June 9th, 2006

Sailor Moon complete manga, rare art books and more!

Hi! I have my entire collection of Sailor Moon manga up for sale on eBay. I am also selling my collection of Sailor Moon Art Books (all of them- Vol 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5, and Materials Collection!). I'll have more Sailor Moon items listed soon (dolls, plushies, rpg toys...)! It kills me to have to get rid of these. ;_; But my hubby and I are trying to move to a bigger place and the money is needed.
Many of these auctions are ending today! So if you're interested please check them out!

Auctions are here!

If you have any questions at all, please comment and I'll get back to you right away!
Thank You! ^_^
Me in red 2013

NEW items galore! Special items too!!

Until I get the sales journal actually finished, I'm going to post my sales right here because I'm in need of getting rid of this stuff.
-I have 100% buyer AND seller feedback on Ebay-
Wish List
(That is my selling journal address, but it is not done yet-so be sure to come back to this entry to look for things ^___^)
-I accept paypal (PREFERRED!!) (for CC paypal, please add .50 for fees ^_^-Non-cc you are ok) and money orders. Well concealed cash is ok as well.
-If you don't like the prices, then please make an offer.
-If there is no price available make an offer ^__^
-PLEASE~even if you DON'T want the item anymore..let me know! There could be someone who does.
-BULK purchases may get a discount-we can work it out ^__^

**Special Items:
SAILOR MOON ALARM CLOCK-she is sooo cute.Rare and adorable (and HUGE!! O_O)
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Other special items:
Wolf's Rain DVD Boxset

**Chobits,Tsubasa!, Negima, Ah! My Goddess, Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hello Kitty! and more!**
MOST less than 5 shipped (and remember. I do trades-especially for the mangas)
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Thanks so much!! ♥ please help me out and thanks for looking!

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Take it all ): save it from next wednesday's trash pickup.

I just really need to clear out this stuff. Make offers. All that I ask for is that I get one dollar per book and fifty cents per vhs tape.

Shipping will start out at $4 and I will definately combine shipping [it'll all just depend on how much you buy]. (: So buy lots!

Oh, I only accept paypal..

Import manga:
Dominion Tank Police, GunSmith Cats, Sailor Moon, Kimi wa Petto, Legend of Zelda, Tenchi Muyo! [anime books], Di Gi Charat, Saikano

VHS tapes: Dominion Tank Police, Iczer, Moldiver, Cutey Honey, etc...
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My email is pandabot@gmail.com if you have any questions or maybe offers.

Confidential Confessions! You know you want it...

I have the entire set of Confidential Confessions for sale (I'd like to sell it as a whole, if possible), volumes 1-6 and the first volume of DEAI (the offshoot two-part series, second volume coming in September).

(from Tokyopop's website:)
Confidential Confessions is a shocking new manga series that deals with many of the hard-hitting issues that teens face today. Using emotionally moving storylines and multi-dimensional characters, each groundbreaking volume tackles such topics as teen prostitution, rape, HIV, stalkers, suicide, and sexual harassment.

It's one of my favorites, but I'm tired of lugging around so many books when I change apartments... ^_^;;

I'd like to get $40, but I'll consider lower offers. Shipping will be $8 via priority mail to anywhere in the US.
evangelion: ecstasy of ayanami

For sale!

Elfen Lied 1-6 set: 25$
BLOOD+ A 1 - 5$

Loveless: REX (Soubi/Ritsuka, Hard Yaoi) - 15$
Loveless: Soubi/Ritsuka (Hard Yaoi) - 10$
Gankutsuou Special First Edition Anthology by Biblios (now out of print) - 20$

Kera! November 2003 - 7$
COSMO Gothic and Lolita Special from 2003 (now out of print) - 10$

Full Metal Alchemist Official Limited Edition Animage Furoku Gloves for Cosplay! (from 2003 October issue) - 10$
Count Cain/God Child Shitajiki/2002 Pocket Calendar/CD label bag set (furoku from 2001) - 10$
Kyou Kara Maoh! Clearfile/Shitajiki set (furoku from Animage March 2006 issue) - 10$

GaGaaLing - Royal Punx - 15$
Nakanomori Band - Raspberry Pie - 5$
Hirahara Ayaka - 4tsu no Shiki (promo CD for new album, contains 10 tracks) - 5$

Please note that ALL ITEMS ARE SHIPPING FROM TOKYO, JAPAN. Pictures available upon request. These prices are BEFORE SHIPPING. If you feel they're too high, make a REASONABLE offer. PAYPAL ONLY.

Please buy as I need money >>;

Huge Jrock Sale

Hi! I need to raise money quick, so I'm selling a large part of my Jrock collection. All of these items are originals, absolutely no bootlegs. They have all been opened but many are like brand-new. I think the prices I have chosen are very fair for what you're getting. ^^ Sorry that there are no pics, my camera just decided to die on me. >.<

1. 12012- Increasingly-Complete Edition- Limited Edition 2-disc set. RARE, OOP. MINT $20
2. Aikawa Nanase- R.U.O.K.?!- MINT $14
3. alice nine.- Zekkeishoku- Limited Edition CD + DVD set. MINT $28
4. Aya- Kinjirareta Uta- MINT $14
5. BUCK-TICK- 13kai wa gekko- MINT $16
6. D- Yami Yori Kurai Dokoku no Acappella to Bara Yori Akai Jonetsu no Aria- Regular Edition w/ thick photo/lyric book. MINT $7
7. D- Yami Yori Kurai Dokoku no Acappella to Bara Yori Akai Jonetsu no Aria- Limited Edition CD + DVD set. MINT $13
8. D- The name of the ROSE- Limited Edition, only 5000 copies made, w/ Sleeper DVD + photobook. MINT $28
9. D- The name of the ROSE- Limited Edition, only 5000 copies made, w/ Mayutsugi no Hitsugi DVD + photobook. RARE, SOLD OUT. MINT $35
10. [FIGURe:]- Made in Kanojo- w/ trading card, RARE. MINT except a few light scratches on jewel case. $9
11. Glay- The Frustrated- MINT $16
12. Hakuei- Samurai- MINT $16
13. Himitsu Kessha Kodomo A- Otoko no Ko- Limited Release w/ trading card. MINT $16
14. Janne Da Arc- Arcadia- MINT $16
15. JE*REVIENS- Asamoya no naka de...- SUPER-RARE. MINT $26
16. JE*REVIENS- Romantic Jewel- SUPER-RARE, MINT. Worth 12,800 yen from Third Stage. I'm selling it for only $60.
17. Kagrra,- San- Limited Edition w/ 5 member solo jacket cards, trading card set, + thick photo/lyric book. MINT $28
18. Karma Shenjing- Ruten Rinne- Limited to 3000 copies. MINT $20
19. Kiyoharu- Poetry- MINT $16
20. Laputa- Heaven- Limited 1st Press Version w/ special packaging + photobook, SOLD OUT. MINT $18
21. Laputa- Material Pleasures- MINT $15
22. Lareine- Reine de fleur II- RARE, OOP. MINT $18
23. Lolita 23q- Kikagakukan- RARE, OOP. MINT $13
24. Lolita 23q- Shinyaku: Baitai Shojo Media Lolita- Limited Edition, MINT $16
25. Luna Sea- Singles- 2-disc set, VERY GOOD. Discs- perfect. Case + booklet- minor wear. $13
26. Madeth gray'll- Lucifer- Full-length album version. MINT $20
27. Malice Mizer- merveilles- VERY GOOD, Disc- perfect. Case + booklet- very minor wear. $10
28. Merry- Moderngarde- MINT $16
29. Mist of Rouge- Renai Rock n' Roll- MINT $13
30. Miyavi- Senor, Senora, Senorita/Gigpig Boogie- Regular Edition w/ extra track. MINT $8
31. MUCC- Ware, Arubeki Basho type B- MINT $9
32. Penicillin- Limelight- MINT $15
33. Penicillin- Kakkaku- MINT except damaged hinge on jewel case. $14
34. Penicillin- Flower Circus- Limited Edition, would be MINT except missing 1 of 2 badges. $16
35. Pierrot- Finale- VERY GOOD. Disc- perfect, damaged jewel case + loose pages in booklet (came this way). $10
36. Psycho le Cemu- Doppelganger- VERY GOOD. Disc + booklet- perfect, Case- minor wear. $15
37. Raphael- Singles- MINT $16
38. Rentrer en Soi- Sphire Croid- MINT $16
39. SADS- Greatest Hits-Best of 5 Years- Limited Edition w/ photobook, CD-sized sticker, + guitar pick. MINT $26
40. Shelly Trip Realize- Kiss- Limited Release w/ mini poster. MINT $14
41. Shelly Trip Realize- Dive!- Limited Release. MINT $14
42. Shelly Trip Realize- Brilliant World- Deluxe Edition w/ storybook. MINT $20
43. Zero- Lamia- SUPER-RARE, only 1000 copies. MINT $18
44. Various Artists- Cannonball Vol. 1- w/ Sendai Kamotsu, D, zero, Shulla, Hotaru, Doremidan, Porori, + Unzu. RARE, OOP. MINT $20
45. Various Artists- Shock Wave CD the Select- Limited Release w/ RARE tracks from D'espairsRay, Doremidan, MASK, Karen, Antic Cafe, Clavier, Scissor, Phantasmagoria, Ayabie, kuRt, 12012, + Vidoll. MINT except a few dents on back cover page of booklet, came this way. $17

1. 30 Thirty- Starring Hakuei from Penicillin. Region 2 DVD. MINT $18

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by sunriseicons@lj

Still LOTS of Magazines for sale - some with reduced prices!!!

Lots of magazines still on for sale. Some are for re-sale at a lower price! Please take a look!

All price on shipping is as follows (unless otherwise stated):
US - Media Mail $3.00 (8 days, free tracking) // Insurance: $1.50
Canada - Airmail Letter $6.00 (4 - 7 days) // Insurance: $1.50
International - Please inquire. // Insurance: $2.00

If you'd like other methods of shipping, please inquire.

Payment methods include:
Paypal (3%+0.40 charge - paypal charge)
Money Order
Concealed cash (at your own discretion)

All residents of California are subjected to an 8.25% tax!

Please feel free to ask questions and/or request for pictures :D

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:D Just leave a comment and I will get back to you! Feel free to haggle, but I can't guarantee them for even less than the price already stated!

Feedbacks here!


mag sale

because i'm in need of money..
shipping will vary( from 7usd for cd's) ( books are more because they're really heavy)
also I can accept paypal. Thanks for your time. email
<img src="http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a302/kanjani100/DSCN9461.jpg">

<lj-cut text="updated pictures and items please look:)">
BOOKs (most are in excellent condition)

Gothic lolita bibles(never opened Brand new with patterns) (5 and 11 sold)25USd
<img src="http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a302/kanjani100/DSCN9471.jpg" />

<img src="http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a302/kanjani100/DSCN9474.jpg">
<img src="http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a302/kanjani100/DSCN9476.jpg">

Cure(2004, 2005) ( gazzette one sold)
<img src="http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a302/kanjani100/DSCN9478.jpg">

Fool's mate( yoshiki cover scratched)
<img src="http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a302/kanjani100/DSCN9480.jpg">
april 2002(yoshiki) dec 2002(j)

misc mags
15usd-junnon -july 2005
10usd-fineboy-feb 2005
10usd-men's nono-march 2005
2usd-icecream-july 2005
20usd-myojo-july 2005
4usd-smart-smart 2005
4usd-cool-march 2005
10usd-road show-march,may, jun 2005
<img src="http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a302/kanjani100/DSCN9483.jpg">

more mags
8usd-seventeen-feb 2005
10usd-nono-oct 2005
5usd-Tokyo star(w)-march 2005
4usd-fine-march 2005
1usd-hobbystar-oct,may 2003
3usd-music creator-dec/jan2001
2usd-chinese ray- dec/jan2002
<img src="http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a302/kanjani100/DSCN9486.jpg">

anime mags
10usd-animage march 2000
10usd-newtype april 2002
<img src="http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a302/kanjani100/DSCN9487.jpg">

Cd's ( please email me if you're interested)- no  time to write up on each one ( but some are limted edition first press)

<img src="http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a302/kanjani100/DSCN9496.jpg">

<img src="http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a302/kanjani100/DSCN9498.jpg">
<img src="http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a302/kanjani100/DSCN9503.jpg">
<img src="http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a302/kanjani100/DSCN9507.jpg">
<img src="http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a302/kanjani100/DSCN9493.jpg">
<img src="http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a302/kanjani100/DSCN9512.jpg">
<img src="http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a302/kanjani100/DSCN9521.jpg">

(posters prices are not set but i will take best offers)

Thank's for you time