June 27th, 2006

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does anyone have any cds from these bands:

Changin my life (or the full moon wo sagashite soundtrack)
Chihiro onitsuka
Dragon Ash

also, does anyone have anything from Battle Royale such as shirts, merchandise, soundtracks..


Lookin for~!


I want these items
And I want them badly

-Miyavi First Press Miyavizm [CD+DVD] edition
-MUCC COVER PARADE mini and/or full editon
-Himitsu Kessha Codomo A Posters
-Ice Climbers Merchandise (Popo would be best)
-Kino no Tabi Merchandise

and finally


X_X am I the only guy into JROCK and such? o.o

Please check out my Selling Journal niihon_onegai if you want to do trades


Some come with a plastic covering over the front & back cover; I'll indicate which.
All manga is in English.

Shipping will be calculated after you let me know which you want to buy; I have to figure out how much it will cost depending on how much you buy.. shouldn't be more than 10 dollars.
I ship from New York; I might be able to ship internationally...

Prices may be adjusted if you are going to purchase more than one volume, depending on how many from the set you'd like ^^. Talk to me!

Payments accepted through money order, check or well concealed cash.

Comment if you are interested, and I will contact you from there.

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LOTS of J-rock Magazines (from 1999 to 2002) & CDs for sale! Visit my LJ for feedback from past buyers and other items.

Ongaku to Hito

Malice Mizer
Luna Sea
Due le Quartz
Dir en Grey
Larc en Ciel

Click links below for more info. Thanks for looking!!

JRock Magazines for Sale

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Lots of J-rock CDs for sale

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♥ The Pink Berry Shop Direct Sales ♥

Click the links to see and buy...
♣ - Craft items
♣ - OOAK Clothing
♣ - FRUiTSy Store-bought clothing
♣ - Cute jewellery/bags

♥ - Shipping internationally!
♥ - If you buy and pay today or Wednesday, your package will be shipped on Thursday, no matter where you are!
♥ - Interested in buying/trading for Alfred J Kwak/Ahiru no Quack related items only! *Please* let me know if you have something! ♥

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Hi! I made a selling journal of which I'm selling of stuff from my own collection that I'm willing to part with, and to pay for school/bills.


Please browse through my journal, it consists of:

-Promotional Anime items (posters, art booklets,, etc)
-Promotional J-Rock items
-Japanese Products (Hair Wax/Clay, Hair Dye)
-Books, Manga, Magazines
-Video Games (PS2, PC, XBOX, etc) for sale
-And much more

Thanks for looking!
abracadbra, what's up?, mousie!

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Hello --

I'm selling a good portion of my Japanese 'stuff' collection on Ebay, and will be for the next couple of months, ten or so things at a time. The current wave is mostly Jrock magazines and a couple of artbooks (Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yugi).

My Ebay ID is kaze-kun

Please check out my auctions. ^_^ Thanks!

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Selling more things over at Sell by Numbers

Items include Japanese Manga;
Wish volume 1
Extra Heavy Syrup volume 1

English Manga;
Sailor Moon volume 4 and 5
Antique Bakery volume 1
Mobile Suit Gundam: Blue Destiny
Peach Girl Volume 1

and Game Boy Color Games;
Pokemon Red, Blue and Silver!
TV/Vampire Diaries - Caroline/Klaus

HELP! =(

I'm -$82 in the bank because I helped some friends so please buy stuff.

Offer what you want and we'll talk. Pictures available upon request. I accept Paypal, check, money order, and concealed USD in the mail (at your own risk). I may also consider trades.

Manga in English
Revolutionary Girl Utena Vol. 1
Sensual Phrase Vol. 1
Sensual Phrase Vol. 2
Get Backers Vol. 1
Get Backers Vol. 2
Naruto Vol. 2
Chobits Vol. 1 - 8
Shirahime-Syo (hardcover)

Angel Sanctuary: Angel Cage (hard cover - brand new)

American novels
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (hard cover)
Monster (hard cover)
The Green Mile (with case)

Trigun T-shirt
Wolfwood w/cross-gun
Size XX-large (mens)

Red satin purse
Red messenger type purse