May 17th, 2006

pink geisha

Great deal on Manga!!

I'm gonna offer this once more on LJ and then move it to eBay, cause I need the dough. All books are in English.

GetBackers! manga volumes 1-9

I am offering all nine volumes in mint condition for $60 + shipping and handling, calculated by USPS. That's a lot of manga. Retail for all nine volumes is $90 + tax, so you're getting a great deal.

Prince of Tennis manga volumes 1-3

You'll get three books of manga for $20 + shipping and handing, calculated by USPS. That's like getting one book for free!

Please let me know if you have any questions. PayPal and Money Orders only. Take advantage of this before it goes to eBay!! :)

Check out Crayon Ninja Sales for other great deals on anime, manga, magazines, pencil boards, toys and street fashion inspired by Japan!

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Anyone interested in making decent offers on the following:

-Fullmetal Alchemist First PS2 game
-Katamari Damacy PS2
-Siren PS2
-Inuyasha PS2
-Shadow Hearts PS2
-Prince of Persia PS2

leave a comment/offer

and check out more @azn_sales


Dir en grey Pre-sale Tickets

Hello. Umm. Not sure if this is allowed but here I go anyway!

As most of you know already, pre-sale tickets for the Family Values Tour are gonna be sold a bit later on today, in a couple of hours actually. I REALLY need/want 2 tickets for the San Antonio concert but I don't have anything fancy to pay online with.

I'm hoping someone out there is willing enough to help purchase tickets. I have the money on hand, that's not my problem, I just don't have a credit card or paypal or any of those cool pay-for-stuff-online thingies.

So of course I'll send you the money plus a little bit extra for helping me out, as soon as I have proof that you got them for me.

- A desperate fan in need D:
sayonararara @ (email me or comment if you can help me out!)

(looks like I'm not the only one out there with this problem o.o)
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for sale:

☆ J-rock/J-POP CDs incl: L'Arc, Tetsu69, The ALFEE, Utada Hikaru, SPEED
☆ Vivi Ayumi cover, CUTiE Avril cover, Tackey & Tsubasa first photobook
☆ various Japanese text manga incl: NANA, boku wa imouto to koi wo suru, bokura ga ita, ouran high host club, betsu comi
☆ authentic BA-TSU clothes, sunhat, REVIVAL zip up
☆ various visual kei flyers
☆ Takizawa Hideaki merchandise

all @ manalolita

come and visit me!!♪〜(*´ε`*)

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Holy load of stuff, Batman!

Japanese language manga:

Bleach vol.14
Hikaru no Go vol.10
Mr. Fullswing vol.5
One Piece vol.2,3,4,5, and 6

English language manga:

KareKano vol.4 and vol.5
Alien Nine vol.1
Cowboy Bebop vol.2
Oh! My Goddess! vol. "Miss Keiichi"

English New Type:

Dec. vol.1 no.2
Jan. vol.2 no.1
Feb. vol.3 no.2
Jun. vol.2 no.6
Dec. vol.2 no.12
April. vol.2 no.4
March. vol.2 no.3

These are Text Only, does not include DVD etc. It all just got lost somewhere along the road :/


Fruits Basket vol.1 English release

Free(if you buy something and want these):

Viz sneak peak vol.4 and vol.5 (two of each avaliable)
Tokyopop sneak peak 2005 (two)
Animeguide 2002 Bandai (one, DVD)

Everything is $5 + $2 S/H YAAY! Everything is used, so nothing is in great mint condition, some things might be a bit worn, but it's all still useable. I accept Paypal only. Please comment or Email me if you have any questions or interest. Thanks!! (^_^
Me in red 2013

Help! ^^;;

Would anyone be interested in a BRAND NEW (seriously) Kaleido Star Amazing Collection Thinpack?

It has complete episodes 1-26 with 5 discs and is in perfect condition. There are no marks on the CDs whatsoever, in fact, only one has been actually removed from its package, and it went straight to the DVD player. This is BRAND new-as in a few days old...^^;; but it just wasn't my style..

Plus..I'm saving up for something that I really want *big..big puppy eyes* O_____O;

Please tell me if you'd be interested and how much you'd be willing to pay!!-it is NOT a bootleg-it is the official, real thing from ADV films!

Also,I of course have some other items on this page:


Please make an offer on anything! I just need to save up and could use all of the help I could get!
Thank you!!
♥ Heather

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I need t3h monies ;o;

For sale::


Includes: NARUTO (Masashi Kishimoto) books 1, 2, 3
ESCAFLOWNE (Katsu Aki) books 1, 2, 3, 4
A.I. Love You (Ken Akatmatsu) Books 1, 2
SCRYED (Yosuke Kuroda) Books 1, 2
D.N.ANGEL (Yukiru Sugisaki) Book 1
SAMURAI DEEPER KYO (Akimine Kamijyo) Books 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
NODAME CANTABILE (Tomoko Ninomiya) book 1
.hack//legend of the twilight 1, 2, 3
Sister Princess DVDs
Kagrra, -san-
bis kyokutou STRIP


Getting Rid of Stuff!

Ok,I know everyone does this but I have alot of stuff to get rid of. Basically, I've reached the max capacity of my room and therefore need to unload. I will gladly negotiate prices within reason on anything on the list. The shipping is up to you, so you can decide from whichever works best for you. (i.e. priority, media, first class, etc.) Payment came be made through concealed cash, money orders, paypal, and trades. I will accept trades for things on my wishlist.If anyone has any questions just e-mail me! Alright onto the list:

Manga: $5
A Perfect Day for Love Letters Vol.1-2
Angel Sanctuary Vol.1
Basara Vol.1
Beauty is the Beast Vol.1-2
Chocolat Vol.1
D.N.Angel Vol.1
Demon Ororon Vol.1
Devil May Cry 3 Vol.1
Fullmetal Alchemist Vol.1
Gacha Gacha Vol.1
Ghost Hunt Vol.1-2
Glass Wings
Gravitation Vol.1-5
GTO Vol.1
Hana Kimi Vol.1
Imadoki Vol.1
Kekkaishi Vol.1-2
Marmalade Boy Vol.1
Moon Child Vol.1
Petshop of Horrors Vol.1
Princess Ai Vol. 2-3
Rising Stars of Manga Vol.1
Samurai Deeper Kyo Vol.1
Shaman King Vol.1,3,5,6
Soul to Seoul Vol.1-2
Sword of the Dark Ones Vol.1
The Young Magician Vol.1-2

Gankutsuou Vol.1 $9

Shadow of the Colossus $18
Chobits Poster (plastic poster from kodansha with white Chii clasping hands with dark Chii) $7
FFX-2 Rikku (Magazine freebie) $2

Wolf’s Rain Kiba Plush (came with dvd boxset) $7
Last Exile Mini mousepad (came with dvd boxset) $3

I do have more stuff and will be adding to the list as I go! ^-^

new selling journal!

Hello! This is actually michanu promoting my new selling journal that I've finally gotten up and done, since I'll be selling off quite a number of things. Please take a look at it! I'm selling random Japanese goods that I've had and soon to be selling some stationary lots as soon as I figure out how to do them 8D;

(the username's from a song off of k - beyond the sea's album XD)

New Items Added!


Fruitsy clothes added! Also, I have a Metamorphose blouse for sale, Sailormoon trading cards and stickers, Pokemon, action figures, etc.

Help me clean my room! When we moved we didn't have time for a garage sale, so I have all this stuff I've collected but can't put anywhere. Also, I'm trying to bring home Isabelle as soon as possible, so anything you could take off my hands would be greatly appreciated.
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