July 27th, 2006

my dirt

Need help!

Alright I'm looking for these items:

geisha makeup white cream mainly


And a kanzashi set like this:

Colors for the kanzashi MUST be close to my kimono color. I will be adding in a gold Obi, so anything purple, red, and gold would be nice to match it.


Also looking for Vol. 2 of Fruits Basket DVD

Willing to buy or trade if the price is right!


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Shizen no Kaze, Japanese for "Nature’s Wind", is an online mini-shop created by two sisters. We have items ranging from Anime to “kawaii” accessories, stationeries, stickers, plushies… and to all other random, cool things. (All at very reasonable prices!! ^__^) Come and explore the items in our shop… and hopefully purchase some, too! ^__^

Come visit us at: http://shizen-no-kaze.livejournal.com/
Sell sell sell!!!!!!

Mostly manga, with some anime

Time for another round of sales, with a fresh batch of anime and manga added...

Unless where noted, all discs are adult-owned, come in their original DVD cases, have been watched just a few times and are in mint condition without any scratches or smudges. And, of course, these are all authentic USA Region 1 releases. Manga are all translated U.S. versions and in mint condition unless otherwise noted. I'll hold things for up to one week from initial contact. Pictures are available on request. Yes, all prices are negotiable. ^_~

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Shipping: I can ship one DVD or manga via USPS first-class mail for $2; two or more can be shipped either via Priority Mail (3-5 days) or media mail (3-5 weeks) (rates will be calculated accordingly). I also ship internationally; those shipping rates also are calculated on a case-by-case basis. I prefer PayPal and money orders, but I'll also consider personal checks and concealed cash.

Interested? Comment below or send an e-mail to tsukasa at cabbit dot net. I also have a 99.8% positive feedback rating on eBay over nine years of selling, so buy with confidence.

Thanks for looking!


I just got this wonderfull Metamorphose polkadot series JSK & Headbow today alas the JSK just looks stupid on me (Colour doesn't suit my complexion) & once I get rid of the JSK I have no use for the Headbow, so I need to sell them *sigh*. I paid £200 total for the set (I had to pay huge Import Duties/£58), both are brand new with tags only tried on once. I really need to make as close the £200 I paid since I only tried them on for maybe 5 minutes. I will consider Trades/Part-Trades depending on what you have, I just can't afford to have spent such a large amount for it to sit in the back of my wardrobe doing nothing. JSK would fit anywehere from a 30" to a 38" bust without problem due to shirring in the back. Pics are taken from Meta as my camera is currently playing up...

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Check decadentdolls for feedback...
Bunny gone bad. D: {My Melody}

Taking offers on official Chobits Cosplay ears

I don't really want to sell these, but I could use the money, so I'm going to see if I can get any offers for them:

Official CLAMP licensed Chobits Cosplay ears.

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These are very rare and almost impossible to find anymore. I purchased them from COSPA Japan years ago. I don't have the original packaging anymore, but as you can see from the second photo, the copyright info is imprinted in the plastic. They're in great condition and are perfect for cosplay (or just to have for the ultimate Chobits fan!)

I'm not taking any offers lower than $75. Make me an offer, if the price is right, I would be willing to sell it to the highest bidder. Comments are screened.

Current Offer: $75
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I have way too much in my collection T_T Feel free to make trade offers (I can provide positive feedback on ebay and here and will expect the same in return. I will also not send first.) Otherwise please make reasonable offers - prices do not include shipping/paypal fees. I accept paypal and money orders/cheques if you are in the UK. I will ship internationally and shipping is based upon destination/number of items bought. 

NO TIME WASTERS!  (That means no asking me information when you have no intention of purchasing or comments about wanting things but having no money.)  READ THE POST FULLY BEFORE COMMENTING.  (I'm not an angry person, but the last round of time wasting comments on this sale were really annoying.)

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Anime, Manga, etc.

I updated my selling journal!

I currently have many VHS for sale, and starting today if you buy one VHS get One free.

I also have a few manga up for sale, all Manga are $6 which includes free shipping within the US via media mail. Buy one Manga get 1 Half off!

I've added 3 Sailor Moon Plushies: Sailor Venus, Sailor Moon, and Artemis. As well as a 12" Sailor Venus Adventure doll.

Please check out my sales journal to see everything!


ALSO: I am seriously considering selling my Witch Hunter Robin DVD Boxset. This is the boxset that looks like a book, and came with 3 Collectors Pins (in a little coffin box). I paid a little over $100 dollars for this, and it has only been watched once. So I would expect to get between $50-60 for it, in order to make it worth selling. If you are seriously interested in this, let me know =).


tota - luke: excellent

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Another house cleaning project. I've got these old anime vhs tapes that I either can get the stuff on dvd now or have already replaced on dvd, so I really don't need them as my vcr is rarey even used anymore, but I know there are people out there who still use theirs a lot and like vhs tapes, so I figured there might be an interested buyer or two. Also remember lots of other japanese and non japanese items are up for sale at my sales journal: mmc_sales

Price: All VHS tapes are $5 shipping included. If you buy multiple discount pricing is negotiable.
Payments accepted: paypal (additional 3% fee for credit and bank card transfers to cover fees), Postal money order, or well concealed cash via mail (at your own risk!)
Shipping: as stated shipping in the US is included in the price, but I am willing to ship outside the US, but it will cost a little more.
Contact info: gryffindor_chaser_melanie@yahoo.com

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je suis le roi

Gianormous Sale!

Assorted English, Chinese and Japanese manga (including boy's love novels), Naruto, FMA and Hikaru no Go keychains, and mousepads under the cut! All selling for cheap--in lieu of a summer job I'm failing to find.
Please do feel free to send any questions or requests my way (ekblack@gmail.com). Alternately, comment here or on my LJ.
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seph~~ ♥♥

Huge CD sale! :D

44 officially released Japanese CDs are up for sale at ysale! =)

Most are first press, limited edition, or out of print.

Artists include the following:
Core of Soul
Fukuyama Masaharu
KinKi Kids
Utada Hikaru

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I've made sure to take many pictures of each CD so that you know exactly what you're getting! Feel free to ask any questions. =) Also, in about another week, I'm going to put up over 200 volumes of manga.

Everything is from my personal collection. I am not a resale seller. I'm just a collector who needs to start saving money for tuition and rent. =P
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Hello! I'm looking for 京/Kyo's (of Dir en grey) second poem book [前略、お元気ですか。最果ての地より名も無き君へ愛をこめて...]. I saw a few people selling them for $30-$50 here, but I missed out! I have my own copy, this will be a gift for a friend's birthday (another friend is looking for decomposition cinema!). I can trade it for Dir en grey/Mana Moi Dix Mois fan club booklets.

Official Shitajiki
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
new and never removed from plastic. Saiyuki has a back image and Fruits Basket is transparent.
$8 each

Official Japanese press CDs
Kamikaze - Yakyuu ga koroshita $8 *still sealed
hitomi - h - $8 *crack on case
AI - 2001 AI - $8 *promo/sample CD
SOULHEAD - reflection (best CD) $9 *promo/sample CD
SOULHEAD - lover, knight, man $5 *promo/sample CD
m-flo - tour 2001 expo expo 2CD [digi-pak] {first pressing} $19
m-flo - the replacement percussionists [digi-pak] $16
Ayumi Hamasaki - Unite! - $6

feel free to make offers on items :)
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Newly added { On temp. hold, waiting for confirmation. }: Orphen Series 1 DVDs 1, 2, & 3. Official American release, English dub & Japanese with subs. Cases in awesome condition, discs in perfect condition. They're like new, I only watched them once and they've been well taken care of.

$9 each shipped. Or 2 for $16 shipped. All 3 for $23 shipped. { Which means all of those prices already include shipping, obviously. ^.~ }

That and a few things else in my journal:


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Hi there
Stuff for sale:

hide CDs
jrock laminated cards
Card captor sakura merchandise
Other anime merchandise
Malice Mizer CD
GLB extra 2
Dir En Grey Singles
Anne of Green Gables DVD
Bubblegum Crisis DVD

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SeraMyu video for sale...

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Eien Densetsu
~The Final First Stage!!~
1998 Winter Special Musical

Format: VHS
Running Time: 2 hours, 22 minutes.
This is the official Japanese release, with NO subtitles.
Comes in its original box w/ the Bandai catalog and any other papers still inside.
Everything is in excellent condition.

I'm asking $17 shipped (within the U.S.) for this. This may sound like a lot for a VHS, but considering the fact that the retail price for the DVD is about $50 and the VHS around $40, I figure that this is a reasonable alternative to get an officially-licensed version of the musical without breaking the bank.

However... I'll also be willing to accept offers, or work out trades for the following:

-North American Sailor Pluto plushie (the first version with the lighter green hair)
-Fushigi Yuugi DVDs vol. 7 & 8 (region 1, official releases)

I prefer PayPal at this time, but I'm also willing to accept money orders.