July 28th, 2006

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This is somewhat of a repost. I posted a few days ago with most of this, but I have added some more and taken some pics of things I don't know the names on. And also a few doujinshi this time round too. If you would like to see pictures or additional pictues of anything don't be afraid to ask. I'm looking to get rid of this stuff so anything better I can do to persuade you to buy then I will do it. Also per usual even more stuff over at my sales journal: mmc_sales .

Terms, Conditions, & the Need to Know
(1)All books are priced as marked with shipping included to a United States address. I am more than willing to ship outside of the US, but you need to contact me with your country of origin so I can configure the correct postage.
(2) Serious buyers only please
(3) I am open for trade on any of these items so don't hesitate to ask about that either. English manga I will trade a manga for a manga. All asian books, mags, and doujinshi are negotiable. But please do not be offended if I turn you down.
(4) Payment methods accepted: Paypal (additional 3% fee for credit or bank card users (you can avoid the fee by paying by e-check which typically takes 3 days)), well concealed cash by mail (at your own risk!), and Potal Money Orders.
(5) As stated shipping is included in the pricings and once payment is received I will ship your item.
(6) If you don't know what yaoi is then don't buy it! All yaoi books are clearly marked, and please if you are younger than 16 don't purchase the yaoi. I do not want to receive any disgruntled emails from parents. There are reasons I've had to show my ID to various dealers in order to purchase some of these items.
(7) contact info: email: gryffindor_chaser_melanie@yahoo.com

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Is anyone really good at digital art? I'm looking for someone to do a commission for me. I want a couple of 'punk' kids (a boy and a girl) I can go into more detail if you need me to. Links to examples of your work would rule. And maybe even a price range. ♥
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I'm new too this community and it's my first time selling here. I really to get rid of these books and clear lots of stuff out so here is a whole bunch of manga for sale I've put it under and LJ cut. All of the manga are american, none are from Japan or in japanese. The condition is quite good! I also have 2 DVDs going for sale bellow.

All manga are being sold for $4 (four dollars), EXCEPT for the Ouran HighSchool Host Club which are $6(dollars) since they are brand new.

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I accept checks or cash as long as it's concelled in a greeting card. If you want to haggle with me at all for something that's just fine!

Shipping is $1 dollar or $2 dollars depending how far it is to ship.

If you want tot alk you can catch me in e-mail at Elvisisacajun@gmail.com or my AIM which is ElvisIsACajun.

Huge manga and CD sale! 150+ volumes

Over 150 volumes of manga up for sale at ysale! Most are BL (yaoi).

Sample pictures of a few of the titles under the cut:
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Everything is available to reasonable offers!

Also, be sure to check the other sections for special items such as a Matantei Loki Ragnarok poster book and cute Asian coin banks! =)

Many CDs are still available, but they're selling fast!

Once again, that's ysale! :D

Sorry if you see this multiple times on your friends page! ^^;;
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I only accept postal (international) money order, and concealed cash (will try to use paypal should that be the only way you can pay.). All items are "old", but have been never been used or were just lightly used- and as such in GREAT condition. Please don't feel afraid of making an offer as I accept offers. Also feel free to tell me if you no longer want the item however interested you seemed at first, I won't bite you for an abrupt "nevermind". This allows me to free an item and try selling it again. If I do not recieve a notice from you about an item after 2 weeks with no information on payment status the transaction will be void. I ship from the US, but am willing to ship internationally. Thank you.

Most prices do not include shipping, should you wish to know the total, provide item information and your zip code. I ship your purchase once I recieve your payment.

Paypal payments or if you have questions you don't want to ask in comments may be sent to my email address: taishonagisa@msn.com


All sales are final.

1st, 2nd & 3rd season InuYasha DVDs (Viz) - $5 each
InuYasha Manga (Viz) $5 each (Only 1-3 available.)
InuYasha Manga (Animanga, VIZ) - $4
InuYasha Manga (Animanga, JP) - $5 each
InuYasha Manga (Japanese) - $3 each
Inuyasha & Sesshoumaru Figures (US - LARGE) - $5 each
InuYasha OST III & Movie OST II (JP, NOT BOOTLEGS) - $17 each

Fullmetal Alchemist:
FMA volume 1 (viz), FMA 6 ,9 ,10 (JP) - $5 each
FMA fanbook vol. 1 (Chinese)
FMA artbook (+coverslip, Chinese)
Fullmetal Alchemist Official Fanbook volume 5 (JP)
- $4 for fanbook, $7 for artbook, $10 for official fanbook
Fullmetal Alchemist Character Collection (JP) - $10
Edward Plush (authentic, NOT Hong Kong made) - $22
Edward & Alphonse FIGURE in RED (in box +manga extra) - $12
Edward and Riza figure (with box) - $3 each
FMA DVDs (Funimation) - $10 (+Metal Box 1st season edition w/editional $9) DVD 1 only available
FMA Cosplay Pocket Watch & necklace w/box - $20 ON HOLD.
FMA - Broken Angel PS2 game (US) - played once - $19

Naruto (all JP release)
Naruto Keychain & Konohamaru keychain (with box; both have boxes) - $2 each
Kankuro Keychain (no box)
Naruto Sticker Book
keychain $1, book $3, stamp $2
Naruto cards $1 per card
Holo. Kakashi card & Chibi Naruto Sticker $2 each
Naruto Flier $2
Sasuke cards $2 each
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Other (all Viz)
Case Closed volumes 1 & 2 - $5 each
Bleach 1, 2 & 3 - $5 each
flcl volumes (manga, Tokyopop) 1 & 2- $5 EACH
Furuba Episodes 1 & 2 DVD, Rurouni Kenshi (Soulless Knights) $4

If pictures of angles or insides is desired, please ask for them.
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Looking to Sell

I updated my shop again. But only for anime. I plan to stock on some other things as well. But I can't help enphasizing that I REALLY NEED THIS STUFF OUT. It'd mean very much for you to buy something. I marked a few things down recently as well. Please look!

Please visit: doramunokai! I have anime, accessories, music items!

anime and manga for sell!!

metropolis- 14.49
slayers the book of spells-11.00

book 6
book 8

The Canadate for Godess
book 1
book 2

Under the Glass Moon
book 1

book 1
book 2
book 3
book 4
book 5
book 6

Love Hina
book 9
book 10
book 10
book 11
book 12
book 13
book 14

book 1

peach girl
book 4
book 5
book 6
book 7
book 8
book 9
book 10

all books are priced at 5 dollars plus shipping and handeling. these prices are NOT negotiable.

trades are also a possible form of payment. one book given=one book recived.  manga that i am currently looking for(graphic novels only):
doll 2 and up
made in heaven 2
dokebi bride 2 and up
angel santuary 14 and up
and books by erica sakurazawa: angel, the aromatic bitters, the rules of love

only avalible for people inside the United States.

**any other shots of the merchendise avalible upon request**

forms of payment: cash,check, paypal, and money orders.

for more information please im me at any of these screenames:
aim-al0n3 t0gether


email me at:

if intersted please either contact me or leave a message here. thank you!

American-released Manga

This is my first time selling on garagesalejapan, so no one knows me here. However, I have a 100% positive feedback on eBay under the name 'k1r1b4n4' and on Amazon under 'n1k1ta'. Also, if anyone is into ball-jointed dolls, you can see glowing feedback for me (n1k1ta) on Den of Angels.

I have for sale: Angel Sanctuary volumes 1-14 (moved to eBay), Escaflowne volumes 1-8 (moved to eBay), and FAKE volumes 1-7 SOLD

I would like to sell each series as a bundle, but I know that might not happen. So, first come, first served. Bundles have been discounted.

I prefer Paypal.

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Looking for a plushie

Hey all! I'm looking for a Kero plushie from Card Captor Sakura. I looked for one at AnimeNext but I couldn't find one there. I was hoping that one of you might have one as I would like a Kero to go with my Sakura costume.  Thanks so much!
Yamapi - I am YAMAPI

2 Japanese Magazines for sale.

Hi!  I just put these magazines up on ebay and decided to see if anyone was interested.

I have two new Japanese magazines; both are Feb. 2006 issues.

Nicola Magazine
Japanese fashion magazine with pictures of Jin Akanishi, Asuka Hinoi, Mio Tachibana, etc.  Comes with barbie gift set.

Fineboys Magazine
Japanese male fashion magazine with a feature/cover of Koichi Domoto (KinKi Kids)

Thank you for looking!! Feel free to ask any questions. :D
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