June 29th, 2006

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i'm selling some visual kei stuff(posters,cds,flyers,cards)

30 USD,shipping 15USD
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15 USD(postage included)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

35 USD (postage included) *limited ver. in mint codition,only listened once
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10 USD(postage included)
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10 USD(postage included)
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10 USD(postage included)
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For sale! Please look!

In *DESPERATE* need of money. Please take a look!
Prices do not include shipping. Will ship anywhere in the world.
PayPal preferred, but I also accept money orders.
No trades will be accepted at this time.

Japanese pop/rock:
-Ayumi Hamasaki
-Akino Arai (Outlaw Star)

Chinese pop:
-Eason Chan

-Final Fantasy XI
-Watashi no Sukina Hito (CLAMP)

-Cardcaptor Sakura
-Fullmetal Alchemist

-Japanese Street Slang


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Thanks for looking!


I just wanted to let you all know that your package wasn't sent until today (7/11). I wasn't able to get the packages out before leaving for the July 4th weekend, and when I came back I came down with a horrid tonsil infection that almost put me in the hospital. X_x;; I've been recovering since then and haven't been able to go out until today due to fatigue. I tried to get my dad to mail the packages before today, but he has this weird thing about not dealing with shipping options and all that crap at the post office (don't ask, I dunno why, either...)

Whew, long story. -_-;;

Anyways, I am very sorry it's taken this long. If you'd like proof of shipping I can provide scans of the post office receipt. Otherwise, you should all get your items within the next 3-4 days.

Sorry again, and thank you for your patience.

Sell sell sell!!!!!!

More anime and manga for sale!

Time for another round of sales, with a fresh batch of anime and manga added...

Unless where noted, all discs are adult-owned, come in their original DVD cases, have been watched just a few times and are in mint condition without any scratches or smudges. And, of course, these are all authentic USA Region 1 releases. Manga are all translated U.S. versions and in mint condition unless otherwise noted. I'll hold things for up to one week from initial contact. Pictures are available on request. Yes, all prices are negotiable. ^_~

Statuses updated 7/2.

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Shipping: I can ship one DVD or manga via USPS first-class mail for $2; two or more will be shipped via Priority Mail (rates will be calculated accordingly). I also ship internationally; those shipping rates also are calculated on a case-by-case basis. I prefer PayPal and money orders, but I'll also consider personal checks and concealed cash.

Interested? Comment below or send an e-mail to tsukasa at cabbit dot net. I also have a 99.8% positive feedback rating on eBay over nine years of selling, so buy with confidence.

Thanks for looking!

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Would anybody be interested in a BA-TSU made BATTLE ROYALE 2 skirt?


as I am considering selling mine (as it doesnt fit) and was just wondering what kind of interest it woul receive!


I decided to put it up for an LJ auction here

all information etc is on there :D

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I am in DIRE need of money, so if you can help me out by getting any of this, I'd GREATLY appreciate it. ^^ All in original Japanese. I accept money orders, cheques (you have to wait for it to clear, though, which can take me up to a week, unfortunately) and well-concealed cash. Shipping will be $2 flat rate. Thank you!!! ^_^ Comment or drop me an email at breathlessness at gmail dot com if you're interested!!

I'm selling:

Hani series (1,2,3) by Kiriko Higashizato (mangaka of Invoke, Complex Heart, Egoist, Love Recipe) ($15 for set)
B-boy Luv 8 (featuring Sakuragi Yaya, Nitta Youka, Aogiri Mikoto (also known as E-plus), Takanagi Hinako..) ($6)
Uso to Kiss by Minase Masara ($5)

Honey Baby (by Yamagata Satomi) ($4)

Ao no Jumon Adorable KakaSasu ($6)

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TV/Vampire Diaries - Caroline/Klaus

Chobits Vol. 1-8 on Ebay & stuff here.

Offer what you want and we'll talk. Pictures available upon request. I accept Paypal, check, money order, and concealed USD in the mail (at your own risk). I may also consider trades.

Chobits on Ebay ending on Jul-06-06 12:48:11 PDT.

Manga in English
Revolutionary Girl Utena Vol. 1
Sensual Phrase Vol. 1
Sensual Phrase Vol. 2
Get Backers Vol. 1
Get Backers Vol. 2
Naruto Vol. 2
Shirahime-Syo (hardcover)

Trigun T-shirt
Wolfwood w/cross-gun
Size XX-large (mens)

Red satin purse
Red messenger type purse
pink geisha

Rainy Day Sale!

The rain and miserable weather has kept me indoors for the past two days, which is unfortunate for me, but great for you all, because I have made another HUGE update to crayon_ninja. (I'm really sorry about all the posts on garagesalejapan, I just really need to get rid of my junk!)

I know someone on this community was looking for PUCCA merchandise -- I have a stationary lot I just put up... check the cut!

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I also just put my Sailormoon R wand & jewelry box up for sale, as well as some Gravitation merchandise, and some new fruity clothing! Check out Crayon Ninja Sales today!

PayPal Buyers, Money Orders and Well Concealed Cash (at your own risk) are accepted!

P.S. If you've made a recent purchase from me, it will be in the mail tomorrow. The rain been really bad and has kept me indoors for the past couple of days, so I haven't made it to the post office.

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hey everyone im going to Otakon, and i would like some nice clothes, punk/goth/japan street fasion, would be preferable! please let me know ^__^ also check out neonpandasales journal im tyring to raise money for otakon tons of stuff there. ^__^
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Have put some manga and doujinshi on eBay at reduced prices - Doujin fandoms include FF8, Hikaru no Go, and FMA, while the manga is a large shojo lot. The ones currently up end in about a day, although I should be putting up more tonight.

I also still have manga and doujinshi available for direct sale.

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yaoi yaoi yaoi
mainly yaoi sale~~~~!!
please check it out :)!!

japanese yaoi:
b-boy luv$13 shipped
*picutre at request
volume 3,8, 18

Junk!boy 2006 -$12 shiped

Pot Anthology s-ai
Ground Smash #10: http://jpqueen.com/onlineshop/productinfo.asp?PID=31113

Jakow yaoi anthology v.2

English Yaoi- $5+3/s&h unless otherwise stated
*picture at request

Shinobu Kokoro
Only the Ring finger Knows Novel
...But i'm your teacher
Level C vol 1
Passion Vol 1+2 ($7 ea.)
Sweet revolution($7)

all items are perfect condition :)!!
comment or email at strawberri.fish[@]gmail.com

Yaoi, reg magna, Furoku, Sailor moon, & more!

I just added a ton of stuff to e-bay both auctions and to my e-bay store! I will be moving soon and need to lighten the load. I also have items on my site that are not on the e-bay store or auction at this time that are for sale. Show list includes..
Sailor Moon:
Wands, talking calculator, Sailor moon stationary, Stationary school sets, Planner sets & Childs toy,
Kenshin UFO keychains, Hana Kimi Poster zen-in
Yaoi: Play Boy Blues, An Ordinary Feeling, La Esperanze, Drive Material, ect 25 different series in all!
CCS zen-in items
Above items you can see here --> http://stores.ebay.com/serendipitycollectionsAnime-n-Manga

and oh so much more! I have shitajiki, phonecards and all kinds of stuff off my reg website..
My Web site is here --> http://www.serendipity-collections.com/

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selling: hide - "Mugongeki" Photobook (unopened)

Hi, I'm selling off a brand new and unopened copy of hide's "Mugongeki" (無言激) photobook! I understand that it's extremely hard to find now, especially since the hide museum closed down. I bought this straight from the museum shop.


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I'm selling it auction-style because of how unobtainable this item seems to be. The auction ends on June 15. Please take a look! I'll gladly answer any questions here (or you could email me here), but for bidding, please do so at the sale page.

Thank you!

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wooo hearts

Manga For Sale

Hello, hello!
I need to get rid of my manga, and here is my list.

-Princess Ai Vol. 1 By Misaho Kujiradou, Courtney Love, & D.J. Milky: I've only read it once, so it's in good condition. $5.00

-Othello Vol. 1 By Satomi Ikezawa: It's in great condition. I think it looks new. $5.00

-BLOOD The Last Vampire 2002 By Benkyo Tamaoki: Binding slightly visible on opening page only. $5.00

-PARASYTE Vol. 1 By Hitoshi Iwaaki: Binding visible on opening and ending pages. Otherwise, in good condition. $4.00

-PARASYTE Vol. 2: Loose binding. $3.00

PARASYTE Vol. 3: Binding visible on opening page. Otherwise, in good condition. $4.00

-PARASYTE Vol. 4: Binding visible on opening page. Otherwise, in good condition. $4.00

- PARASYTE Vol. 5: Loose binding. $3.00

-UZUMAKI Vol. 1 By Junji Ito : Binding visible on opening page. Otherwise, in good condition. $5.00

-UZUMAKI Vol. 2: Binding visible on opening page. Otherwise, in good condition. $5.00

-UZUMAKI Vol. 3: Binding visible on opening page. Otherwise, in good condition. $5.00

-Wish Vol. 1 By CLAMP: Looks new. THIS IS IN JAPANESE. $5.00

-DOLL Vol. 1 By Mitsukazu Mihara: Looks new. THIS IS IN JAPANESE. $5.00

-DOLL Vol. 2: Looks new. THIS IS IN JAPANESE. $5.00

1. If you want to buy all the PARASYTE, they are for $16.00.
2. If you want to buy all the UZUMAKI (the 3rd one is the last book in the series), they are for $13.00.
3. The above prices are the prices without shipping & handling. I will inform you how much the total will be later.
4. I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL. And the buyer has to pay me within three days.
5. If you want to see pictures of any items, just let me know :)
6. Everything will be mailed as media mail (I SHIP WITHIN U.S. ONLY), unless you want me to send it in a different way and are willing to pay extra money.

Thank you very much ♥
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I updated my site with a whole box worth of new things. Please have a look as I really need to get rid of stuff. My parents are moving within the next year and my goal is to take most of my things with me to school...

I know the image links aren't working so if you need a picture reply with your email and I will email you necessary photos.


payments: checks, cash, money order, paypal
email: mirandatsukino
feedback: mirandatsukino/purpleacemandy

manga, like brand new!

I'm selling some manga, all of them are like they are brand new. All prices are U.S. dollars.

Juvenile Orion vol. 1 (with special dust jacket)= $6.00
Juvenlie Orion vol. 2= $5.00
Juvenile Orion vol. 3= $5.00
Pita Ten vol. 1= $5.00
Pita Ten vol. 2= $5.00
Brain Powered vol. 1= $5.00
Jing: King of Bandits= $5.00
Rebirth= $5.00

I will only post pictures if you request it. Like I said, all of them look as if they are brand new since my brother and I treat our manga very well. As for shipping, well, I would prefer if the buyer pays for shipping. It shouldn't be too much though. Just please leave a comment if you're interested at all. Thanks!
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