May 24th, 2006

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for sale:

☆ J-rock/J-POP CDs incl: L'Arc, The ALFEE, Utada Hikaru, SPEED
☆ Vivi Ayumi cover, CUTiE Avril cover, Tackey & Tsubasa first photobook
☆ various Japanese TEXT manga incl: NANA, boku wa imouto to koi wo suru, bokura ga ita, ouran high host club, betsu comi
☆ authentic BA-TSU clothes, sunhat, REVIVAL zip up
☆ various visual kei flyers
☆ Takizawa Hideaki merchandise

all @ manalolita


come and visit me!!♪〜(*´ε`*)

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I'm in need of some money and space for my room so its time to do sell my junk again :D

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All prices are negotiable ^^
Please provide zip code for shipping amount.
I accept paypal (through direct deposit only.. NO CREDIT CARDS) and cash for payment.
All payments must be made by June 3rd.
If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email me at
Me in red 2013

Special Item! :D

Brand NEW (uhm..seriously ^^;;) Kaleido Star-Amazing Collection DVD Boxset (thin pack)
Authentic-100%, this is the entire Amazing Collection. The DVDs themselves haven't even been opened (save 1..the first disc..and it went from the DVD straight to the case). It just wasn't my type unfortunately :/

It's really very unfortunate that I have to get rid of it. I'm setting a price of $25 dollars-shipped for it ♥

--I have 100% Buyer/seller feedback on Ebay
--It comes from a smoke free home and is BRAND NEW
--Item can be shipped TODAY if purchased today
--I really..really would prefer PAYPAL over anything else.

♥ Thanks so much and please check out my other listings if you're interested. ^^
Please take a look!! I have items from Fullmetal Alchemist,Chobits,Cowboy Bebop,Negima and more!
*MOST @ 5 dollars shipped or less! :D*
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I may find more items in the future, but please help me along! Thanks so much for looking !!!

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Greetings :)

A lot of the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger items on my sales journal - chylds_sales - have been lowered.

Please check them out and take them off of my hands.

Basically, in a couple weeks, what isn't sold through my journal will most likely go to a second hand store here...


If you are looking for something from the first season/cast members...let me know...I may have it.

I do still have a few things to post up...but I'm waiting until this stuff is gone :)


manga for sell!!

book 6
book 8

The Canadate for Godess
book 1
book 2

Under the Glass Moon
book 1
book 2

Paradise Kiss
book 1
book 2
book 3
book 4
book 5


book 1
book 2
book 3
book 4
book 5
book 6
book 7
book 8

Revolutionary Girl Utena
book 1
book 3
book 4
book 5

Love Hina
book 9
book 10
book 10
book 11
book 12
book 13
book 14

all books are priced at 5 dollars plus shipping and handeling.

only avalible for people inside the United States.

**any other shots of the merchendise avalible upon request**

forms of payment: cash,check, paypal, and money orders.

for more information please im me at any of these screenames:
aim-al0n3 t0gether


email me at:

if intersted please either contact me or leave a message here. thank you!
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Request :)



I'm looking for the following magazines (or where it's possible to find them):

Look at Star!
Hanako West
De View
hm3 Men's Special 01

Help GREATLY appreciated! Thank you~
Me in red 2013

//Looking for something..//

Looking for DS Games
**My boyfriend got me a DS on Wednesday for a 3 week early 2 year anniversary gift ^^
He's taking me on Vacation also (June 15th-the actually day)-so I would like to get more games for my DS (not to mention it is an amazing system)
The games I already have are:
Super Princess Peach
Nintendogs (Best Friend's Version)
Trauma Center:Under The Knife
Lost in Blue (mixed feelings on this..)

I am really looking for reasonably priced games, since I'm a little low on cash-I'll also trade for any items that I have up for sale if that interests you ^^ Please help
(I really would like an RPG-NOT Lunar...because Ive heard all badness)

♥ Heather
CCS <3

Tons of things

I realized I didn't really have the shelf space for much of any of this anymore, and I desperately needed money, so the logicial result is selling things.

Manga, doujinshi, photobooks, plushes, and some stationary! For now, Prince of Tennis, Full Metal Alchemist, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Naruto, Bleach, Tokyo Babylon, Gravitation, Fushigi Yuugi and a few other random things.

Please check it out! Prices can be negotiable, especially if you buy a lot. Leave your zip code for shipping estimate. I do accept paypal, although no credit card payment, and cash through mail. Also accept money orders and cheques, but you must wait until the cheques clear before I send items. Money must be received before item shipped. If you want more pictures, I'd be happy to take more, but only if you're serious, please. If there are any questions, email me to or just drop a comment here.

Warning, pretty picture intensive.

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I have more that will come later.
by care-chan@lj

Lots of things for sale!

Lots and lots of magazines that I need to get rid of. Many have lowered prices! From Sho-Comi to Monthly Ribon to Duet to Arena37C! :D Please take a look! Everything is brand new and ready to be sent out.

All price on shipping is as follows (unless otherwise stated):
US - Media Mail $3.00 (8 days, free tracking) // Insurance: $1.50
Canada - Airmail Letter $6.00 (4 - 7 days) // Insurance: $1.50
International - Please inquire, it's a bit expensive. // Insurance: $2.00

If you'd like other methods of shipping, please inquire.

Payment methods include:
Paypal (3% charge - paypal charge)
Money Order
Concealed cash (at your own discretion)

All residents of California are subjected to an 8.25% tax!

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If interested, make a comment! :D I will get back to you as soon as possible~

Feedbacks can be found here!

Have fun~


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Japanese goodness for sale!
Help me pay my bills!

-Anime such as Tenchi muyo-Saikano-Serial Experiments Lain-Rurouni Kenshin-Ranma 1/2 Season one-Ai Yori Aoshi-Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi-Onegai Twins- and X ALL COMPLETE SETS WITH ENGLISH AUDIO/SUBS!!

-Manga such as Mermaid saga-kill me kiss me-Cowboy bebop-Lagoon engine and Suki ALL COMPLETE SETS!!

-Assorted Manga:
-Gunslinger girl 1-3
-Genbu Kaiden 1-2
-Chobits 1-3
-Sensual Phase 1

-Assorted DVDs
-Kodocha  1-2
-Evangelion Platinum edition 1-5
-Saiyuki movie
-Saiyuki 1-5

Buy it all..NOW!

all and more @</a></a>azn_sales

Drop a comment here for info.

Japanese music mags for sale!!!

Still up for sale!!!

-Jan 2003: feat w-inds, B'z, Mr. Children, Gackt, Lead, Puffy, Pierrot, Dir en grey... *
(left one)
comes with special gift and used but like-new sample CD

Now: USD 12.00

-vol 13 2004: feat BAROQUE, Rag Fair, Daigo Stardust...*
Now: USD 17.00
*used poster. good condition. one side has little use*

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I accept PAYPAL and money order. Please reply here or at my site larukunohyde or email me at my email address: for any questions or purchase. Thank you! ^_^

Now Panic and Freak Out

Gackt single~

I don't know how it happened, but I somehow ended up with 2 of Gackt's latest single 'Love Letter'. In any case, I've got one up for sale, it's brand new, never played, in PERFECT condition. It's missing the wrapper only because I'm an idiot and opened it without looking at it.

Gackt - Love Letter single NEW - $12.00 shipped to the U.S.

I take paypal transfers, but if you want to pay with credit card, let me know because there might be a fee. ^^

for sale! everything must go!

saving up for a trip to hawaii at the end of june and for comic con expenses ;___; please take a look!
for more information, please take a look at my selling journal :)

Mobile Suit Gundam SeeD Vol. 4
Peach Girl Vol. 1-3
Kare Kano Vol. 1-2
INVU Vol. 1-2

Urusei Yatsura comics 4-6 (produced by Viz Manga)
Gundam Wing comics 1-4 (produced by Mixx Manga)

Love Hina shitajiki (pencil board) x2

Pucca & Garu journal
Pitchi Pitchi Pitch journal

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon grab packs (10 cards)

Haunted Junction V-1 (ep. 1&2) VHS
Gall Force New Era 1 VHS
Tenchi Muyo! Episode 1 VHS
Tenchi Muyo! Mihoshi Special: Galaxy Police Mihoshi's Space Adventure VHS
SaBer MaRIONETTE J Vol. 1 (ep. 1-4) VHS

Morning Musume Mari Yaguchi stamp
Card Captor Sakura Syaoran Li stamp
Card Captor Sakura Kero-chan stamp
Card Captor Sakura Yukito Tsukishiro stamp


thank you! :3

Hey X fans!

I know I just posted yesterday, but I have something new. I hope its okay to post again after 25 hours or so. If not, please tell me and I'll take this down right away!
I've discovered the X/1999 manga that was hiding from me. And if you like the manga, be sure to check out the X DVD box, with the first 4 volumes included in spectacular condition!
In fact, buy the X dvds and manga for $60 altogether, shipping included! These DVDs SRP for $30.00 each, without the box. CLAMP fans, start off your X collection right!
I've also got more manga and DVDs at my main journal dsjewels!
I'm taking these puppies to eBay in a week or so in order to get my work back on track, so check these out now!
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Leave a comment or fire off an email to for more info. Thank you!
Soprano&#39;s do it on top
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Hey everyone! I'm looking for a short sleeved, white, button up, blouse in a size small or x-small. It's for my Kairi cosplay. I'm also looking for a blue tie. But I'm mainly worrying about this shirt right now. I thought I had the right shirt but it turned out to not be what I remembered.

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Thank you for looking!

Please leave comments or e-mail me at


Items I Want~!

Hey, I'm looking for some items


sEx PoT rEvEnGe - MALE CLOTHING (so much female clothing, japanese large will be fine)

SHOXX or Cures - Main Feature of MUCC
Himitsu Kessha Codomo A - Poster
Himitsu Kessha Codomo A Singles
Kamikaze Shounen Singles & Mini CD's
Eliphas Levi singles and CD's
Miyavi Dear My Friend/Itoshii Hito Single (Type A or B if possible)
Kino no Tabi merchandise
Azumanga Daioh merchandise (..i want the dad cat hat..or doll...)
Cherry Filter Albums (...need...)

Thanks so much
If you are interested in trades, I have my selling journal