July 9th, 2006

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Could yaten_k please get in contact with me? Payment was sent July 1st for the FFXI manga and I have yet to hear if you have received it/and or sent out the manga. I sent you an email a few days ago asking about it but have yet to receive a response. Please let me know, thank you.

Selling stuff!

Still selling lots of anime related stuff and manga in English and Japanese! ^^

*Tokyo Babylon DVD
*X anime soundtrack CDs + Steamboy preview DVD
*Mamotte Shugogetten Vol 1+2 soundtrack CD
*1997 Animation best Collection Vol 3. (Slayers, Gun Smith Cats, X...) CD
*POT Fuji and Eiji shitajijis
*FMA Roy Mustang shitajiki
*Bandai Saint Seiya Dragon Shiryu Action Figure
*Sailor Moon Wallscroll
*Chibi Sailor Mercury 2" Adventure doll
*Mars vols 1-4
*Kare Kano 1-3, 9-11
*Vampire Game 1-13
*Naruto 1-4
*Ranma 1/2 Vols 36 and 37 (in Japanese)

All of them (HERE! )

Thanks for looking!
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Yamashita Tomohisa poster.

Yamashita Tomohisa poster. Measures about 42 inches x 25 inches (3.5 feet x 2.08 feet). ON EBAY.

Ends in about 3 hours today! :D

ETA: If this kills anyone's friends page, just comment and I'll put behind a cut. Thankyou!
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To Niihon Onegai!

New Items at Niihon Onegai!

+MUCC 6.9 Badge (very RARE)
+Ju-On 2 VCD
+Tale of Two Sisters DVD
+Miyuki-Chan's Wonderland


+Arena37c W~inds Issue
+TONS of English Manga
+Kino no Tabi Japanese Text Novel
+Azumanga Daioh OST 1
+Kawaii Stationary Grabbies & More

Visual kei/jrock stuff for sale.

Please buy them. They need new owners. >_<;;;
Magazines and cosplays and cds.


-July 2004 ^^;;; (comes with Psycho le Cemu poster)
feat. PLC, Gazette, Kra, Yomi (Nightmare), Mana, etc.
-March 2004 (comes with Mucc poster)
feat. Mucc, D'espairsRay, deadman, Nightmare, etc.

***USD 20.00

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More at larukunohyde
No deadbeats please.
Shipping for most items are $6 throughout USA. International: let me know. Please reply here or at my site. Thanks.
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Looking for...

I'm looking for Mad Tea Party Vol. 5. I think it was supposed to be out this month at least. I have no idea where to even start looking for that besides here, so any help is appreciated.