June 11th, 2006

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Since I am busy with some new projects right now, I've decided to stop my part-time business as a clothing retailer.

I've put most of my summer/fall line on mass clearance! ^_^

There are items from Japan/Korea/Hong Kong. Please take a peek! ^_^

Shipping/Payment/Sizing Information is at the top.

Prices are in US AND CAD, and you can see them on top of each thumbnail. Click to see bigger versions/short description.

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One of my friends suddenly can't come to the concert, so I am selling (1) extra ticket to Hyde's (of L'arc-en-Ciel) U.S. performance at the House of Blues (Anaheim, CA) on July 2nd @ 7:00pm. If anyone is interested, please reply directly to my email at sleepingandroid@yahoo.com with your best offer.

Thanks! Please hurry and make an offer soon, since the concert is in less than a month! I accept paypal ONLY!

Please email me directly at sleepingandroid@yahoo.com

Selling my things! Please help!

Hey all, thought I'd give this another shot. I need HELP.

My debts just doubled with my brand new No Insurance Medical Bill ™ thanks to my kidneys deciding it would be fun to become infected. =\

I've got my whole MANGA collection up for grabs. (except for the BSSM set, heh)

I have the Star Wards VHS collection HERE


If you think the prices are too high, e-mail me (found on the sales journal) and we can negotiate. I really REALLY need the cash right now. I couldn't even afford the whole prescription x.x

SPECIAL: if you live in Southern California (preferably San Diego or Los Angeles areas) and are willing to meet up to exchange goods/money I will give you a better deal on prices (since there won't be shipping/packaging). Or if you're attending Anime Expo or San Diego Comic Con, same thing. Just e-mail me.
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NANA in red

Selling Seigaku Cosplay Outfit


I am selling my Prince of Tennis outfit. The outfit has only been worn once and it is in excellent condition. If you are interested please take a look.

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The outfit is smoke free. My price is $75USD shipping included or best offer.

-I accept Paypal or money orders.
-Shipping will be added if the offer is below $75. I might have to add a little to the shipping cost depending on the location of the buyer.
-The item will be shipped out once the payment has been confirmed
-An email will be sent to the buyer with my paypal account address.
-If you have any questions please email me at le.meika@gmail.com

Thank you~
Cool stuff! - MysticEden

Moving sale!

Check out our store items and make and offer! We are moving soon so we can sell some items cheaper. Please don't make an unreasonable offer.

We have new and used manga and a lot of new anime, so check it out ^_-


Also I have a SNES for sale as well, it's in good working condition and I have games to go with it. They are: Zelda, megaman and supermario.

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HELLO AGAIN!! I am once again here to tell you that I am going to be reposting some items for sale ^____^ Also I am going to be listing quite a few new items as well *nods* YATTA!!! The same as before, give an offer on what you would think is fair. You can give offers here in a comment, in an E-mail to: thelazybum69@yahoo.com, AIM Message to: Doomed Baka Neko, or Yahoo: thelazybum69. For Payment Options are: Paypal, Concealed Cash (at your own risk), checks and Money Orders. ((Checks and money orders need to be given time to be able to get to the bank to actually cash it or prove its authenticity, thankyou))


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mugen - bitch please

Lots of stuff, must sell it all!

Hello! I've still got a ton of items for sale including pins, charms, scrolls, dvds, doujin, and various other goodies from several different anime. Please take a look!

I have items from the following series available:

Fushigi Yuugi
Samurai Deeper Kyo
Sailor Moon
Fruits Basket
Please Teacher
Rurouni Kenshin
Ranma 1/2
Wolf's Rain
Cowboy Bebop
Weiss Kreuz
Peacemaker Kurogane
Hikaru no Go

( Please click to see my goodies! )

Items for Sale~!

J-ROCK Items
-Gazette June Issue SHOXX
-Plastic Tree Poster
-Azumanga Daioh Soundtrack I

-Azumanga Daioh Pins
-Pegasus Pink Pin
-AFI Pin
-Sonic HeadgeHog Pencil Case
-The Queens Tote Bag (brand new)
-Kana Study Pouch Bag (brand new)
-Oshare Kei large Sunglasses (brand new)
-Red & Yellow Asia Jam Harajuku Necklace (brand new)
-Pikachu Retro 1996 Plushie
-Pokemon Evolutions+ Yellow T-Shirt
-Young Link Green T-Shirt (brand new)
-Jesus Studio Con Badges
-Bamboo Rolling & Place Mats

Language Books
-Korean in Plain English

Art Books
-My Neighbor Totoro Hardcover Art Book

English Manga or Anime Novel
-Dolls 1,2,3,4,5
-Demon Oron 1,2,3,4
-Qwan 1,23
-Planet Blood 1,2,3
-.hack 1 Novel
-Legal Drug 1 & 2
-.hack Volume 1,2,3
-Love Hina 1 and Peace Makers 1
-Loki Ragnarok 1 & 11th Cat
-Beautiful People & FLCL 1
-Midnight Opera
-Ice Kunion Guide 2005

Japanese Language Manga and Novels

-Aria Vol 4 & Vol 5
-Kino no Tabi Vol 1 & Kino no Tabi Vol 2

Japanese Guide & Teaching Books

-Japanese Tour Book

NewType Magazines

Anime DVD's
-Vampire Hunter D
-Final Fantasy VII Advent Children DVD (Tai Ver.)
-Paranoia Agent 1
-Somedays Dreamers 1 DVD
-BLOOD the last vampire DVD

-The Grudge (American)
-The Eye
-Dark Tales of Tokyo
-Spooky Tokyo

Anime VHS
-Ju On (un-opened brand new!)
-3 Pokemon VHS's
-Ah my Goddess

For more items and further details visit my SELLING JOURAN =


Or you can post your questions in comments on this post ^_^ thanks a lot.

If you don't agree with the prices leave a comment or e-mail me at good_lord_janis@yahoo.com!

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Please help!

I apologize if some of you are getting sick of seeing this ad. Unfortunately, I have to sell most of my Jrock collection. Y_Y And I really need to get these sold as soon as possible.

All of these items are originals, absolutely no bootlegs. They have all been opened but many are like brand-new. I think the prices I have chosen are very fair for what you're getting. ^^ Sorry that there are no pics, my camera just decided to die on me. >.<

1. Aikawa Nanase- R.U.O.K.?!- MINT $14
2. Aya- Kinjirareta Uta- MINT $14
3. BUCK-TICK- 13kai wa gekko- MINT $16
4. D- Yami Yori Kurai Dokoku no Acappella to Bara Yori Akai Jonetsu no Aria- Limited Edition CD + DVD set. MINT $13
5. D- The name of the ROSE- Limited Edition, only 5000 copies made, w/ Sleeper DVD + photobook. MINT $28
6. D- The name of the ROSE- Limited Edition, only 5000 copies made, w/ Mayutsugi no Hitsugi DVD + photobook. RARE, SOLD OUT. MINT $35
7. [FIGURe:]- Made in Kanojo- w/ trading card, RARE. MINT except a few light scratches on jewel case. $9
8. Glay- The Frustrated- MINT $16
9. Hakuei- Samurai- MINT $16
10. Himitsu Kessha Codomo A- Otoko no Ko (blue version)- Limited Release w/ trading card. MINT $16
11. Janne Da Arc- Arcadia- MINT $16
12. Kagrra,- San- Limited Edition w/ 5 member solo jacket cards, trading card set, + thick photo/lyric book. MINT $28
13. Karma Shenjing- Ruten Rinne- Limited to 3000 copies. MINT $20
14. Kiyoharu- Poetry- MINT $16
15. Laputa- Heaven- Limited 1st Press Version w/ special packaging + photobook, SOLD OUT. MINT $18
16. Laputa- Material Pleasures- MINT $14
17. Lareine- Reine de fleur II- RARE, OOP. MINT $18
18. Luna Sea- Singles- 2-disc set, VERY GOOD. Discs- perfect. Case + booklet- minor wear. $13
19. Madeth gray'll- Lucifer- Full-length version. MINT $20
20. Malice Mizer- merveilles- VERY GOOD, Disc- perfect. Case + booklet- very minor wear. $10
21. Mist of Rouge- Renai Rock n' Roll- MINT $13
22. Miyavi- Senor, Senora, Senorita/Gigpig Boogie- Regular Edition w/ extra track. MINT $8
23. Penicillin- Limelight- MINT $15
24. Penicillin- Kakkaku- MINT except damaged hinge on jewel case. $14
25. Psycho le Cemu- Doppelganger- VERY GOOD. Disc + booklet- perfect, Case- minor wear. $15
26. Raphael- Singles- MINT $16
27. SADS- Greatest Hits-Best of 5 Years- Limited Edition w/ photobook, CD-sized sticker, + guitar pick. MINT $26
28. Shelly Trip Realize- Kiss- Limited Release w/ mini poster. MINT $14
29. Shelly Trip Realize- Dive!- Limited Release. MINT $14
30. Shelly Trip Realize- Brilliant World- Deluxe Edition w/ storybook. MINT $20
31. Zero- Lamia- SUPER-RARE, only 1000 copies. MINT $18
32. Various Artists- Cannonball Vol. 1- w/ Sendai Kamotsu, D, zero, Shulla, Hotaru, Doremidan, Porori, + Unzu. RARE, OOP. MINT $20

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Paradise Kiss

Manga for sale

Manga are all in English and near mint condition unless specified. I prefer to sell as set or $6.00 each.

  • 50 Rules for Teenagers #1
  • A Perfect Day For Love Letters #1-2
  • Alice 19th #1-7
  • Arcana #1,3,4
  • B.B. Explosion #3
  • Broken Angels #1
  • Crazy Love Story #1,3
  • Crossroad #1-2 ($7 each)
  • Cross #1
  • Demon Diary #1-7
  • Dolls #1
  • Dragon Voice #1-15,22
  • Kill Me Kiss Me #3
  • Madara #1
  • Miracle Girls #1-7
  • Model #1-7
  • Musashi #9 #1
  • Neck and Neck #1-2
  • Othello #1-7 ($7 each)
  • Peach Girl #1-18
  • Saber Marionette J #5 ($3)
  • Saiyuki Japanese #3
  • Sensual Phrase #1-3,7,10
  • Snow Drop #1-12
  • Soul to Seoul #1-2
  • Sweet and Sensitive #1-2
  • Tramps like Us #2
  • Until the Full Moon #1-2
  • Wild Act #1-10
  • Zodiac PI #1-4
pink geisha

Need a new wardrobe?

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Lots of fun, versitile and decorate-able bags!

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Sanrio items to dress up your wardrobe and add the extra cute to your outfit!!

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Lots of fun shirts by RAMPAGE, SoundGirl, Paul Frank, Wet Seal and more!

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Accessories, skirts, clothing, flip flops, shoes and sooo much more!! Take a look!

As always, if you don't like any of my prices, please make me an offer!! Shipping and handling is NOT included, but will be calucated based on your zip code!

PayPal and MoneyOrder only, please. :) Please see crayon_ninja for feedback and more information. My goal is to make $1000 by the end of summer for my five-month study abroad trip in Europe!!
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Manga For Sale

The following titles are for sale. They are English translations, they’re in good/near mint condition, and from a smoke-free home. This list will be updated and cross-posted frequently! (Shipping info has been updated and reduced!)

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