but of course the shipping price will be larger.

-Princess Mononoke Tree Spirit Bag
-Kana Study Pouch Bag (brand new)
-Oshare Kei large Sunglasses (brand new)
-Red & Yellow Asia Jam Harajuku Necklace (brand new)
-Pikachu Retro 1996 Plushie
-Pokemon Evolutions+ Yellow T-Shirt
-Young Link Green T-Shirt (brand new)
-Jesus Studio Con Badges

English Manga or Anime Novel

-Planet Blood 1,2,3
-.hack 1 Novel
-Legal Drug 1 & 2
-.hack Volume 1,2,3
-Love Hina 1 and Peace Makers 1
-Loki Ragnarok 1 & 11th Cat
-Beautiful People & FLCL 1
-Midnight Opera

Japanese Language Manga and Novels

-Aria Vol 4 & Vol 5
-Kino no Tabi Vol 1 & Kino no Tabi Vol 2

Japanese Guide & Teaching Books

-Japanese Tour Book
-Kanji and Kana Writing & Understanding Book

NewType Magazines

Japanese Food

-Japanese Curry Cup
-Japanese Ramen Package

Anime DVD's
-Final Fantasy VII Advent Children DVD (Tai Ver.)
-Hide & Seek
-Tenchi Muyo - Tenchi in Love
-Paranoia Agent 1
-Somedays Dreamers 1 DVD
-BLOOD the last vampire DVD

-The Eye
-Dark Tales of Tokyo
-Spooky Tokyo

Anime VHS
-Ju On (un-opened brand new!)
-3 Pokemon VHS's
-Ah my Goddess

If you don't agree with the prices leave a comment or e-mail me at!

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*cries in frustration*

*gets on hands and knees*
If anyone comes across or knows where I can find Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar, Rose of Versaillse, or Dirty Pair trading figures PLEASE let me know. I'm pulling out hair over this.

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Cleaning out anime goodies

Hello! I'm selling a lot of my unused and lesser used anime items. I've got a bunch of goodies still available, and will be adding some DVDs and manga soon.

Included are:
Hikaru no Go shounen-ai doujin anthology
Saiyuki pencil boards
Evangelion desk day-by-day calendar
Naruto enamel pins
GetBackers Ban Mido enamel pin
Naruto enamel cell phone charms
Naruto cell phone straps/cleaners
Wolf's Rain DVD boxset

( Please click here to see my items for sale. )
Sanae: Sentimental newpop

manga & vhs for sale!

Reposting since there's still an ample amount of stuff left to sell~

All payments are directed to myleneerpelo @ n_n

The manga are in slightly used condition just sitting on my shelves XD and the VHS work just fine (I just tested them) and were all bought from rental shops a couple of years back. All VHS are also in Japanese with English subtitles. All prices include shipping & handling!

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I only accept Paypal as payment, and if you do decide to order, please add $1 to your total amount, as Paypal deducts D: I only ship in the U.S. (Southern California-based). Inquire at myleneerpelo @ or within the comments :D No trades, sorry! Thank you very much!

On a bit of a tangent, in the event that I'm not busy and finish my current commissions, would anybody be interested in commissioning me? Samples of my work can be see here :D Thank youu~

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Heya everyone! ^^ I need your help!
I have a goal to reach $300 in one week for convention expenses doing comissions.

If you want something a little different, commission me! Currently I am offering hand drawn stickers of your characters.
Samples and Prices

$3 Chibi Heads
$15 Chibi Fullbody || Buy it on eBay
$5 Anime Heads ||Buy it on eBay
$2 s&h

*Note: All stickers can be drawn on regular paper if desired.

$5 CG Headshots
$10 Sketch Waistups

( Commission Information )

Check them out!


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Lots of Hello Kitty/Sanrio Items for sale..
Now accepting offers on the following:

Daniel Piggy Bank (about 6inches high)
Black Youth Large Hello Kitty Shirt
Assorted Coin Purses
Rocker Hello Kitty Stationary Set with Bag (left)
Assorted Hello Kitty Pencils (top right)
Hello Kitty medium plushie
Hello Kitty Ballerina pink memo pad (center)
Hello Kitty pink lunch box 
Rocker Hello Kitty Photo Album
Hello Kitty pink hairbows SEALED
Hello Kitty pink cup with snowglobe lid

I also sell some other Hello Kitty Items along with asian films, manga, japanese magazines, cds, anime and lots more. Check it out!
Sleep to Dream by kiku_kitten

Moving Sale

I'm moving so everything must go... Prices include domestic (US) priority mail shipping.

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All prices include domestic shipping, I will consider international, please ask.
Payment: I only accept paypal, of any kind.

Please comment or email sakito.guitar @

Other items will be added when I get the chance. I have tons of manga to unload if you want to see any of it, just ask!

Manga (Eng and Jap), Anime stuff, Video games

Still selling!! Please take a look at my items:

*Mars 1-4
*Vampire Game 1-13
*Naruto 1-4
*Ranma 1/2 vols 36 and 37 (in Japanese)
*Tokyo Babylon DVD
*Sailor Moon wallscroll
*Sailor Mercury 2" figurine
*Saint Seiya Shiryu Action figure
*Dark Cloud 2 for PS2
*Legend of Dragoon for PS
*Chrono Chross for PS
*Anime CDs

*Kare Kano manga, vols 1-6, 9-11
*Prince of Tennis Shitajikis (Eiji and Fuji)
*Fullmetal Alchemist Shitajiki (Roy Mustang)

Special offer: Take ALL the loose anime CDs + the Steamboy preview DVD for 16 shipped!!

All the stuff HERE!

Anime DVD, VHS, Manga Sale

I'm selling most of my collection of manga, anime dvds and VHS (factory sealed and just $1), and some other stuff (some of it new). It's a long list, you can check it out here: Manga and Anime Sale
E-mail me if you're interested in anything!

You can also check out my e-bay feedback here: E-bay

All of these items are selling on too in case you're more comfortable buying from there. Here's a link to my items at items


Looking for Chrono Crusade Vol. 1 (Manga!)

Hi there, everyone!

I've recently really wanted to check out the Chrono Crusade manga.. but can't find the first volume ANYWHERE. ;-;

Anyone happen to have a copy for sale..? I'd be eternally greatful. :<

E-mail me(ZeroDimensionMuffin [at] hotmail [dot] com), or reply here. :3

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Final Fantasy X magazine

Hi all, I've got the limited-edition version of the September 2001 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) magazine, with cover art by Yoshitaka Amano. It's in its orignial plastic bag, new and unopened, but the plastic is kind of ratty and has some rips. Here's a scan of the cover:

This issue includes a "world exclusive" preview of FF10, with screenshots and info. Also included are features on Tekken 4, Gran Turismo 3, Sonic Adventure 2, Resident Evil Code Veronica, Onimusha 2, Spy Hunter, Spider-Man 2, Ico, Klonoa 2, Alone in the Dark 4, a look back at the Super Nintendo, and more.

I'm taking offers on this mag. Please respond to this post with your offer; all comments will be screened. Note that this being posted on other forums, so it may be some time before I respond.

Thanks for looking!