July 10th, 2006

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Hello, hello!
I need to get rid of my manga, and here is my list.

-Princess Ai Vol. 1 By Misaho Kujiradou, Courtney Love, & D.J. Milky: I've only read it once, so it's in good condition. $5.00

-Othello Vol. 1 By Satomi Ikezawa: It's in great condition. I think it looks new. $5.00

-BLOOD The Last Vampire 2002 By Benkyo Tamaoki: Binding slightly visible on opening page only. $5.00

-PARASYTE Vol. 1 By Hitoshi Iwaaki: Binding visible on opening and ending pages. Otherwise, in good condition. $4.00

-PARASYTE Vol. 2: Loose binding. $3.00

PARASYTE Vol. 3: Binding visible on opening page. Otherwise, in good condition. $4.00

-PARASYTE Vol. 4: Binding visible on opening page. Otherwise, in good condition. $4.00

- PARASYTE Vol. 5: Loose binding. $3.00

-UZUMAKI Vol. 1 By Junji Ito : Binding visible on opening page. Otherwise, in good condition. $5.00

-Wish Vol. 1 By CLAMP: Looks new. THIS IS IN JAPANESE. $5.00

-DOLL Vol. 1 By Mitsukazu Mihara: Looks new. THIS IS IN JAPANESE. $5.00

-DOLL Vol. 2: Looks new. THIS IS IN JAPANESE. $5.00

1. If you want to buy all the PARASYTE, they are for $16.00.
2.. The above prices are the prices without shipping & handling. I will inform you how much the total will be later.
3. I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL. And the buyer has to pay me within three days.
4. If you want to see pictures of any items, just let me know :)
5. Everything will be mailed as media mail (I SHIP WITHIN U.S. ONLY), unless you want me to send it in a different way and are willing to pay extra money.

Thank you very much ♥

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Shizen no Kaze, Japanese for "Nature’s Wind", is an online mini-shop created by two sisters. We have items ranging from Anime to “kawaii” accessories, stationeries, stickers, plushies… and to all other random, cool things. (All at very reasonable prices!! ^__^) Come and explore the items in our shop… and hopefully purchase some, too! ^__^

Come visit us at: http://shizen-no-kaze.livejournal.com/

looking for some jrock stuff

i'm looking for some stuff!
please help me out!

Cure Vol. 13 Rentrer en Soi on the cover
shoxx Vol. 151 Kagrra, on the cover
Shoxx february 2006
Shoxx march 2006
shoxx april 2006

Ayabie Japanese Low Res Caramel town single
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Another note from one of your friendly neighbourhood moderators:

I've noticed that when a few people have been asked to edit their entries in garagesalejapan to remove CDs, DVDs, etc that either are or appear to be unlicensed (bootleg) releases, they have commented that they don't know whether or not they are bootlegs. As I've said in a previous entry, if you're ever unsure of whether the item you'd like to sell is an official licensed release or not, feel free to contact me at my livejournal username@yahoo.com, as a few others have already begun to do. Until you are sure, please refrain from posting it in this community :)

...bubble-wrapped and ready to go! *^^*

Tokyo Babylon volumes 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 (COMPLETE) ~ $49 shipping included (Save $21 or 30% off the cover price!). Each volume of the series comes with a different mini-poster of Subaru, Hokuto, and Seishirou *^^* Definitely a great backstory to the X/1999 manga and anime series!

Payment via Paypal (with verified address) preferred :)

New seller here ^-^

I'm selling Miyavi's Movie "Oresama" It's in excellent condition and was only viewed a few times, not a scratch on the DVD. I bought it for $50 it is an original copy licensed by GAGA Communications Inc. Definitely not a homemade burt DVD or bootleg copy. It's $28 shipping and handling already included. If anyone is interested leave me a comment with your email address and I'll get in touch with you ASAP. I only accept well concealed cash or money orders.

Language: Japanese
Subtitles: None

The Movie

Buying/Selling Post

First sale post here ^^ I live in the USA, all prices are in USD. Non-smoker household.

Buying: Decent (or better) condition manga in Japanese, good art, action/supernatural genre. Looking for unknown (not popular!) stuff ~ post a comment if you have anything (with price), or point me to your selling page.

Selling: English and Japanese language manga & Japanese novels.

English Manga: (pictures/info under cut)
Ragnarok 1-4
Les Bijoux 1-5 (complete)

Japanese Manga: (pictures/info under cut ~ some are shounen-ai)
Na mo Naki Tori ni Tobu Yoake (Innocent Bird) v1-3 (complete), Macaroni v1, Horizon, Tsuki to Mizu no Yoru v1-2 (complete), Switch v1+3, Repure, Nishi no Tsuki Higari no Taiyou v1, Hotaruzuki yo ni Kimi no Na wo, Hare Tokidoki Tenshi, Majinaru, Kowarehajimeta Tenshi-tachi v1, Hane Glass no Kimi, Ashita no Tamago v1-2 (complete)

Japanese Novels: Shi ga Hutari o Wakatsu Made (Until Death do us Part) v1-2

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Sailor Moon DVD's for sale

Selling my Sailor Moon DVD's for my trip to LA next year my goal is $2000.00 to buy my ticket to the con, plane, hotel, and spending expense. I have given up looking for season 3 to complete this and this will be the small big help to get me on my road to going for Star Wars CIV Convention next year.


Not willing to break this set up even if it doesn't sell.

Please check out my selling LJ for my other things!: heathers_junk
Other items I have:
*Plus size outfits(a few regular)/Pair of boots
*Miss. Items
*A few Anime goods.

My ebay listings: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZsundance_sg1QQhtZ-1
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I have a lot of items up for sale (maybe trade) in my journal!
  • Sanrio goodies
  • anime, manga, and related items
  • lots of punk/fruitsy accessories

    not pertaining to Japan:
  • cute women's plus-size clothes (LOTS more to be added soon!)
  • band merch (pins, stickers, posters)


    Thanks for looking!