June 12th, 2006

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For Sale!!!!
Lots of clothes! [make an offer!]
Happy Mania! manga vol. 1-11 [used, in english] [$65 shipped]
Last Exile DVD's vol. 1-3 official U.S. release [$15 for the set, shipped]
Magic Knight Rayearth seasons 1 & 2 [excellent condition, season 2 still sealed!] [$50 for the set, shipped]
Diamond Daydreams vol.1 [used] [$10 shipped]
Authentic Vivienne Westwood top [ detail] [ detail] [$70 shipped]

Paypal only please. Will trade for NANA related items (no manga), other authentic Westwood items (a longshot, I know), & X-Japan goodies (no cd's/dvd's please) (another longshot, I know XD). Prices quoted with shipping are applicable only for the U.S. & Canada. If elsewhere, please enquire within ^_^
umi wtf

(no subject)

all prices include shipping in US and Canada.

angel sanctuary angel cage artbook, like new. $25 shipped
niea_7 SCRAP (kadokawa comics a extra) artbook, like new. $25 shipped.

manga, like new $5 shipped. (photo)
japanese text: fushigi yugi 4, angel sanctuary 8 & 9
english: CLAMP campus detectives 1, under the glass moon 1

hello kitty marker/bulletin board, good condition. has a loop in back for hanging. $6 shipped. (photo)

i accept paypal, cash, and MO. post if interested.
JRM, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Tons of Stuff for Sale: Sailor Moon UFO Plushes, Purses, Anime Posters, Manga, and more!

Hi! I'm selling more stuff and after I get new camera batteries I'm going to add more!

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I take paypal (prefer it), MO's, and concealed cash...Now that I am out of school I can ship your items within 24 hours of receiving payment. I ship internationally, please ask for shipping quotes. THANKS!

Lots of stuff for sale!

So, I've got to start cleaning out my room before I leave for college, so I need to get rid of my massive collections of stuff. This is just paper goods: manga & magazines. The more you buy, the more I'll be willing to discount. I can supply pictures if needed, but everything is in mint or close to mint condition.

I can only take non-CC paypal, money order, and well-concealed cash. Shipping will be determined on a case-by-case basis, but it should be around $4 priority or $2 media mail, excluding magazines, which will aways be around $6 to ship unless they're light. If you have any questions/comments, feel free to email at hajimaruyo[at]gmail.com, as well as comment.

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Some stuff for sale~~ ^_^ Jrock, manga etc

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Manga for sale~

Therse manga are still up for sale or trade. All are priced based on condition; most have only been read once or twice and have little shelf wear. If you'd like, you may make an offer.

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Email me at stripesflutter@yahoo.com (or just leave a comment) if you're interested. Thanks!

Trigun Kuroneko Girls Zipper Hoodie & Final Fantasy VII Coke Figures

1. Trigun Kuroneko Girls Hoodie Top - Medium - $25
Retailed for $38. Black long sleeve full zip front with screen printing on the front left side and back. Features kanji and the silly little black cat from the Trigun series!

2. Final Fantasy 7 Coca Cola Figures
$4 each or all 3 for $10
SD Cloud, Vincent, and SD Sepiroth as pictured above

I accept Paypal, POSTAL money orders, and concealed cash. I ship worlwide!

(no subject)

I'll Start with Anime:
Kodocha vol.1
Blue Gender vol.1 12.00
Blue Gender vol.2 12.00
Blue Gender vol.3 12.00
Blue Gender: The Warrior 12.00
Inuyasha Movie 1 14.00
Inuyasha Movie 2 14.00
Witch Hunter Robin box set (excludes pins) 60.00
.hack//sign box set (excludes pins) 60.00
Spiral vol.1 13.00
Spiral vol.2 13.00
Fruits Basket vol.3 14.00
Inuyasha vol.18 8.00
Inuyasha vol.14 8.00
Inuyasha vol.12 8.00
Inuyasha vol.10 8.00
Inuyasha vol.13 8.00
Yu Yu Hakusho : Poltergeist Report 6.00
Ghost in Shell: SAC vol.1 (autographed by Michelle Ruff) 25.00

Yu Yu Hakusho vol.1 5.00
Yu Yu Hakusho vol.2 5.00
Yu Yu Hakusho vol.3 5.00
Yu Yu Hakusho vol.4 5.00
Yu Yu Hakusho vol.5 5.00
Yu Yu Hakusho vol.6 5.00
Legal Drug vol.1 5.00
Japanese Anime Book:
Ghost in the Shell Japanese game guide 10.00

Psycho Le Cemu - Beautiful World (has a few scratches DOESNT AFFECT CD!!) 28.00
L'Arc En Ciel - SMILE (American Version) 4.00
Psycho Le Cemu - TOUR 03 Photobook 25.00
L'Arc En Ciel - Ray ( Official Japanese) 22.00

Anime Merch:
RARE: Yu Yu hakush Notebook w/ Photos inside along w/ note paper. 15.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Season:2 Pencil Board (Entire Cast + Toguro) 8.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Season:2 Pencil Board (Entire Cast w/ Team Toguro) 8.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Rare Cel Card featuring: Season 3 Sensui's Gang and main Cast 6.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Rare Cel Card Featuring: Season 2 Team Toguro w/ Main Cast 6.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Playing Cards 3.00
Gothic Lolita Statue: Purple Dress and White Hair 6.00
Yu Yu Hakusho: Hiei Plush Doll 9.00
Yu Yu Hakusho: Yusuke Plush Doll 9.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Wallscroll: Hiei w/ Black Dragon 12.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Wallscroll: Full Cast 12.00
Inuyasha Wallscroll: Inuyasha crouching w/ Tetsusaiga 12.00

All These products are authentic japanese products otherwise stated they are not.
I accept Paypal and checks and so forth. If you would like pictures of these items post a comment of email me :touya168@hotmail.com
Most prices are negotiatable if need be. Shipping Is unknown but likely not too expensive unless shipping out of the country. I Will estimate the ammount of shipping and let you know if you are interested in purchasing. Items autographed are bit pricey because you must spend money and plus its autographed c'mon people. ^_^


Hello out there, mina! I have lots of manga for sale and some anime, and soon to be some other goodies that deal with this stuff. Please take a look under the cut and if you would like to see images of these, please ask and I can provide! Thank you somuch!

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TV/Vampire Diaries - Caroline/Klaus

Selling stuff.

I need money so I'm trying to push this stuff. Offer what you want and we'll talk. Pictures available upon request. I accept Paypal, check, money order, and concealed USD in the mail (at your own risk).

Manga in English
Revolutionary Girl Utena Vol. 1
Sensual Phrase Vol. 1
Sensual Phrase Vol. 2
Get Backers Vol. 1
Get Backers Vol. 2
Naruto Vol. 2

Angel Sanctuary: Angel Cage (hard cover - brand new)

American novels
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (hard cover)
Monster (hard cover)
The Green Mile (with case)

Trigun T-shirt
Wolfwood w/cross-gun
Size XX-large (mens)

Red satin purse
Red messenger type purse

//I was going to buy two AS purses from someone in this community but I can't find you. Comment here or email me! tuoksuva@yahoo.com
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Credit to anyone who did this

Looking for:

I'm looking for a long black wig with bangs for Rin Sohma(Fruits Basket) and another one for Tifa Lockhart .Also if you have the costume of Tifa Lockhart from either AC or FF7 for sale let me know.I'm a size small.
-Naturo Dogtags
Thank You

Silver Pleaser boots size 8


I thought I would see if anyone here would be interested in these boots. There really wicked. There brand-new silver knee-high boots by Pleaser. They have a metal framed heel and are a size 8. They measure 22 inches in length and the heel is 8 inches. I originally got them for a costume, but there not going to work for me. Any interested parties e-mail japanesedragqueen@yahoo.com I'm asking $20 for them (negotiable) and $10 for shipping in the USA.

Links to pics:


White Collar - Neal Caffrey
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I Need Space!

Since I find myself in urgent need of some shelf-space, I'm offering the following translated manga for trade or for free.

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Also, I have a Utena-DVD (The Black Rose Blooms) that I wouldn't mind getting rid of.
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Gothic Super Dollfie boy for sale

I have a lot of respect for this community and have done a lot of business here (mostly shopping). However, I'm not sure if this post is allowed - I did check the rules but still I want to be sure.

I'm considering selling my only Dollfie. Being a full-time college student lacks me both time and money to get into the Dollfie culture.

Because I'm not involved in the Dollfie community, I have no idea what my doll would sell for. I don't want to overcharge but I don't want to undercharge either. So the point of the post is, I'd like to know if anyone here has offers for buying him, or has suggestions for what he'd be worth.

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Me in red 2013

Manga Trade/Swap??

Ok-so I really would like the money, however, I am also looking to trade other manga for these as well ^___^ Especially since some of these I have doubles. However, if you would like to buy rather than trade we can work things out..^___^

(ask for pics and I shall give :O)

Manga Available
-"Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle vol.2"
-"Chobits Vol.1"
-"Negima Vol.1"
-"Ah My Goddess! Sympathy for the Devil!"

all are in brand new condition (the ah my goddess has some shelf wear...but the rest are just doubles because I got them as gifts :x I have them already)

I would LOOOVE to do a manga swap for these ^__^ just throw any manga you have at me and I'll see what I can do. If I already have it I'll tell you (I REEEEAAALLLY need Tsubasa vol.3 and 4...very badly lol).
If you would like to buy them just make an offer ^__^
I have 100% buyer/seller feedback on Ebay!
♥ Thanks so much!

(PS: don't forget to check out my other items for sale/trade!
PLEEEEASE help me raise money! :O Lots of special items (including a Sailor Moon alarm clock-she is so cute!)
Other things for sale/trade

Small quick sale.

Hello everyone~

Instead of posting this in my selling journal nanners_closeti'm in a rush for these things to go~ >->

Shipping-If anyone buys and is attending AnimeNext! I can hand delivery any item to you[to make it easier]. Other than that i'll be shipping by Media Mail.

Payment Method. Cash, ONLY if attending AnimeNEXT!, so pick up the payment(s) and delivery item. PAY PAL and Money Order.

The stuff..
Yaoi manga
'Our Everlasting' by Toko Kawai
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Psycho le Cemu Photobook.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Thats all~