May 21st, 2006

One day till end of budokan only KYO posters...

If your interested please take a look...

3 posters up for auction, mad doctor blue injection kyo/ really tiny kyo in the corner and tour credits posters...

here are some really large pictures ;-)



I'll be putting more rare Dir en grey goods up on ebay in the future, so if you're interested please add me to your ebay alerts... username: denkiva


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ayashi no ceres, nausicaa of the valley of the wind, mai the psychic girl, how to draw manga books, tokyo pop manga samplers, mai kuraki, miho komatsu, garnet crow, cowboy bebop ost's, anime invasion magazines

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Sale: Fushigi Yuugi, Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Ayashi No Ceres

Hello. I have a pair of cosplay wings that would be great for a Full Moon costume from Full Moon Wo Sagashite for sale. Here's a picture:

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The wings are white and made from a light wire frame, easy to wear. The straps are irridenscent/ clear so they'll go with any costume. I never wore them, so they're still in the great condition I got them in. The feathers are true goose feathers (very soft!) dyed white to look more like angel wings. The feathers are trimmed at ends to a point to further the angel type wing effect. The quality and craftmanship put into these wings is excellent.

I am asking $80 shipping included for them.

I also have the following DVD's for sale:

Fushigi Yuugi DVD Box Set Suzaku, R1, excellent condition, $100 shipping included.

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and Ayashi No Ceres DVD vol. 1 R1, excellent conditon, $15 shipping included.

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Thanks! Reply with a comment if you are interested!
Now Panic and Freak Out

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Make me an offer, all of this must go NOW. I'll most likely take your offer so long as it's reasonable. Do not include the shipping, instead, e-mail me your zip code and I will figure it out for you (

If you want insurance, please let me know and I'll add it to the total ^^. Payment can be made through Paypal (credit card or not...although if you pay by credit card there will be a fee I'll have to add on). If you must pay by money order or concealed cash, it is at your own risk and you must let me know beforehand. Paypal is preferred.

All of the DVDs are in excellent condition, I take very good care of my disks. All of the cases are also in excellent condition, save for Escaflowne disk 2 (one tiny dent in the plastic).

Fushigi Yuugi:

Suzaku Box Set: 3 disks. 1st series. Episodes 1-26 Dual language.
Eikoden Box Set: 1 disk. 3rd series. Episodes 1-4. Dual Language.

Ah My Goddess:

The Movie: 1 disk. Dual Language.

Sorcerer Hunters

TV series OVA: 2 disks 10 Episodes. Dual Language.


T.V Series:

DVD 1: Dragons and Destiny: Dual languate. on hold
DVD 2: Betrayal and Trust: Dual Language. on hold
DVD 5: Paradise and Pain: Dual Language. on hold
DVD 7: Light and Shadow: Dual Language. on hold

MANGA: (english)

All of these books are in EXCELLENT condition, there are no scuffs, and no scratches anywhere on them. I'm not sure what to put the prices at, but make me an offer and I'll let you know if I can take it. ^^ Please factor in shipping for it, and please remember that books are heavy. x.x I won't take any offers that say $2.00 for shipping on 7 books >.> Not unless you want them shipped by printed matter, which takes quite a while to ship.

Angel Sanctuary:
Volumes 1-3
Volumes 11 and 14 (french edition)

Peach Girl:
Volumes 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8

Slayers (Super Explosive Demon Story):
Volumes 1 and 2

Gundam Wing:
Blind Target
Episode Zero
Ground Zero

Volume 2

Wolf's rain:
Volumes 1-2

Girl Got Game:
Volumes 1-5

Sensual Phrase:
Volumes 1-3

MARS: on hold
Volumes 1-11 plus 15 and the epilogue, 16

The Wallflower: on hold


Manga and Anime Sale

I'm selling most of my collection of manga/Manhwa/OEL, anime dvds and VHS (factory sealed and just $1), and some other stuff (some of it new). I just updated it today with some more manga. It's a long list, you can check it out here: Manga and Anime Sale
E-mail me if you're interested in anything!

You can also check out my e-bay feedback here: E-bay

All of these items are selling on too in case you're more comfortable buying from there. Here's a link to my items at items

(I will consider offers on a large number of items!)

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Almost done selling it all!
I sold a lot last year, but been lazy and now i'm desperate for it all gone :S
my interest in most anime/manga is gone

I'm almost giving them away:
+ love hina 1 - 14 complete manga + DVD
+ weiss kreuz complete japanese release + us release
+ gravitation, demon diary
+ random manga
+ random + choose price
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Fainaru Fantashii


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Hey! Im looking to get rid of a few jrock things, asking price for the x japan message cd is $50usd + shipping, these are rare and distrubited only at a concert in 1990, contains a 20min interview with the member of X Japan, there are currently no seeds present in the case, these go upwards of $500 some places (theres on ebay atm for that much) but often they sell for around 10,000 yen in used cd shops here in tokyo
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I also have a first press HIDE YOUR FACE cd for sale, asking price is $30 USD + Shipping
First press cds of this can get expensive, i paid 10,000yen for my first copy, i just happened to grab an extra one, condition is, cd is scratched but playable with no sound problems, a cd doctor or whatever would fix it up nice though, comes with hard plastic outter shell, plastic clear hide your face cover, 3d booklet casing and cd booklet, condition of case and everything is good with only a few small scuffs along the spine of the case, these are very rare even here in japan and i dont have room to bring it back with me to canada, email me at ' if interested, or pm me XD
pictures stolen from yahoo! sorry, i didnt have my camera on me

leave a message if interested, prices are negotiable, i can give a good deal for both together

Yaoi in need!

I am looking for "Rising Storm" by Yuugi Ouzha(sp?) it is a yaoi manga.

and if ANYONE owns "Brother" vol 2 by the same author *points up* then I'll be willing to buy it.

and I thikn that's about it.

if you like to leave some yaoi links from your LJ or anything else, I don't mind ^^ any offers I'll take a look at.
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for sale:

☆ J-rock/J-POP CDs incl: L'Arc, The ALFEE, Utada Hikaru, SPEED
☆ Vivi Ayumi cover, CUTiE Avril cover, Tackey & Tsubasa first photobook
☆ various Japanese TEXT manga incl: NANA, boku wa imouto to koi wo suru, bokura ga ita, ouran high host club, betsu comi
☆ authentic BA-TSU clothes, sunhat, REVIVAL zip up
☆ various visual kei flyers
☆ Takizawa Hideaki merchandise

all @ manalolita


come and visit me!!♪〜(*´ε`*)