June 30th, 2006

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Mangas for Sale!


I'm clearing out my stock of manga for dirt cheap because my lovely books are just sitting there, collecting dust and taking up room. So feel free to browse through a small portion of my collection and I will post more later on.

Prices have already included shipping prices (media mail) and they are ready to go as soon as they are purchased.

These are all In Japanese.

I will be happy to accept Money Orders, Cashier's Checks, and consealed cash (at your own risk). Sorry, I do not accept Paypal.

Feel free to e-mail me at mochister -at- gmail - dot- com if you have any questions.

All items listed here are in mint condition unless otherwise noted.

Please note that the large magazine (phonebook style) comics are large and they require a lot more packaging and care to be sent out - hence the huge price difference in comparison to the mangas listed.

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Just wondering....

I have a few Japanese manga, but... I was wondering, does anyone have any Japanese *novels* for sale? Guess I just want to try my luck... ;) I mean, there's a Japanese bookstore near-ish to me, but they're kind of expensive, and then I'd have to choose and yadda yadda. XD If someone would just sell me one, relatively cheap, that'd be awesome.


(no subject)

Is anyone selling a Hide plushie??? It seems like everyone But Me has one and I am desperate to join the Hide Plushie Club. All the websites are sold out.:( So if anyone has one they dopn't want anymore Please let me know!!!

Thanks much!


GS Figures

List of all available figures for sale. All prices are in USD (United States Dollars).

All open-boxed only to see insides except when marked.

Athrun Zala (Haro Cap 2) - $5*
Cagalli Yula Athha (Haro Cap 2) - $5*
Dearka Elthman (Emotive Figure 2) - $5
Kira Yamato (Haro Cap 2) - $5*
Lunamaria Hawke (Haro Cap 2) - $5
Lunamaria Hawke (Seed Heroines 5) - $9
Meyrin Hawke (Haro Cap 2) - $5
Rey Za Burrel (Haro Cap 2) - $5
Shinn Asuka (Emotive Figure 4) -$5**
Stellar Loussier (DX) - $20
Yzak Jule (Emotive Figure 2) - $5

Shipping (up to three figures) to the USA is $7.
Canada is $10.
Worldwide is $7 (most countries).

*Completely Opened (opened as in taken out from original wrap but still in perfect condition, may not have original packaging)
**One is open-boxed (meaning still new in original plastic but taken out from box), and other is opened

Beast Brut falling

For sale!

Included in this entry are:

-Cosplay and J-Rock inspired clothing
-variety of Anime DVDs (Chobits, Trigun, Big O, Utena, Lupin, Ranma, Escaflowne)
-PS2 accessories and game (including EyeToy and Kingdom Hearts II)
-Ipod accessories (Nightmare Before Christmas)
-The Sims games
-Sailor Moon comics (in English)
-Paintings in acrylic (Malice Mizer and hide)

Image heavy!

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mucho stuff to sell~

Hello, everybody! I've got tons of stuff I neeed to sell. Prease take them off my hands! :D

- Doujinshi (Prince of Tennis, Naruto)
- Anime (Kare Kano)
- Manga (Tenchi Muyo, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Cowboy Bebop, Saiyuki, InuYasha)
- JPOP/JROCK CDs (baroque, Something ELse, Okamura and Takkyu, Kawamoto Makoto)
- Magazines (BPASS, FRUiTS, EYES CREAM, J*GM, GET ON! - view shop for more content info)
- Flyers, posters (Mana, Moi Dix Mois)
- Stationary, etc. (planners, syringe pen♥)
- Cute clothes/accessories (gothic lolita headdress, jewelry, hair ties, scarves, etc.)

All at ---> junkstore junkstore junkstore junkstore junkstore
I desperately need to sell my stuff. So prices could probably be negotiated. XD; My email is akaisofa@gmail.com if anybody has any questions.


Jpop, Jrock, Magazines, Anime, ECT!
Shipping is $4 within US. Will ship Worldwide.
larger packages will cost more
Paypal, Money Order, Cash accepted!
pictures and information under the cut.


PLC STUFF: Green Pencilcase $6, Yellow Vynil bag $8 (together $12!)

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- PARADISE KISS vol.s 1, 2, and 4
- KIZUNA vol.1 (yaoi manga)
- GRAVITATION vol. 1 - 9 ($5 individually OR $35 alltogether!!)

- Earthian (entire series, one dvd. yaoi)
- Tsukikage Ran (volumes 1 and 2.)
- Samurai X: Reflection (Ruroni Kenshin movie)
- Ranma 1/2: From the Depths of Despair
- Princess Mononoke (movie)
- Dominion Tank Police (entire series, one DVD)
- Otaku no Video (hillarious mockumentary about Otaku set out to "otakunize the human race")
Me in red 2013

Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi

Hello ^^ This may be a shot in the dark but...
I'm looking for Final Fantasy VII/7 doujinshi..preferably CloudxAerith but I'll take a look at anything..I prefer to pay with paypal (I have non cc also) also but if you can't accept it..then we'll work something out ^^
I have 100& Buyer/seller feedback on Ebay also..
Anthologies are LOVE..but I know I'm already asking for alot ^^

Thanks so much..I SHOULD be saving up for my camping trip..so I'll be posting the stuff I have for sale later..^^ for now, sleep!