June 26th, 2006


Hey everyone~!

I'm looking for:

I want many Kino no Tabi merchandise off this website


I'm looking for a person in Japan who is willing to purchase these items for me (we can work out a fee and shipping after a total purchase is totaled)

I am willing to send payment first before everything if the person has a enough feedback and I feel I can trust~!

Thank you very much

looking for manga!

hi there, i am looking for these manga:
angel sanctuary:
book 14 & 15

kare kano:
book 19 & 20

galaxy girl, panda boy by mari okaki

made in heaven juri by yukari yashiki

books by erica sakurazawa:
angel nest
the aromatic bitters
the rules of love
nothing but loving you

books 2-6

dokebi bride:
books 2 and up

if anyone has them PLEASE message here or leave me a comment on one of my contacts:
aim-al0n3 t0gether
lifeless dream icon

Manga & Etc. For Sale

Hi guys, I'm trying to sell my stuff again.
I used to be destinyandfate
if you want to check for feedback. Manga is
$5 not including shipping. Make offers for the
other stuff. I'm willing to negoitate. I'm willing
to shipping overseas. Thank you for looking.

Godchild vol.1
Loveless vol.1
Samurai Champloo vol.1 &2
Ai Yori Aoishi vol.1-4
Kodocha no Omacha vol.7,10
Megatokyo vol.1 &2
Tokyo Boys and Girls vol.1
Rosen Maiden vol.1
Oh My Goddess vol.1 DVD
Soul Calibur Artbook
Noir vol.1 DVD
Slayers Return movie
Gundam Seed Destiny Moblie Suit pencase
X/1999 Postcard set
Playstation 1 console includes 1 controller
Final Fantasy Tactics (greatest hits) ps game
Soul Raver :Legacy of Kain game
Cardcaptor Sakura RPG Import ps game
X/1999 Kamui mini wallscroll
Fushigi Yugi -Yui Character Vocal Collection Mini Cd single
Kyo Cat head Fruits Basket keychain
Crying Freeman vhs vol.1
Sailormoon RPG and Resource Book
Sailormoon RPG Complete Book of Yoma
Sailormoon Stars Cloth Wallscroll

Please buy my stuff,pretty please.^^


Spiral drama CD for sale (seiyuu fans, look!)

Would anybody be interested in giving a Spiral ~Suiri no Kizuna~ drama CD a new home? I purchased it for a pretty penny on auction, and it is an authentic item imported from Japan. Comes in a glossy cover, book-like case with full-color info booklet included.

I thought I had a bigger scan, but this is all I have on file right now. If you're interested in a larger picture of the cover or booklet images, please feel free to ask!


Ishida Akira ... Narumi Ayumu
Sasaki Nozomu ... Eyes Rutherford
Kawasumi Ayako ... Yuizaki Hiyono
Hayao Takeshi ... Akatsuki Kousuke
Horie Yui ... Takeuchi Rio
Mitsuishi Kotono ... Narumi Madoka

I originally purchased this because of Sasaki-sama, however as usual, Eyes has not much to say in the story and what dialogue he does have is nonchalant. I like to hear my favorite seiyuu speak with emotion, plus it's missing my favorite Blade Child, Kanon Hilbert, on top of all that - so I'm not real interested in keeping this. In fact, I only listened to it twice in the three years I've had it. o_O Needs a new home.

Anyway, I'm asking $17 for the CD + $3 shipping and handling (within the USA). That's only $20 total.

I prefer a Money Order as payment, but will also accept a personal check or PayPal. Sending cash is never a good idea. And sorry, I will not ship overseas anymore.

Please email me if you're interested, have any questions, or would like to haggle the price. I'm a very flexible seller with 100% positive feedback on eBay (just would like to avoid the fees there).

Thanks for your time! ♥

(no subject)

Hello ^^

I've still got some anime and a handful of manga for sale, along with other japanese merchandise.

some things for sale include:
-Galaxy Angel vol.1 dvd
-Love Hina vol.6 dvd
-pita-ten manga
-juvenille orion manga
-sarai manga 1-3
-kodocha manga 1-5
-tokyo mew mew plushie
-handmade onigiri plushies
and more!

check it out at tastetheneedles

thanks ^^

maid cafe

(no subject)

Haven't checked Rightstuf.com for a little while but found this so I thought I'd pass the word along... the Holiday Season is only... *counts* ...six months away!

One of Rightstuf's Weekly Specials this week is the Limited Edition InuYasha Season One DVD Boxset with necklace for $39.99 ($42.99 with Economy shipping, $43.99 with Standard, $48.99 with Express, $46.99 to Canada, and $54.99 for International). Sure beats Amazon.com's price of $107.99 USD and Amazon.ca's price of $107.77 CAD! Just think, you won't ever have to watch it dubbed again! *shudders* Sometimes I can't even tell the difference between the voices of Kagome and Sango! *shakes head*

Sailor Moon Posters

Whee...cleaning out my room, found a lot of stuff I don't want to go to waste. The posters suffer from pin holes and/or tape removal, but are in good shape otherwise. No tears or noticable damage. The DVDs are in excellent shape, no scratches or damage. The Moon Rod is also in excellent shape, since I kept it in the box when I wasn't being a dork and playing with it. It takes 2 (i think) AA batteries, which you got to buy yourself, because all I have are rechargable and i'm not about to give those away. ^_^ sorry! Anyways, contact me here or at my email addy: aresgoddess@yahoo.com

Sailor Moon Posters:
-medium (H:20.5in x W:15in) $4(each) + shipping

-Foil (H:34in x W:22in) $10(each) + shipping

DVDs: $7(each) + shipping
-Escaflowne, Vol. 3 & 7
-Inuyasha, Broken Fang (Ep. 43-45)
-Slayers Great (movie)
-Azumanga Daioh, Vol. 1, with reversible cover and booklet

Other Items:
-Sailor Moon Moon Rod, $20 + shipping

Non-Anime Items:
-Star Wars Episode I poster from Burger King(?), (H:22in x W:17in) $5
-Batman & Robin movie poster, (H:40in x W:28in) $7
-Invader Zim poster, with Zim & GIR in and out of disguise, (H:33.5in x W:22in) $7

I accept PayPal, or money orders (safer than cash, and super easy to get). I ship with USPS, with MediaMail (cheap, but can take up to 20 days), FirstClass Mail, or Priority Mail. Your choice, of course. I'll even send it ExpressMail, if you're willing to pay for that.
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(no subject)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I just listed some Doujinshi, Manga, Cosplay Items, and DVDS onto eBay! Including titles such as Gravitation, Saint Tail, Card Captors, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Pretty Sammy and Gundam Wing! Please click on the image above to see the listings! Thanks! ^_^

POSTERS!!! again

I lowed the price to $6-15 each.

Sailormoon - Haruka and Michiru fans, look here!
Various Studio Ghibli movies
Full Metal Alchemist / Saiyuki Reload Gunlock

Payment: Paypal preferred... US shipping for each poster $4-5 depending how far away you are from CA.

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Jrock Shirts!!!

I'm going to take offers on both of these for just a day or two only because neither of them are still available for sale as far as I'm aware, I'm not sure what I want to charge for them, and it'll give multiple people a chance at them. So make an offer!!! As of right now, I have buyers for both shirts since I hadn't heard back from any of the other interested parties

Also of note: I live with two cats, so you may get a bit of fur free of charge. XD But I will roll the lint and what not off as best as I can. ^^

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[For Sale....]

'ello! I've got the following up for sale on ebay:

NANA related goodies (NOT manga or other books)
complete Happy Mania! manga set (volumes 1-11)
Inu Yasha season 2 & part of season 3
Viv Westwood red label shirt

Click 'ere to give them the once over (or twice over if you're particularly interested ^_~)
JRM, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Please help me get rid of this stuff this Summer!!!!

I am selling a ton of stuff that I don't have room for when I move.

I accept (and prefer) Paypal, MOs, and concealed cash, at your own risk.

I ship internationally, but the shipping will be much higher in certain cases.

I have tons of feedback on cest_que_jaime, garagesalejapan, and on e-bay. Generally, I ship items out within 24 hours of receiving payment!

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pink geisha

Some New Items @ Crayon Ninja Sales

Uploaded first to garagesalejapan for your viewing (and purchasing) pleasure!!

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Featured Items @ Crayon Ninja Sales
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PayPal HUGELY preferred. Money Orders also accepted, as well as Concealed Cash AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Visit crayon_ninja for Prince of Tennis manga, tons and tons of Posters, FRUiTS/Street Fashion items, and more!
Nero :D

Mexico anyone?

Allright dears, I'm actually going to Mexico next month to see Plastic Tree (YAY ^-^) and I need spending money, taxi money, FOOD money, etc :X. So I'm parting with a couple of things. So help me fund this once in a lifetime experience, si? :D Ole!

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Again, if anyone needs any additional pictures of any of the items, please leave a comment or email me ^^. Thank you for your time and for helping me enjoy my trip to Mexico <3~
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