June 1st, 2006

Homestar Runner The Cheat hoodie & baby tee shirt!

1. The Cheat Red Baby Tee shirt - Medium/One Size - $10
No longer sold in the red color on the site anymore! Features the HR logo on the back. Only washed & worn once.

2. The Cheat Black Hooded Sweatshirt - Medium - $26
Brand new and never worn, sells for $32.50 I'm a small girl and it fits me fine so it's definatly unisex!

I accept Paypal, POSTAL money orders, & concealed cash. I ship worldwide!

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Jrock items for sale
- Psycho le Cemu singles
- Fake? albums
- Sad Blood Rock n Roll album
- L'Arc en Ciel fanclub magazines
- J fanclub magazines
- Gackt posters

Non-CC paypal preferred. Feel free to negotiate prices, I just want all this clutter gone.

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There are 18 auctions, please take a look!!
Full of Japanese Street Fashion stuff, JPop, JRock and other items!!
Click on the picture.

And I updated my selling journal with 4 new items (accesories) :

Cool stuff! - MysticEden

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Para Para DVD to learn the dances ---- DVD-R's
Para Para CD's ---- CD-R's
DDR CD's --- CD-R's
DDR Games, I'm looking for Konamix, Disney, Max one and two and any of the the japanese versions too.

An Ipod or MP3 player for cheap.

Also I'd prefer to trade for the stuff at my journal, but might buy depending on the price.

Also for sale
Shounen Jump English version $3.50 each, shipping included in the USA these are USED
March 2004 No.15
April 2004 No.16
May 2004 No.17
June 2004 No.18
July 2004 No.19
August 2004 No.20
September 2004 No.22
October 2004 No.23
December 2004 No.24
January 2005 No. 25
Febuary 2005 No. 26
March 2005 No. 27 *two of this issue*
April 2005 No. 28
May 2005 No. 29
June 2005 No. 30

I'll have more up soon!

Shoujo Beat $3.50 each, USED, shipping included in the USA
April 2006
May 2006
June 2006

for more check my lj ^_-

Items for Sale~!

If you have any questions or such feel free to e-mail me. And also, its okay if you want to haggle ^_^

E-Mail: good_lord_janis@yahoo.com
Or just leave a comment.
I do ship internationally but of course the shipping price will be larger.

J-ROCK Items
-Plastic Tree Poster

-Sonic HeadgeHog Pencil Case
-The Queens Tote Bag (brand new)
-Kana Study Pouch Bag (brand new)
-Oshare Kei large Sunglasses (brand new)
-Red & Yellow Asia Jam Harajuku Necklace (brand new)
-Pikachu Retro 1996 Plushie
-Pokemon Evolutions+ Yellow T-Shirt
-Young Link Green T-Shirt (brand new)
-Jesus Studio Con Badges
-Bamboo Rolling & Place Mats

Language Books
-Korean in Plain English

Art Books
-My Neighbor Totoro Hardcover Art Book

English Manga or Anime Novel
-Dolls 1,2,3,4,5
-Demon Oron 1,2,3,4
-Qwan 1,23
-Planet Blood 1,2,3
-.hack 1 Novel
-Legal Drug 1 & 2
-.hack Volume 1,2,3
-Love Hina 1 and Peace Makers 1
-Loki Ragnarok 1 & 11th Cat
-Beautiful People & FLCL 1
-Midnight Opera
-Ice Kunion Guide 2005

Japanese Language Manga and Novels

-Aria Vol 4 & Vol 5
-Kino no Tabi Vol 1 & Kino no Tabi Vol 2

Japanese Guide & Teaching Books

-Japanese Tour Book

NewType Magazines

Anime DVD's
-Vampire Hunter D
-Final Fantasy VII Advent Children DVD (Tai Ver.)
-Tenchi Muyo - Tenchi in Love
-Paranoia Agent 1
-Somedays Dreamers 1 DVD
-BLOOD the last vampire DVD

-The Grudge (American)
-The Eye
-Dark Tales of Tokyo
-Spooky Tokyo

Anime VHS
-Ju On (un-opened brand new!)
-3 Pokemon VHS's
-Ah my Goddess

If you don't agree with the prices leave a comment or e-mail me at good_lord_janis@yahoo.com!

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I have a Furoku set for sale, no idea what to ask for this so just make offers. And I have a lovely corset to sell as it doesn't fit, corset is subject to best offer (No offers under £35 please, corset is worth over £70, please make a reasonable offer!) & will be shipped from the UK. I accept all forms of payment from within the UK & UK Cash/IMO from everywhere else, I will also accept PayPal with a small fee to cover costs. Shipping on the Corset within the UK will be £5 & International £10, I need to check on the Furoku Set so please enquire. You can check my feedback in my Selling Journal decadentdolls. I might consider Trades too...

-Furoku Set...


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VHS and Manga still on sale~

I still have these items up for sale; all are in very good condition with little shelf-wear unless noted! They have all been read/watched once or twice. Prices are based on the item's condition; you may make an offer, if you'd like.

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If you're interested in buying, email me at stripesflutter@gmail.com or leave a comment. Thanks~

DVD/Manga Sale

HELLO AGAIN!! I am here to tell you that I am going to be reposting some items for sale ^____^ Also I am going to be listing quite a few new items as well *nods* YATTA!!! The same as before, give an offer on what you would think is fair. You can give offers here in a comment, in an E-mail to: thelazybum69@yahoo.com, AIM Message to: Doomed Baka Neko, or Yahoo: thelazybum69. For Payment Options are: Paypal, Concealed Cash (at your own risk), checks and Money Orders. ((Checks and money orders need to be given time to be able to get to the bank to actually cash it or prove its authenticity, thankyou))


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Well I am going to post this now but I am selling some shit:

Anime and J-rock

I'll Start with Anime:
Kodocha vol.1
Blue Gender vol.1 12.00
Blue Gender vol.2 12.00
Blue Gender vol.3 12.00
Blue Gender: The Warrior 12.00
Inuyasha Movie 1 14.00
Inuyasha Movie 2 14.00
Witch Hunter Robin box set (excludes pins) 60.00
.hack//sign box set (excludes pins) 60.00
Spiral vol.1 13.00
Spiral vol.2 13.00
Fruits Basket vol.3 14.00
Inuyasha vol.18 8.00
Inuyasha vol.14 8.00
Inuyasha vol.12 8.00
Inuyasha vol.10 8.00
Inuyasha vol.13 8.00
Yu Yu Hakusho : Poltergeist Report 6.00
Ghost in Shell: SAC vol.1 (autographed by Michelle Ruff) 25.00

Yu Yu Hakusho vol.1 5.00
Yu Yu Hakusho vol.2 5.00
Yu Yu Hakusho vol.3 5.00
Yu Yu Hakusho vol.4 5.00
Yu Yu Hakusho vol.5 5.00
Yu Yu Hakusho vol.6 5.00
Legal Drug vol.1 5.00
Japanese Anime Book:
Ghost in the Shell Japanese game guide 10.00

Malice Mizer - Merveilles Limited Edition 30.00
Psycho Le Cemu - Beautiful World (has a few scratches DOESNT AFFECT CD!!) 35.00
L'Arc En Ciel - SMILE (American Version) 4.00
Psycho Le Cemu - TOUR 03 Photobook 25.00
L'Arc En Ciel - Ray ( Official Japanese) 22.00

Anime Merch:
RARE: Yu Yu hakush Notebook w/ Photos inside along w/ note paper. 15.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Season:2 Pencil Board (Entire Cast + Toguro) 8.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Season:2 Pencil Board (Entire Cast w/ Team Toguro) 8.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Rare Cel Card featuring: Season 3 Sensui's Gang and main Cast 6.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Rare Cel Card Featuring: Season 2 Team Toguro w/ Main Cast 6.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Playing Cards 3.00
Gothic Lolita Statue: Purple Dress and White Hair 6.00
Yu Yu Hakusho: Hiei Plush Doll 9.00
Yu Yu Hakusho: Yusuke Plush Doll 9.00
Witch Hunter Robin Michael Cel Sheet 12.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Wallscroll: Hiei w/ Black Dragon 12.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Wallscroll: Full Cast 12.00
Inuyasha Wallscroll: Inuyasha crouching w/ Tetsusaiga 12.00

All These products are authentic japanese products otherwise stated they are not.
I accept Paypal and checks and so forth. If you would like pictures of these items post a comment of email me :touya168@hotmail.com
Most prices are negotiatable if need be. Shipping Is unknown but likely not too expensive unless shipping out of the country. I Will estimate the ammount of shipping and let you know if you are interested in purchasing. Items autographed are bit pricey because you must spend money and plus its autographed c'mon people. ^_^

Complete Anime Series up for Bid on Ebay!!!

Hey all!! I have the following complete anime series on sale on Ebay! Take a looksie!

Complete Fushigi Yuugi series+First 2 OAVs Subbed (19VHS)

Complete series+first 2 OAVs (1-9). 19 tapes, All Subbed. Suzaku season in a boxed set, rest are separate. Amount starting is $1+s/h or Buy it Now at $10+s/h. In excellent condition and watched a few times! Sorry for the blurry pics! ~_^


Entire Unedited Gundam Wing Series+OAV (VHS, 17 Tapes)

You are looking at the entire Gundam Wing series plus the OAV 'Endless Waltz' English Dubbed, unedited, and on 17 VHS tapes. All are in excellent condition, some watched a few times, most watched once. Starting is at $1+s/h or Buy it Now is $10+s/h.

Once again, those are the UNEDITED and ENGLISH DUBBED versions of the entire series of Gundam Wing plus the OAV. Sorry that the pic is blurry!!. ~_^


Complete Escaflowne Unedited Subtitled Special (8 VHS)

Complete series special Clamshell edition, Japanese import, subbed Unedited. 8 Tapes. Amount starting is $1+s/h or Buy it Now at $10+s/h. In excellent condition and watched a couple of times. Pic is a bit blurry! sorry! ~_^


Complete Escaflowne Unedited English Dubbed (8 VHS)

Complete series, 8 tapes, All Unedited English Dubbed. Amount starting is $1+s/h or Buy it Now is $10+s/h. All tapes in excellent condition and watched once. Pic is a bit blurry! sorry! ~_^


Shipping: Shipping is $10.00, Priority Mail. Payment must be received within 5 days after the end of the auction. Any questions feel free to contact me!

Good Luck!
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Beard!Conan .x. Tainted

Hi! New to the comm AND selling! Be kind...~

UPDATE--Sailor Moon is SOLD!! Thank you to "whoever" bought it, teehee.

Hey everyone! I am currently selling a lot of my books that are just taking up space or I have only read once and realized the love needed to be passed along.

My prices are kinda tight, considering all of my manga is in very good condition if not near mint, and if you don't wish to buy, hey, there is always eBay or half.com. But, why am I selling here, then? I want to give people who respect and enjoy things from Japan more than someone on eBay. I'd like to be able to be on more friendly terms with you guys here than dealing with weirdo strangers. You don't know if people on those sites mass purchased or stole the books they are selling to you. Heck, you don't even know if I did the same! But by checking out my userinfo and posts on my journal, you can get a better knowledge of me and the way I deal with things. It's better, all in all.

*EDIT* - SOLD! I posted the Sailor Moon lot on eBay. That way, to protect me and guarantee payment for an expensive set, and to protect you also. This also helps me know if you are an honest payer by your feedback. Also, if you have no feedback, contact me through the auction and tell me if you're from this comm.

So! Enough jibber-jabber... Collapse )

If you want to see how I conduct business, check out my user feedback on eBay. I am always quick to reply/pay for purchases--you can expect the same speed when I send you your items. I also have other, non-Japanese items there for your college textbook needs, but if you want insight on how fast I promise to ship, just look there, too. Packages will be sent within 2 business days after reciept of payment. I accept Paypal (most of all), but I can accept check, money order, or concealed cash.

Please help with my university tuition! I have $4,750 left to go for next year. x_X Items in this post will go to eBay after one week. That is, Thursday, June 8th at midnight is the cut off. I only have so long of a summer break and between a possible job re-application.
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