July 13th, 2006

Sephiroth - Fire & Flames

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Relisting with slightly lower prices. { My family needs this money so badly, even though I hate to part with everything, it's for the best... }

Gravitation DVDs 1 - 4, perfect condition. $57 for all four. { Shipping was included in that price. } { Originally payed over twice that amount... }

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Pochacco the Yorimichi Dog!
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PGSM items?

does anyone here have for sale this?

my friend is looking for a complete set of the 5, but the ones on ebay right now are from iffy sellers in Asia, and we all know what that leads to... *cough* fake, poorly painted gashapon ripoffs... so I'm gonna try here first, I can pay via postal money order, and if you guys are hesitant, I have 100% positive feedback on ebay, my name is "neo-tk"

also does anyone know where I might be able to get a stuffed luna from PGSM? all help appreciated, thanks!

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Sailor V

Sailor Moon Season Two

Hey! Recently, I purchased a Sailor Moon Season Two box set from somebody, but unfortunately, they think it is lost, so I am getting a refund of my money. But I am still in desperate need of a Sailor Moon Season Two ADV box set! If anybody has one they'd like to sell me, I would love them to death! Finding one is the only way to make my day better...so if you have one, PLEASE comment. I've been checking eBay and these LJ communities but no luck so far, and I do not want bootlegs. But please comment if you would like to sell me yours!


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» Fool's Mate: Jrock Magazine - 4 Issues
» Manga: English Translated - 5 Books
» Manga: Yaoi (Boy's Love) - 3 Books

- Accepting well-concealed cash only
- US Dollars only
- Two Weeks HOLD

- In USA only
- Cost included in the item's price

{Pictures of all items are avaliabe inside the post}

Selling Here
maid cafe

Machu's Garagesale continued... new items added!

All prices include shipping! *^^* I think I've been pretty fair in terms of price but I'm more than open to reasonable negotiation... make me an offer I can't refuse! :)

Akira DVD New Japanese DTS 5.1 Surround/English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround ~ $9
Key the Metal Idol DVD Volumes 01, 02, 03 (COMPLETE) ~ $27
Neon Genesis Perfect Collection DVD Boxset ~ $32 On Hold: Awaiting Payment
Steel Angel Kurimi Complete Collection DVD Boxset ~ $27
Oh My Goddess! DVD Volumes 1 & 2 ~ $18
Sakura Wars: Together We Stand! OVA DVD ~ $9
Ruin Explorers DVD (original release) ~ $9
Sakura Diaries DVD Volumes 01, 02, 03, & 04 (original release) ~ $23

Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht ~ $15
Unlimited Saga ~ $15
.hack Infection Part 1 ~ $15
Kingdom Hearts II (Playstation 2) with Official Strategy Guide ~ $35 On Hold: Awaiting Payment
Kingdom Hearts (Playstation 2 Greatest Hits version) ~ $9 On Hold: Awaiting Payment
Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life (Playstation 2 Special Edition) ~ $15

M A N G A ($6 each shipped or price as marked)
Eerie Queerie!, Volumes 01, 02, 03, 04 (COMPLETE) ~ $20
The Demon Ororon, Volumes 01, 02, 03, 04 (COMPLETE) ~ $24
Tokyo Babylon volumes 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 (COMPLETE) ~ $49 shipping included
Wish volumes 01, 02, 03, 04 (COMPLETE) ~ $24
Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles volume 01 ~ $6
xxxHOLiC Volumes 01, 02, 03, 04 ~ $24
Kill Me, Kiss Me, Volume 01
Tokyo Mew Mew, Volume 01
Man of Many Faces, Volume 01
Clamp School Detectives, Volume 01
Death: At Death's Door
Ice Blade, Volume 01
Kare Kano, Volume 01
xxxHOLiC Volume 04
Dears, Volume 01
Bow Wow Wata, Volume 01
Kare First Love, Volume 02
Lagoon Engine, Volume 01
Paradise Kiss Volumes, 01, 02
I.N.V.U., Volume 01

P I N K Y S T . F I G U R E S
NRFB Tenjo Tenge Pinky St. Round 3: Isuzu ~ $35

Payment via Paypal (with verified address) preferred.
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Selling some DVDs just to get some extra money ^^;;
All prices are Canadian.

D.N. Angel Vol. 1-3 with box
I've only watched each one once, and the box is in excellent condition.
Price is $30 each, or $80 for all. I paid a lot more for these (about $60 CDN each), but I'm willing to make a deal.

Weiss Kreuz Gluhen/Knight Hunters Eternity DVD 1
I watched this once, its in excellent condition.
Price is $15, as I got it pretty cheap myself. If you want it for less, I might make a deal.

I'm also open to trades. Ask me about it if you want.

I don't know about shipping yet, but I can find out if you want. ^^


OKANE GA NAI (no money) Yaoi
brand new - imported - hard to find
Vol. 01,02,04,05 $7.00 Each

Vol. 01-04 $5.00 Each

Vol. 01-05 $5.00 Each

Vol. 01 $5.00

Vol. 01-03 $5.00 Each

Vol. 01 $3.00

Vol. 01 $5.00

PayPal or Cash ( A.Y.O.R. )

Also~ dont forget about my sale that ends sunday night!

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wooo hearts

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Hello, hello!
I need to get rid of my manga, and here is my list.

-Princess Ai Vol. 1 By Misaho Kujiradou, Courtney Love, & D.J. Milky: I've only read it once, so it's in good condition. $5.00

-Othello Vol. 1 By Satomi Ikezawa: It's in great condition. I think it looks new. $5.00

-BLOOD The Last Vampire 2002 By Benkyo Tamaoki: Binding slightly visible on opening page only. $5.00

-PARASYTE Vol. 1 By Hitoshi Iwaaki: Binding visible on opening and ending pages. Otherwise, in good condition. $4.00

-PARASYTE Vol. 2: Loose binding. $3.00

PARASYTE Vol. 3: Binding visible on opening page. Otherwise, in good condition. $4.00

-PARASYTE Vol. 4: Binding visible on opening page. Otherwise, in good condition. $4.00

- PARASYTE Vol. 5: Loose binding. $3.00

-UZUMAKI Vol. 1 By Junji Ito : Binding visible on opening page. Otherwise, in good condition. $5.00

-Wish Vol. 1 By CLAMP: Looks new. THIS IS IN JAPANESE. $5.00

-DOLL Vol. 1 By Mitsukazu Mihara: Looks new. THIS IS IN JAPANESE. $5.00

-DOLL Vol. 2: Looks new. THIS IS IN JAPANESE. $5.00

1. If you want to buy all the PARASYTE, they are for $16.00.
2.. The above prices are the prices without shipping & handling. I will inform you how much the total will be later.
3. I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL. And the buyer has to pay me within three days.
4. If you want to see pictures of any items, just let me know :)
5. Everything will be mailed as media mail (I SHIP WITHIN U.S. ONLY), unless you want me to send it in a different way and are willing to pay extra money.

Thank you very much ♥

looking for a few things ^^

hey guys! I'm looking for a few fanclub issue things XP

Mon Amour (Mana/Moi dix Mois)
Co-Chamber Phsyco (Kozi)
Ma Cherie (Malice Mizer)
Dears (Gackt)
Haiiro no Ginka (Dir en grey)

Also looking for d'espairsray CDs O_______O!

If you have any other FC issues of similar bands, let me know ^^~

Kimeru and Tackey&Tsubasa for sale!

Ok then going threw my stuff I found some stuff I really dont need any more everything is in great condition and I will state what is wrong with it if you want to see pictures please let me know and I will get them for you, also please post about shipping for the shipping is NOT included

Prices are in USD and I accept paypal only if there is a problem with that please e-mail me

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Space-Asylum.com Offering COMMISSIONS!

Hi! I am an anime/manga artist working for some extra cash to help pay off student loans and the like. I can work in a whole variety of mediums but my most common is marker and CG. (However my markers are DEAD right now, so I can't really use them anymore ;o; = more reasons why I need commissions, NEW MARKERS!)

If you would like to see my work please visit my website,

And click here if you want to go directly to the Commission info/pricing section - www.space-asylum.com/commissions.html

I also have much of my original art for sale. If you see something you like you might want to head on over to my livejournal and see if it's for sale. ^^ (Clicky here to see original art for sale)

I recently re-did my commissions pricing, I hope you will find them more affordable! I am also saving up to get a deviantart prints account, so after that, you will be able to buy prints and things too! <3

My e-mail is spaceasylum@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to answer any questions and take any orders you might have. :D

Thanks for looking!

Also for quick reference, I'll post up the prices here too. =P

*Sketched with either regular pencil or 1 colour of pencil..........$5

*Ink drawing with black pen..........$10

*Coloured digitally..........$15

*Coloured by hand..........$20

*Budget commission (CG bust only)..........$5 for deviantart member, $10 for everyone else.

All prices stand for 1 character drawn with simple-medium complexity design and pose and sent to you digitally through email only. If you would like to have any of the following features, please add them on.


*More characters in one picture..........$5 per character

*Original copy sent to you in mail (except for digital)..........$3.00 to Canada, $4.00 to anywhere else.

*Special size or very complex/difficult to draw..........(e-mail me to discuss)

Kingdom Hearts II PLUS Strat. Guide

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Would anyone be interested in a Mint Condition Kingdom Hearts II with the strategy guide? For U.S. Playstation only. Played for a few hours and put right back into case. Strategy guide never used. Asking $50 total including shipping within the U.S. Will ship international, but shipping will be more. PAYPAL ONLY. Reply or email me at kiddo_kitty at hotmail dot com
bee death

Jrock cd + video sale!

Hello! I'm moving out soon and really need to get rid of some stuff. I've priced everything fairly low in hopes of getting rid of it quicker, but if you like you can haggle me since I just need to get rid of this stuff. :)


$1 Palette (PS Company) "Atelier" 6 tracks
$0.50 Freesia signed "Far Away" maxi single 2 tracks
$2 Aliza Marie "Palette" cd 5 tracks

$1 Gellonimo "Yamato Damashi" cd 3 tracks
$5 Taia "Asymmetry" 8 tracks
$5 XecsNoin "Xecsplosion" 8 tracks
$5 Bang Doll "Bang'em all" cd + dvd 12 tracks, dvd includes 3 segments.
$3 Anti-Kranke "Devil Pink" 6 tracks

$1 Danger Gang "Crash" maxi 4 tracks
$0.50 Living Dead "Adabana" single 2 tracks
$2 Mamono "gi" 8 tracks
$2 Dollis Mary "Last Scene" maxi single 3 tracks

$5 Tribal Millenium Arrival PS Company VA (OLD: includes Due le quartz/El Dorado/Palette/and a session with Miyabi + Sakito and some other PS company band members. 12 tracks.
$5 HEAT: Introduction of Hiroshima Age featuring Aliza Marie/Velze Dieulawahl/ARcaDia/Seele 14 tracks


$10 Sex Android "Tamerai kizu to yoru no chouchou" video contains 4 live performances plus a PV and more
$5 Jyakura Bakeneko Hakusho VHS contains 2 PVs, live clips, and tour footage (about 60min)
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I'm looking for a few things.

-a hello kitty rice cooker
-MUCC posters
-hikawa kiyoshi posters
-anything to do with kurara zeroshiki, taketoshi, etc.
-japanese manga... surprise me (either set or the first+)
-invader zim stuff