May 25th, 2006

Want to buy

Some stuff I want to buy:

Colourful, japanese film. Note that this is NOT the ecchi anime of the same title! For some reason, IMDB and as well as many other sites have confused the two, even listing the same director, Shun Nakahara, and cast.

Now, I really have trouble believing that a director and writer would collaborate on a serious movie about suicide and reincarnation, then turn around and do an ecchi anime about panties-fetish under the same title, so somewhere along the way the names of the directors must have been confused as well.

Unfortunately, I do not have a screenshot of the movie I'm talking about, or a picture of the cover. I can only say that this is NOT the cover: [click for link to Amazon listing] And that this summary is correct: [click for NY Times review]

Um. If you do have it, please verify somehow that it's not the ecchi anime one. >_>;;

Cloth Road a manga by okama [artist's site]; listing: [here]. c_sraed has kindly offered to look for it, but I thought I might mention this again in case anyone has it on hand. Cloth Road, being unlicensed, is only available in japanese and has three volumes currently. I am interested in any and all of these volumes.

Kuroboshi Kouhaku: The Beautiful World, artbook by Kuroboshi Kouhaku featuring his work for Kino no Tabi (Kino's Journey). listing: [here]

Eureka Seven animation book Eheh...actually I don't know what the real title is. -__- I saw this on eBay once, and never found it again. >o< It's a book of character design sheets and other concept work or art from the series Eureka Seven, as far as I can tell. Sorry for the vague description, but even though it's a long shot I thought I could try mentioning it, in case anyone knows what I'm talking about. ^^

&hearts Summer Selling Journal Update~!

Hi, all :]

I've lowered prices because I'm trying to get rid of as much as I can!

With that said, please feel free to make lower offers if you are unhappy with the current prices. I will consider all offers, and most likely accept them :]

Japanese Takoyaki cooking pan, manga [Bakuretsu//Sorcerer Hunters, Demian Syndrome Shounen-Ai], old comics [Sailormoon, Gundam, Silent Mobius], Japan Air Lines carry-on and journey bags, old//back issues of KERA and CUTiE Japanese fashion magazines [as these are older and a bit harder to find, I would really like to get the price listed, but will consider other offers], Dir en grey pin//button sets, lots of cute stationary items, and much more!


Thanks so much for looking! :]

Loads of Jrock for Sale!

Hello! I'm auctioning off Jrock CDs and DVDs (along with rare extras like glossy photos, autographed cards, etc.) on eBay. I also have a huge 45-item list at the bottom of my auctions with stuff I would like to sell directly. Lotsa stuff from bands like Lolita 23q, D'espairsRay, Shelly Trip Realize, Syndrome, Vinett, Schwardix Marvally, Mist of Rouge, Laputa, 12012, MUCC, Gullet, Miyavi, Fatima, Kisaki Project, and sooo much more! If you're interested, please contact me at midori_echo at hotmail dot com. Thank you!

Click Here!

Back From Vacation Shitajiki Sale!

We're back from our vacation in sunny Bermuda, so it's time to get our eBay auctions back rolling.

This week, we have a selection of shitajiki from various Saber Marionette series. Auctions start at just $.99!

All Sales:
evil saizou

Anime goodies

Hello! I have all kinds of anime goodies just sitting around my apartment, not getting any love, that I'm finally selling. Still have stuff left, please take a look!

Included are:
Hikaru no Go shounen-ai doujin anthology
Saiyuki pencil boards
Evangelion desk day-by-day calendar
Naruto enamel pins
GetBackers Ban Mido enamel pin
Naruto enamel cell phone charms
Wolf's Rain DVD boxset

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Family Values Tour - Dir en Grey - Two tickets!

Hi everyone! I am in desperate need of your help! I had purchased two tickets to the Family Values Tour in San Antonio, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater orchestra pit for 21stcherry_boy over at this post and this post! As you can see, she has deadbeated me and left me with two tickets which I cannot use myself as well as $146.34 less of my money. I really need someone who can buy these off of my hands (without the service fee charges) for the original price as well as just a $2.00 shipping of the tickets to your place. The tickets will be sent to California (as Ticketmaster has just e-mailed a couple of days ago notifying that the tickets have been printed) and then will be sent to you from California. Please, if you know someone looking for tickets, please point them my way.

I really need to get these out.

Thank you all in advance,

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Fool's Mate:
Nov 2005 feat. Dir en grey
April 2006 feat. Gazette

Jan 2006 feat. SID
Feb 2006 feat. Ruki, Miyavi and others.
March 2006 feat Gazette
June 2006 feat Gazette

Arena 37c:
Dec 2005 feat. Gazette

Neo Genesis:
Spring 2006 Feat. Gazette

Vol 27 feat Gazette

Vol 118 Feat Dir en Grey

Help me get ahold of as many of these as possible..

Also feel free to check out my sales @azn_sales Some sales include anime..asian movies..manga..magazines and more!

Thank you!!

pink and white JAPAN track jacket

I bought this from another online user long ago but I haven't worn it yet, so it's just chilling in my closet. Shipping is $3 for USA, and $4 to Canada. Not trading it, free stuff for the buyer. Make an offer ^___^

pink and white track jacket, 2 pink lines on the sides, sparkly pink JAPAN, see-through pink hoody. pink working zipper. cotton. fits small and medium in young adults. good condition.

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I still need quite a bit of cash to get to Disneyland with my friend before she moves away forever, so please check out my sales as I have a lot of jrock/jpop stuff, accessories, anime, etc.

You can view my selling journal here.

Thanks in advance ^^;