July 20th, 2006


Anyone looking to unload their L'arc en Ciel albums?

I'm interested in buying L'arc en Ciel's albums if anyone is selling any. I'm mostly interested in buying Ray, Awake, Real, and True, but I'm willing to buy any, even the best of albums. If you are interested in selling, please post here or email me @ kbradas@yahoo.com with prices. thanks!
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100 Yen Summer Sale!

Well it is not really a hundred yen it is more like $1.00 just in time for the summer. Now until August 31st you can get everything from Peach Jelly Drink, Pockey to UFO ramen for only $1.00. Supplies are limited first come first serve. So if you are headed out to the beach, just came back from a trip to Japan or going on a road trip and you need some drinks, snacks or quick meals with a japanese twist and don't have a lot of cash check out ThinkTokyo.com.

Yaoi manga, doujinshis, bl gaming, fliers, non-yaoi manga, clothing, goth loli, jrock for s/t.

I have way too much in my collection T_T Feel free to make trade offers (I can provide positive feedback on ebay and here and will expect the same in return. I will also not send first.) Otherwise please make reasonable offers - prices do not include shipping/paypal fees. I accept paypal and money orders/cheques if you are in the UK. I will ship internationally and shipping is based upon destination/number of items bought. 


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It's in excellent condition ^^ I accept paypal or personal cheques/money orders (UK only) and I'll ship internationally. Price doesn't include paypal fee or shipping. Shipping is dependant upon location ^^

(Also I still have those Demonia UK size 8 apron detail 2.5 inch heel mary janes because yet another buyer backed out. And the Meta Black x Red stripe detail tote.) I'll take trades on both, but only from people with examples of good feedback.

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Can someone get these for me. I tryed getting it in another site, but no credit card for me. I'm looking for
--U.F.O Yakisoba
--Banana and Chocolate Decorer
--Ippeichan Yakisoba Japanese Style Noodles

I can only pay by money order or cash in USD
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Evangelion, Sailor Moon stuff for sale

Hi everyone, I'm selling the following items. Shipping for 1 or both books is $4.75 via priority mail within the U.S.; the CD is $2 shipping within the U.S. International buyers welcome. Payment by Paypal preferred, but I will accept money orders via snail mail.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Photo File "Eve": Softcover book includes full-color screenshots and artwork of the females of Eva. All Japanese text. About 64 pages long. Obi included. Used but in excellent condition, no rips or missing pages. $10

Neon Genesis Evangelion Photo File "Adam": Softcover book includes full-color screenshots and artwork of the males of Eva. Also has info about the various Evas and Angels. All Japanese text. About 80 pages long. Obi included. Used but in excellent condition, no rips or missing pages. $10

Sailor Moon CD single: "Koi suru otome wa makenai / Onaji hoshi ni umareta futari dakara": Catalog number FMDC-510. Contains the opening and ending themes to the Sailor Moon PC game. CD has no scratches or scuffs. $3

Thanks for looking!



I'm selling these shirts at an even cheaper price than they were before. Please take a look!!! This is especially good for those who love Ganguro/Gal fashion. ^_^

Turquois Sheer Gal Top Size Small ~ $20 USD Now: 15
Like NEW and used only twice. It is so cute and elegant. It hides your tummy and makes you look skinny!! The pattern is very cute too and looks best worn with a pair of jeans or black pants. The necklace shown can be cordinated together perfectly! You can find the necklace in the accessories page. =)

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I'm going away that's why I need to sell my clothes ASAP to earn some money. As some of you know, I have perfect feedback!!! ^_^ Check my site at the confirmation page. larukunohyde
I only accept PAYPAL and MONEY ORDER. I ship worldwide. Shipping is $6 to US residents. More elsewhere. Let me know and I will tell you!


Selling selling!

Still selling lots of anime related stuff and manga in English and Japanese! ^^

*X anime soundtrack CDs + Steamboy preview DVD
*POT Fuji and Eiji shitajikis
*Bandai Saint Seiya Dragon Shiryu Action Figure
*Sailor Moon Wallscroll
*Chibi Sailor Mercury 2" Adventure doll


*Mars vols 1-2,4
*Kare Kano 1-3, 9-11
*Vampire Game 1-13
*Ranma 1/2 Vols 36 and 37 (in Japanese)
*Ceres Celestial Legend vols 1-11
*Fushigi Yugi vols 1-13
*Legal Drug 1-3
*Only the ring finger knows
*Samurai X the movie (DVD)
*His and Her circumstances (Kare Kano) Vols 1 and 2 (DVD)

All of them (HERE! )

Also check my eBay listings! Selling Final Fantasy figures and a plush!

Final Fantasy Trading Arts Yuna and Rinoa figures MIP

Final Fantasy VIII 8 Custom made Laguna Loire plush keychain

Final Fantasy VII 7 Cloud Strife & Hardy Daytona Cold Cast Resin Statue

Thanks for looking!

quick sales

My friend and I are trying to earn a good bit of money by August 10th please help us out!


j-rock posters
j-rock cds
4 wigs
cell phone pouch
Dir en grey bag
myth bag with *kenshin* on it
pair of boots
ipod skin
and Anime DVDs

NOTE: manga just direct sale

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Two yaoi Novels for sale!

I have two yaoi novels for sale! Never been read!! In perfect condition!!

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All of these are shipped Priority mail. If interested, please email me at deathangelgw [@] gmail [dot] com! I accept paypal, checks, and money orders.

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For Sale: "Sailormoon" two bell alarm clock

For sale is this metallic silver two bell alarm clock, featuring Usagi/Serena from Sailormoon on the face. Excellent condition. Requires one C battery.

Asking $11 total, which includes shipping within the U.S. (If outside the U.S., shipping will be more. Please ask first.)

Only PayPal will be accepted at this time. Thanks!
singer | bice

Want List

I've got birthday money to spend so I'm looking for cheap anime, jpop, & jrock cds ($5 or less, $10 maximum depending on the cd). Any condition is fine.
Because the list of artist I'm interested in is really long just comment with whatever you have.
shinya, dir en grey, grey
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Manga for sale!

I have a bunch of manga that I no longer really have room for. I am in desperate need of some quick cash so I'd really like to see these go. They're all in good condition, if not perfect.
Paypal is preferred (I accept all forms), but I'll accept money orders and concealed cash (at your own risk.)
I'm looking at taking a trip to the post office on Monday if not Friday morning if I hear from you soon enough, so the sooner you get to me, the sooner I can get it out. Shipping will be $5 via priority mail.
You can leave a comment or email me at shadowrei_0 [AT] hotmail [dot] com

All manga is $5, and if you buy 2 you get one free.
Price can be negotiated, pictures available on request.

CLAMP School Detectives #1
Cowboy Bebop #1, #2
Descendants of Darkness (Yami no Matsuei) #1
*Fushigi Yuugi #5, #8
*Inu-Yasha #1, #2
*Magic Knight Rayearth #1 (Has loose/falling out pages in back. This is typical of old Tokyopop releases.)
*Oh! My Goddess - 1-555-Goddess
Paradise Kiss #1
*Ranma 1/2 #1
Spirited Away film comic #1

*Older releases in left-to-right format and larger than more recent releases.

I also have a YuuYuu Hakusho/Ninku movie dvd for sale for $5. Original Release from Anime Works.

And I also have the Ragnarok volumes 1-5 on ebay right now. http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZrei_0QQhtZ-1