July 12th, 2006

Sale (BL manga, etc.)

BL Pop-up
Koujima Naduki, Nitta Yuka, etc.

BL (Yaoi) Manga
Ouji-sama Level 1 [Vol.1-2 complete] = (together $15)
Venus+ ($6)
Detective Conan Anthology 1 ($7)
Detective Conan Anthology 3 & 4 ($9/each)

Hinata 120% [Vol.1-3 complete]($3/each)

Melody ($2/each)

goodies (accessory (bookmarker) & can badge
Apocripha/0 | Gravitation | Koori no mamono no monogatari | Koucha Ouji | RG Veda | Tennis no Ouji-sama | X/1999 |Dragon Ball

If interested, please visit [ http://ami-bl-sale.livejournal.com/ ]. Thank you!

Manga + VHS sale~

Hi again~ Here's the rest of the manga I'm wanting to rid of. Just about all of them have been read a few times; they are in great condition with little shelf wear. Again, I'll offer them for $3 each and $6 for sets.

English language manga:

Kill Me Kiss Me Vols 1 & 2
Demon Diary Vols 1 & 2
Prince of Tennis Vol 1
Yu-Gi-Oh Vols 1 & 2
Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Vol 2

I also have a Serial Experiments Lain VHS (great condition, outer cover worn) that I'll sell for $3 if anyone is interested.

Shipping is $2; add $1 for each additional book. I'll accept money orders, checks and well concealed cash as payment; I do not take Paypal, unfortunately. Thanks again. :)
Sephiroth - Fire & Flames

Cross posted, sorry if you see it twice! ;--;

Special lot: Over 90 assorted Yu Gi Oh cards, some common, and some rare from both the boxes and individual packs I'd purchased. { All in perfect condition. } With their game boards and booklets and boxes. Yu Gi Oh DVD Volume 15: Legendary Heroes { Perfect condition, never watched! } And Yu Gi Oh dogtags. All of it for only $30. { Shipping already included in that price! } Everything you see in the picture, you get. =P

I only ship to the US. { Not including Alaska or Hawaii. } And I accept either money order or concealed cash. ^^ Items will be shipped out upon receiving payment~.


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I am shipping from New Zealand. I will provide you a list of shipping options (economy, air, etc.) and prices.

Paypal or well-concealed cash in a registered envelope (at your own risk).

If you have anymore questions and/or would like to see more close-up photos, please don't hesitate to ask!

Thanks for looking!
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Selling my Sailor Moon DVD's for my trip to LA next year my goal is $2000.00 to buy my ticket to the con, plane, hotel, and spending expense. I have given up looking for season 3 to complete this and this will be the small big help to get me on my road to going for Star Wars CIV Convention next year.


Not willing to break this set up even if it doesn't sell.

Please check out my selling LJ for my other things!: heathers_junk
Other items I have:
*Plus size outfits(a few regular)/Pair of boots
*Miss. Items
*A few Anime goods.

My ebay listings: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZsundance_sg1QQhtZ-1

P.S. Also if anyone is looking for newborn baby outfits for a GIRL I am cleaning out our backroom again and came across a bag of a few things, blankets/outfits let me know someplace on my selling LJ and I will get around to taking pictures for you.

Yaoi manga/doujinshis and a request!

*facepalm* I just looked back 120 entries, but I can't for the life of me find the item I was looking for - someone here was selling a Chara Selection for $10 with a Minami Haruka front cover - if it's you then please comment if it's still avalible because I'm interested!

Also - anyone interested in some yaoi manga/doujinshis? I'm looking to sell them along with the following manga; *reasonable* offers welcome! Paypal only unless you're in the UK (the cheques are okay.) All are in v.good condition with light shelf wear.


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One Day Left! UV Gackt File on E-bay!

Hi! Just posting to remind everyone that there's only one day left on the auction for the UV Gackt File I've got posted on e-bay, featuring over 450 pages of Gackt's interviews and photoshoots in UV and HV magazines! It's a really great book, as it's got such a wide variety of photos of Gackt in it. Click the link below for more infomation and pictures.

UV Special : GACKT FILE 1999-2004

Thanks for looking!

Stuff to sell!!

Hey there! So, I wanna sell off this stuff as soon as poss. cuz' I need cash for my social life to get back on track! >.< So plz help me out! Click under cuts for stuff! 

I live in the U.K., but will ship internationally! I'll work out prices in $ and £'s but I want offers first, 'kay? So tell me what you're willing to pay, and we'll negotiate! ^^

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If interested, plz comment on here, or at my LJ (needs to be updated, but you can still comment on the lists!) akaris_stash! Thanks for looking! ^^
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HYDE/Punk Riders Jacket

Up for sale!!!

HYDE/Punk Riders Jacket Size Small Start: USD 80.00
Used but in perfect condition. Like new!! I love this jacket but alas I have to depart from it. It would be great for HYDE cosplay or any other J-rocker who wears this style. Also looks great as is! (cosplay or not) Has two pockets. Zippers work 100%. Ask for measurements but fits well with small sizes. Would be too tight around the chest if a bust is bigger than 34" inches.

Sorry there's my Kana cosplay underneeth when I took the pic and it would mess up the image if I took it out of the pic. XD;;

Please buy it and give it a new home. XD I don't want nice clothes lying around the house when someone else could be wearing it. You can accessorize it by putting small band buttons on the front.

I accept PAYPAL and money order. Shipping for this item is $8 USD. Please feel free to reply here or on my site larukunohyde

Thank you!

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Konbanwa, mina~
isellyoutoo has been updated with lots of anime and manga goodies from series like
Sailor Moon
Dragonball Z
and Digimon
I still have over 20 English translated manga series and 4 anime series for sale, 2 Pokemon CDs, and there may still be more products upcoming.
I am open for trades, mostly looking for ARIA/Kozue Amano products, Dir en Grey and Buck-Tick CDs, and a few others. All shipping is included in prices for American buyers, although I will only sell to American and Canadian buyers for the time being. I accept Paypal, well concealed cash, and personal checks only. Any other guidlines or whatnot are in the journal.
Please take a look as I am stressed for money.
Thank you very much!

P.S. Everything is authentic, be it American or Japanese. Nothing fake.

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Hey there~. In need of funds for upcoming con, so I'm parting with some of my collection. All sales are direct sales, and shipping&handling will be discussed on a person-by-person basis, so none of the prices include it.

Thank you!

Remember, prices do not include shipping and handling, and are reasonably negotiable.
I accept Paypal (bank transfers or site-credit only, unfortunately), Money Order, and well-concealed cash (at your own risk)!

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Buy [RISKY GAME] and [LIFE A GO-GO] for $15*

* Does not include S&H.
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From back in the day when Miyavi was known as Miyabi of Due le Quartz!

This is the second volume of his first solo photobooks "羽化 " (Uka), which contains both photos shot in Hong Kong and Japan. This was released 10/2001 and was not sold in stores! This book is page after page of sexy "vintage" Miyabi photographs. (sample 1 / 2 / 3 )

Not only do you get this gorgeous photobook, but also the bonus set of five trading cards seen above. There is slight wear on the book's dust jacket; actual book in pristine condition. Just for fun I'm also throwing in a cluster of flyers / handouts.

Price: Leave your Best Offer!
Status: Available

Items will be shipped USPS Priority Mail. I accept paypal or money orders for payment. View my ebay user feedback. Email me: cbasty @ comcast.net or leave a message with any questions / offers.

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Manga For Sale

The following titles are for sale. They are English translations, they’re in good/near mint condition, and from a smoke-free home. This list will be re-posted and cross-posted frequently!

New titles indicated by: >

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Thanks for looking!