May 23rd, 2006

a few things for sale

Happy Bunny Shirt LARGE $4

LATTE - Every Little Thing BRAND NEW!!! $10

Sailor Moon VHS - Time Travelers (RARE) $4

Chobits DVD Vol. 1 & 4 $10 each

The prices up there does not count shipping.
leave a comment if you're intrested, and leave me your zip code so I can calculate the shipping. thanks!
PayPal Accepted Only

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pink geisha


I'm selling a few Gravitation pieces.

Two shirts, size Large:

A) Short-sleeve blue shirt with Yuki and Shiuichi. $12 + shipping
B) 3/4 sleeve blue-and-white shirt with Tohma. $13 + shipping

Gravitation Sound Story Audio CD
Features two songs and a CD drama. $10 + shipping

Photos available upon request. ^-^
vanity fair book girl b.

a wishlist :).

hi all~

I'm looking for the following things -

Howl's Moving Castle DVD (w/ english subs AND dub if possible)
Whisper of the Heart DVD (w/ english subs)
Any CDs of the band m.o.v.e.

& randomly always interested in jiji the cat items, anything kamen rider, and the bands/artists two-mix and hyde

Thanks in advance if you can help! :).

Rare Dir en grey Type of Deity tour Deadly Claris concert shirt on ebay


It's denkiva again with more old-school Dir en grey goodness.

auction ends Sunday May 28 at 5PM PST

This is an EXTREMELY RARE item! Must have for old school Dir en grey fans. This shirt was sold during the 2000 The Type of Deity Tour. This is an (ORIGINAL NOT A COPY) Deadly Claris Shirt. This shirt has text and an image of an angel on the front and tour dates on the back.

Front text: Deadly Claris
Deadly Claris began with the suggestion of Dir en grey since 1999.

This shirt is in EXCELLENT condition, it has never been worn/washed and the colors are vivid black and red. The Deadly Claris label is intact and in excellent condition.

The tag says MEDIUM shirt, but it is RATHER SMALL. If you wear a SMALL SIZE this will probably fit you. If you wear an AMERICAN MEDIUM size, this might be too tight for you. The sleeves are 3/4 length.

Here are some HUGE images:

any questions please email me at: denkiva at

Rare Dir en grey Type of Deity tour Deadly Claris concert shirt on ebay
JRM, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

NANA manga for sale, DS Games, Sailor Moon stuff, Purses, Anime Posters, Final Fantasy Stuff...

Hi everyone! I still have stuff that I need to get rid of...the sooner the better! I have e-bay feedback, garagesalejapan, and feedback on my *old* selling journal cest_que_jaime, all positive ^_^

No deadbeats, seriously, if you are no longer interested in something at least TELL ME because I am not psychic ^_^

If there is not a price for something, PLEASE MAKE AN OFFER.


Featured Item(s): MARS, the entire set of manga, volumes 1-15 plus prequel "A Horse with no Name" No, I will NOT break up the set under any circumstances. Please make an offer.


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Thanks for looking, please comment if you are interested in anything...^_^

Items for Sale~!

Hey, added some more items (I keep finding them O0O). If you have any questions or such feel free to e-mail me. And also, its okay if you want to haggle ^_^

Or just leave a comment.
I do ship internationally but of course the shipping price will be larger.

-Princess Mononoke Tree Spirit Bag
-Kana Study Pouch Bag (brand new)
-Oshare Kei large Sunglasses (brand new)
-Red & Yellow Asia Jam Harajuku Necklace (brand new)
-Pikachu Retro 1996 Plushie
-Pokemon Evolutions+ Yellow T-Shirt
-Young Link Green T-Shirt (brand new)
-Jesus Studio Con Badges

English Manga or Anime Novel

-Planet Blood 1,2,3
-.hack 1 Novel
-Legal Drug 1 & 2
-.hack Volume 1,2,3
-Love Hina 1 and Peace Makers 1
-Loki Ragnarok 1 & 11th Cat
-Beautiful People & FLCL 1
-Midnight Opera

Japanese Language Manga and Novels

-Aria Vol 4 & Vol 5
-Kino no Tabi Vol 1 & Kino no Tabi Vol 2

Japanese Guide & Teaching Books

-Japanese Tour Book
-Kanji and Kana Writing & Understanding Book

NewType Magazines

Japanese Food

-Japanese Curry Cup
-Japanese Ramen Package

Anime DVD's
-Final Fantasy VII Advent Children DVD (Tai Ver.)
-Hide & Seek
-Tenchi Muyo - Tenchi in Love
-Paranoia Agent 1
-Somedays Dreamers 1 DVD
-BLOOD the last vampire DVD

-The Eye
-Dark Tales of Tokyo
-Spooky Tokyo

Anime VHS
-Ju On (un-opened brand new!)
-3 Pokemon VHS's
-Ah my Goddess

If you don't agree with the prices leave a comment or e-mail me at!

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L'arc~en~ciel photobook and jrock magazines!

Selling a few things! Pease contact me if interested in any item(s) ~ ~ I have 100% positive feedback on ebay under the id vintage.heart. Shipping will be $1.55, possibly more if you live outside US. I accept paypal and money orders and will combine orders! Please feel free to ask any questions! Thanks! All items are in minty condition unless otherwise noted!

Image hosting by Photobucket
L'arc~en~Ciel BEST OF photobook - $14.55
- 100 color pages full of photos, interviews and information about each L'arc member. Lots of cute photos and even fun informational bits like each member's clothing detail and cigarette preferences ;) It's an awesome book. (MY LAST COPY!)

Image hosting by Photobucket
B-PASS jrock magazine (Vol. 2 12/05) - $4.40 - 166pgs, color
featured artists: L'arc~en~Ciel, Porni Graffiti, ORANGE RANGE, Bump of Chicken, CHEMISTRY, SHAKALABBITS, nobodyknows+, BENNIE K, 175R, HIGH and MIGHT COLOR, YUI, Sasuke, Remioromen plus a lot more.. This mag is going for less than half of what it goes for normally! ;)

Thanks for looking! :)

(no subject)

Yo, I'm leaving for Japan in about 2 months and I'd like to get rid of some/all of my manga since I can't bring it with me. They're all in english, and most have not been read.

I have some of them listed on :

Others (which have been read and loved by me):

Fruits Basket 1 - 10
Kare Kano 1 - 7
Hot Gimmick 1 - 8
Kare First Love 1 - 4

$5 a piece for most everything. I accept paypal or through if you would like. email me with questions: ^______^

RARE sailor moon comics!

I currently have the first print first release, of the sailor moon comics.! they are in great shape, slight fold on the last issue and such but over all great shape due to there age!
Dont pass up the opertunity they are not made anymore and are hard to find!

And also RARE inu-yasha japanese doujinshi !

Malice Mizer "Bridal of Rose" movie SALE

Hey! I wanted to see if anybody here would be interested in the movie Malice Mizer had put out w/ Klaha called Bridal of Rose before I went to e-bay with it. It's VHS, but it was only watched once a long time a go and is in perfect condition. I* don't have a set price so just looking for a best offer. Any interested parties send offers to

Here is a pic of it:¤t=b76a05fc.jpg


i'm looking for the following, i'd prefer cheap as possible & i'd LOVE to trade. i have over 250 items on my sales LJ, so please check that out here: xtantalize

-love hina 2
-ceres 3
-revolutionary girl utena 2
-chobits 1

ANY burned anime, preferably entire seasons or at least the first chunks of seasons
also any burned anime movies or complete ovas

i'm PARTICULARLY looking for the last 6 episodes of wolfs rain, but please show me everything!
Apple - Lust

Packaging Materials and Pucca and Shinkansen

Hey guys, first and foremost, does anyone know where is a good place to purchase A LOT of packaging materials (Bubble Wrap, Foam popcorn thingies, those mini plastic pillows of air- I'm not sure how to describe them, etc)? I know that Office supply stores have them but I was thinking of getting a lot for cheap (wholesale or something?). I was searching online and there are various sites but I'm not sure which is reliable. I'm hoping to buy a lot now so I can save later for shipping. I'm going to be moving out of my apt and back home so I'm going to need to sell a whoooole lotta stuff and on top of that, my family might start up an ebay store. Any help on this would be much appreciated.

But aside from that, I am in search of Pucca items. I <3 Pucca and I'm trying to spread the love by buying some presents for some people. I checked out ebay but a lot of items are international and shipping is killer so I was hoping someone in the US or Canada might have something cheaper. Also, I have recently gotten into the Sanrio character Shinkansen so any items would be great too. Thanks!
Cool stuff! - MysticEden

(no subject)

Image hosted by

Samurai Deeper Kyo
Fushigi Yuugi
Kill me Kiss me


Fruits Basket, Rahxephon, Gravitation, Hellsing, Initial D, Samurai Deeper Kyo

Shonen Jump and more!

Buy my anime / jrock stuff =)

Well I am going to post this now but I am selling some shit:

Anime and J-rock

I'll Start with Anime:
Kodocha vol.1
Blue Gender vol.1 12.00
Blue Gender vol.2 12.00
Blue Gender vol.3 12.00
Blue Gender: The Warrior 12.00
Inuyasha Movie 1 14.00
Inuyasha Movie 2 14.00
Witch Hunter Robin box set (excludes pins) 60.00
.hack//sign box set (excludes pins) 60.00
Spiral vol.1 13.00
Spiral vol.2 13.00
Fruits Basket vol.3 14.00
Inuyasha vol.18 8.00
Inuyasha vol.14 8.00
Inuyasha vol.12 8.00
Inuyasha vol.10 8.00
Inuyasha vol.13 8.00
Yu Yu Hakusho : Poltergeist Report 6.00
Ghost in Shell: SAC vol.1 (autographed by Michelle Ruff) 25.00

Yu Yu Hakusho vol.1 5.00
Yu Yu Hakusho vol.2 5.00
Yu Yu Hakusho vol.3 5.00
Yu Yu Hakusho vol.4 5.00
Yu Yu Hakusho vol.5 5.00
Yu Yu Hakusho vol.6 5.00
Legal Drug vol.1 5.00
Japanese Anime Book:
Ghost in the Shell Japanese game guide 10.00

Malice Mizer - Merveilles Limited Edition 30.00
Psycho Le Cemu - Beautiful World (has a few scratches DOESNT AFFECT CD!!) 35.00
L'Arc En Ciel - SMILE (American Version) 4.00
Psycho Le Cemu - TOUR 03 Photobook 25.00
L'Arc En Ciel - Ray ( Official Japanese) 22.00

Anime Merch:
RARE: Yu Yu hakush Notebook w/ Photos inside along w/ note paper. 15.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Season:2 Pencil Board (Entire Cast + Toguro) 8.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Season:2 Pencil Board (Entire Cast w/ Team Toguro) 8.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Rare Cel Card featuring: Season 3 Sensui's Gang and main Cast 6.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Rare Cel Card Featuring: Season 2 Team Toguro w/ Main Cast 6.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Playing Cards 3.00
Gothic Lolita Statue: Purple Dress and White Hair 6.00
Yu Yu Hakusho: Hiei Plush Doll 9.00
Yu Yu Hakusho: Yusuke Plush Doll 9.00
Witch Hunter Robin Michael Cel Sheet 12.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Wallscroll: Hiei w/ Black Dragon 12.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Wallscroll: Full Cast 12.00
Inuyasha Wallscroll: Inuyasha crouching w/ Tetsusaiga 12.00

All These products are authentic japanese products otherwise stated they are not.
I accept Paypal and checks and so forth. If you would like pictures of these items post a comment of email me

anime manga stationary CHEEP !!

Im currently raising money to pay my way through China. So im saleing some of the items I have purchased in korea and Japan to help my funds. EVERYTHING MUST GO by the end of June !!!


I currently have:

...Samuari 7 including kiddy rade and Burst angel
...Urotsukidoji III Atack of the over fiend esp 3:CD ROM
...Complete DVD set of Inu-Yasha box vol 1-3!

Manga comics and magazines:
...Blade of the Immortal: # 97 and 98
...Maico 2010 vol 2
..Korean comics: I have three korean comics writen in English.
...Eternal mage
...Korean sailor moon coloring book: also known as Beautiful Young Girl in Korea.
....Meet Sailor Moon:Crystal
...Anime Insider:
...New type:

J-pop/ j-rock items:
...Kirito postcard
...Phantasmagoria advertisement bookmark
...Yoko Ishida concert bill
...Kumiko Kato postcard

Anime stationary:
...Anime postcardS
...Hello Kitty book cover
...White: Korean pencil case
...Sorceress Pink Hana stationary
...Inu-Yasha doujinshi stationary
...Hello kitty led pencil
...Choco cat pen
...MyFocus co led pencil: korean

Vaerious Aniem Items:
...Card Captur sakura steedle
...Sailor Venus Doll
...Anime cards: Includes chobits, sailormoon, Aquarian age and leaf fight.
...Ai yori aoshi OR Exodus Guilty promo fan
...Kagome capsul toy

I fold and make paper crances using authentic japanese folding orgami paper! I jus tlove makeing them and I have to many !! =@.@= so Im offering cute cranes for purchase!

Lots of used anime

Hi all! This is my first post here, as well as my first experience with direct sales. Please be patient with me and let me know if I've done anything wrong.

Here we've got DVDs from X, Tenchi, Hellsing, and the second Sakura Wars OAV.
Manga from Azumanga Daioh!, How To Draw and Silent Moebius.
Plus, two great Hellsing figures!
These are all used, but in great condition!

Here's the stuff! Check out my main journal page for more info on shipping and payments. More pictures always available, and as I continue to clear up the mess in my room, more stuff will be posted.

Thank you all!
Bertie feet

Please buy my stuff @A@!!!!!

I did some spring cleaning! Please look here for Jrock/jpop cds, accessories, autographed weirdness,manga, magazines, animation cells, and random goodness! Shipping will vary depending on where you live and how heavy the item is. Thanks for looking! ^o^/
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Thanks again!
by sunriseicons@lj

Things for sale + eBay!

Lots of things for sale including L'arc~en~Ciel, Ayumi, BoA, F4, X, and seiyuus! Please take a look at them! Pictures included with every item!

All prices are including shipping to the US. If you are not from the US, please inquire about shipping! Everything must go! :D Please help a girl out!

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I also have the following two items on eBay:
L'arc~en~Ciel Official Fan Club Magazine vol.22
L'arc~en~Ciel Radioactive Liquid Light Photo & Art Book

I accept paypal (with a small fee that paypal charges me), international money order, cheques as well as concealed cash at your own discretion!

Thanks for looking :D

(no subject)

Japanese goodness for sale!
Help me pay my bills!

-Anime such as Tenchi muyo-Saikano-Serial Experiments Lain-Rurouni Kenshin-Ranma 1/2 Season one-Ai Yori Aoshi-Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi-Onegai Twins- and X ALL COMPLETE SETS WITH ENGLISH AUDIO/SUBS!!

-Manga such as Mermaid saga-kill me kiss me-Cowboy bebop-Lagoon engine and Suki ALL COMPLETE SETS!!

-Assorted Manga:
-Gunslinger girl 1-3
-Genbu Kaiden 1-2
-Chobits 1-3
-Sensual Phase 1

-Assorted DVDs
-Kodocha  1-2
-Evangelion Platinum edition 1-5
-Saiyuki movie
-Saiyuki 1-5

Buy it all..NOW!

all and more @azn_sales
Drop a comment here for info.