June 10th, 2006

Battle Royale

Battle Royale?!?

Just wondering if anyone has any Battle Royale stuff for sale? I'm looking for anything! but I really want any of the photo books!!

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ムック DAY SALE~!

ムック DAY SALE! In honor of MUCC day (June 9th) If you Buy One Anime DVD, Manga and/or An Apparel Item you get the next one HALF OFF!. So if you buy an item for Six USD you get the second one for 3.50! The third one will be normal price (also applys to J-HORROR Items)(art books not included in sale}(apparel does not include Kana Study Pouch Item) Happy ムック DAY! -last from June9th to June 10th-

Only at niihon_onegai niihon_onegai niihon_onegai niihon_onegai


It's that time of year again. Here's anime, manga, furoku, textbooks, etc. in English and Japanese. Series behind cuts include DNAngel, Ranma, Kizuna, CLAMP, Kenshin, and much more.

I can accept basically any type of payment you want to give me - Paypal, credit card Paypal, money order, check, concealed cash, but I prefer Paypal.
Note: I am leaving for China in two weeks, so all payment must be received by Monday, June 19. This applies especially to payments that may come through the mail.

Shipping, by media mail, is not included in prices, but it won't be much. I will ship internationally (I'm in the US), but be prepared for the cost.

If you want an item, please leave a comment. If you find a price too high, please let me know. I'm not currently accepting trades.

Pictures for anything are available on request. Links lead to pictures (except the ones for Amazon).

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MMPR Cards

Greetings again :)

I just found some Mighty Morphin Power Ranger trading cards, while cleaning out my closet.
They're still in great condition...

I was curious if anyone was interested in them.

One batch is of the first group of Power Rangers (Zach, Trini, Kimberly, Jason, Billy, Tommy)...

Another batch is the season when they had new Rangers

And the last batch is of the first movie.

If anyone is interested I'll gladly list the cards that I have.

Let me know :D

on sale! *3*

everything needs to go! i don't need these anymore, and i'm saving up some extra cash for numerous things :D

Mobile Suit Gundam SeeD Vol. 4
Peach Girl Vol. 1-3
Kare Kano Vol. 1-2
INVU Vol. 1-2

Urusei Yatsura comics 4-6 (produced by Viz Manga)
Gundam Wing comics 1-4 (produced by Mixx Manga)

Phantom Brave (PS2)

Love Hina shitajiki (pencil board) x2

Pucca & Garu journal
Pitchi Pitchi Pitch journal

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon grab packs (10 cards)

Haunted Junction V-1 (ep. 1&2) VHS
Gall Force New Era 1 VHS
Tenchi Muyo! Episode 1 VHS
Tenchi Muyo! Mihoshi Special: Galaxy Police Mihoshi's Space Adventure VHS
SaBer MaRIONETTE J Vol. 1 (ep. 1-4) VHS

Morning Musume Mari Yaguchi stamp

Card Captor Sakura Kero-chan stamp

all additional information is at boatonland; please go there first before asking anything else :D and i'm not looking for any trades, sorry! D:

thank you! :3

x-posted to numerous places; apologies in advance if you see this a bunch of times ):

New Selling Journal


ASTA TV International Edition - March 2006 - June 2006
$10 each + shipping
Cure - March 2006 - May 2006
$10 each + shipping

Fruits Basket vol. 1-4
$5 each + shipping
Shonen Jump Nov. 2003 - October 2005
$.05 each + shipping
Inu-Yasha The Art of Art Book (1st Edition)
$7 + shipping

Fruits Basket Boxset
$25 + shipping
Perfect Blue
$7 + shipping
PLC in USA (2004)
$10 + shipping
Moon Child region 2
$10 + shipping
Haunted Juction Boxset
$15 + shipping

F.W.CH Knee High Canvas Boots
$25 + shipping
Sexpot Shoulder Bag
$25 + shipping
Pucca Shoulder Bag
$7 + shipping

Check out my selling journal to buy: lee_sales

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Shizen no Kaze, Japanese for "Nature’s Wind", is an online mini-shop created by two sisters. We have items ranging from Anime to “kawaii” accessories and plushies… and to all other random, cool things. (All at very reasonable prices!! ^__^) Come and explore the items in our shop… and hopefully purchase some, too! ^__^

Come visit us at: http://shizen-no-kaze.livejournal.com/
hime -- tenshi

for sale!!

♪ handmade bracelets and earrings
♪ authentic JAPAN brands clothing incl. BABY the STARS SHINE BRIGHT, BA-TSU
♪ visual kei flyers and goods
♪ J-Rock/Pop CDs
♪ Last Quarter DVD
♪ Japanese magazines, manga, & manga magazines
♪ anime merchandise

both brand new and used items all up for sale @ manalolita

please coma and take a look!
thank you!!

FREE COPY OF gab. magazine feat. Alice 9 FOR EVERY $10 PURCHASE!!
or $2 with any other purchase!! ONE COPY LEFT HURRY!!

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FS: Cute hats and charms and Robotech Legacy set 7

I'm selling some handmade hats and charms on my website, http://littleraccoon.com

And I'm selling a Robotech Legacy box set 7 for my  friend. He would like offers over $25. It's brand new and still in the plastic and it's episodes 74 through 85.

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 Please list offers for the box set here, and for the other stuff use the shopping cart on the site :] thank you! :D
singer | bice

Utada Hikaru cds

I'm looking for the following Utada Hikaru cds. I would like to get them at resonably low prices with the exception of the singles with dvds. Only offical cds. Used conditon is okay.

Final Distance
Sakura Drops/Letters
Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro
Be My Last (cd+dvd)
Passion (cd+dvd)
Keep Tryin'

Deep River
Single Collection vol.1

Please include your price including shipping to me at 77581 and any pictures you have handy. And don't be afraid to try out do each other for lower prices. XD

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Hi! I need to raise money quick, so I'm selling a large part of my Jrock collection. All of these items are originals, absolutely no bootlegs. They have all been opened but many are like brand-new. I think the prices I have chosen are very fair for what you're getting. ^^ Sorry that there are no pics, my camera just decided to die on me. >.<

1. Aikawa Nanase- R.U.O.K.?!- MINT $14
2. Aya- Kinjirareta Uta- MINT $14
3. BUCK-TICK- 13kai wa gekko- MINT $16
4. D- Yami Yori Kurai Dokoku no Acappella to Bara Yori Akai Jonetsu no Aria- Regular Edition w/ thick photo/lyric book. MINT $7
5. D- Yami Yori Kurai Dokoku no Acappella to Bara Yori Akai Jonetsu no Aria- Limited Edition CD + DVD set. MINT $13
6. D- The name of the ROSE- Limited Edition, only 5000 copies made, w/ Sleeper DVD + photobook. MINT $28
7. D- The name of the ROSE- Limited Edition, only 5000 copies made, w/ Mayutsugi no Hitsugi DVD + photobook. RARE, SOLD OUT. MINT $35
8. [FIGURe:]- Made in Kanojo- w/ trading card, RARE. MINT except a few light scratches on jewel case. $9
9. Glay- The Frustrated- MINT $16
10. Hakuei- Samurai- MINT $16
11. Janne Da Arc- Arcadia- MINT $16
12. JE*REVIENS- Asamoya no naka de...- SUPER-RARE. MINT $26
13. JE*REVIENS- Romantic Jewel- SUPER-RARE, MINT. Worth 12,800 yen from Third Stage. I'm selling it for only $60.

14. Kagrra,- San- Limited Edition w/ 5 member solo jacket cards, trading card set, + thick photo/lyric book. MINT $28
15. Karma Shenjing- Ruten Rinne- Limited to 3000 copies. MINT $20
16. Kiyoharu- Poetry- MINT $16
17. Laputa- Heaven- Limited 1st Press Version w/ special packaging + photobook, SOLD OUT. MINT $18
18. Laputa- Material Pleasures- MINT $15
19. Lareine- Reine de fleur II- RARE, OOP. MINT $18
20. Lolita 23q- Kikagakukan- RARE, OOP. MINT $13
21. Lolita 23q- Shinyaku: Baitai Shojo Media Lolita- Limited Edition, MINT $16

22. Luna Sea- Singles- 2-disc set, VERY GOOD. Discs- perfect. Case + booklet- minor wear. $13
23. Malice Mizer- merveilles- VERY GOOD, Disc- perfect. Case + booklet- very minor wear. $10
24. Mist of Rouge- Renai Rock n' Roll- MINT $13
25. Miyavi- Senor, Senora, Senorita/Gigpig Boogie- Regular Edition w/ extra track. MINT $8
26. Penicillin- Limelight- MINT $15
27. Penicillin- Kakkaku- MINT except damaged hinge on jewel case. $14
28. Psycho le Cemu- Doppelganger- VERY GOOD. Disc + booklet- perfect, Case- minor wear. $15
29. Raphael- Singles- MINT $16
30. SADS- Greatest Hits-Best of 5 Years- Limited Edition w/ photobook, CD-sized sticker, + guitar pick. MINT $26
31. Shelly Trip Realize- Kiss- Limited Release w/ mini poster. MINT $14
32. Shelly Trip Realize- Dive!- Limited Release. MINT $14
33. Shelly Trip Realize- Brilliant World- Deluxe Edition w/ storybook. MINT $20
34. Zero- Lamia- SUPER-RARE, only 1000 copies. MINT $18
35. Various Artists- Cannonball Vol. 1- w/ Sendai Kamotsu, D, zero, Shulla, Hotaru, Doremidan, Porori, + Unzu. RARE, OOP. MINT $20

1. 30 Thirty- Starring Hakuei from Penicillin. Region 2 DVD. MINT $18

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