July 3rd, 2006


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NEON GENESIS Evangelion Box set for sale.

originally $170

I am looking to see if anyone is initerested and if so how much they are willing to pay.

also both Evangelion movies "death and rebirth" and "end of evangelion"

Loveless & FFVII.


Anything Loveless (aside from the English graphic novels) wanted. Especially doujinshi. Will pay (probably more than I should) in USD or money orders. I'm also looking for (pretty) Final Fantasy VII yaoi doujinshi, it must have Cloud in it and as an uke.

Thank ye kindly
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New Items Added to Niihon Onegai

----Stationary Items----

-Strawberry Cake Letter Sheets + Envelopes [Delicious Wonderland]
-Taste of Autumn Letter Sheets + Envelopes [Delicious Wonderland]
-Cafe Letter Sheets + Envelopes [Delicious Wonderland]
-SAN X Mini Grabbie
-Cake Pals Eraser
-Lovely Hearts Eraser
-SAN X Kawaii Products
-Nihon Please Grabbies!

----JROCK Items---

-Gazette June SHOXX w/ Poster
-Plastic Tree Poster

-Aria Volume 1,2,3
-Yotsuba&! 1,2,3


-The Grudge [American Verzion]
-Ju-On [Un-Opened]

---Anime Soundtrack CD's---

-Azumanga Daioh Soundtrack 1

---Apparel Items---

-Pokemon Gang Yellow T-Shirt
-Young Link Green T-Shirt

+So Come Check it Out! o.o Pwease?+

cosplay - neko mask
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Plushies for sale!

Chocobo Plush (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v37/mekou/chocoboplush.jpg)
Asking Price: $12US
Shipping: $5US
Condition: Great!

Ken-Ohki Plush (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v37/mekou/kenohkiplush.jpg)
Asking Price: $15US
Shipping: $5
Condition: Great!

Inuyasha Plush (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v37/mekou/GE6010_01_l.jpg) *not my photo but it's the exact same plush ^^;
Asking Price: $18
Shipping: $6
Condition: Great!

I've had these little guys forever it seems, but I am so strapped for cash I'm willing to send them to another good home. ^o^ If you buy two or all three at once you will get a 10$ discount on the total price as well as save on shipping!

Thanks for looking! ^_^

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Tokusatsu Magazines!

Newtype the Live

Paypal preferred. US shipping ONLY!

Features of each: Kamen Rider, PGSM, Sentai and more

Almost NEW condition (corners are all perfect, no rips or tears or bent pages)

All extras included (except when mentioned)

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HYDE SF concert Tickets in Slim's and The Fillmore

LAST CHANCE to get tickets for HYDE's first US Tour in America!

As I've said here, the people I was going with couldn't go anymore, and I don't want these tickets to go to waste. It's meant for people to see hyde!

I have 2 tickets left for Slim's -which is a small venue- very intimate with performers; cost $18 each (This is what I paid Virtuous.com)
1 for The Fillmore
-which is the LAST HYDE concert!; cost $30 <- this price has been lowered. Ticketmaster.com charged me loads of bull** fees.

I will be at both concert venues, so there is no worry about will call tickets and meeting up. I do have the hard copy ticket for the Fillmore one, and I'd email it to you if you pay thru paypal (credit card). I accept paypal and cash up front at the concert venues! We can exchage phone numbers. My contact email is chibijoisu at gmail dot com.

If nobody buys these right now, I will still be at the concert. If you change your mind and want to see HYDE perform, IM me on AIM: hydeiwunakis and we can meet up so you can pay me and we can both line up and get in together =D

I'm flying early tomorrow (July 4th) to California, so please contact me today.

If you want a feedback thing, I only have eBay and I usually just buy stuff from people.

chu &lt;3

★Jrock calendar & magazines★

I have a brand new Dir en grey 2001 official calendar on auction over at my selling journal shop8

I'm also selling the following jrock magazines:
- ARENA 37c July 2002 (Gackt cover with poster)
- SHOXX August 2002  (Gackt cover with poster)
- BPASS January 2003 (Gackt cover with poster)
- Fool's Mate October 2001(Diru cover)
- Fool's Mate March 2002 (Diru cover)
- Fool's Mate August 2002 (Diru cover)

For more information & pictures, please check out this post~ (・∀・)

Cool stuff! - MysticEden

Last Day of Sale!

Anime DVD's, Anime CD's & Plushies %50 off!!!!
Also cosplay items, hats, wallscroll....etc!

All manga for $5!!

Because of the sale these prices don't include shipping, but I send stuff through media mail so it will be from $1-$1.50 shipping for each item in the USA!

**Ask about prices for other items ^_- **

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. bullet belt
. bondage belt size
. gothic lace up or buckle boots w/zipper
. band tshirts size youth L
. pair of 6g or 4g steel horeshoes
. roll of really thick hemp (0.3 inches in width or larger)
. kawaii stationary memo pad (with variety)
. monster furr legwarmers (prefferably black)
. awesome diy/raver/fruitsy tops
. pillows (monster furr, leopard, zebra, spiderweb, rainbow brite, my little pony, etc.)
. anything made out of rainbow brite or my little pony fabric
. books about alt-culture or music (goth/punk/hippie/raver/whatever)

please post pictures! & i can only trade for these items! soinfuckwithyou

NOTE TO MOD: if this kind of entry isnt allowed please delete it! no hard feelings ♥