July 30th, 2006


Added 78 doujinshi~ Now over 500 in stock!

Just added:

49 Prince of Tennis
12 Gankutsuou
10 Wolf's Rain
7 Howl's Moving Castle

Bringing the total of instock doujinshi to over 500!

I accept Paypal (International & US buyers) and Postal Money Order (US Buyers).

I offer insured flat rate Priorty Mail shipping which is good for 4-5 average/thicker doujinshi or 6 thinner doujinshi.

US = $6, Canada & Mexico = $9, All other International that has Global Priorty Mail available is $11.00.

I carry mostly yaoi/shounen ai, but do have some gag and normal doujinshi.

So please come and take a look!


Asian shirts

Added new things!

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If you didn't find anything here, be sure to check out my crochet commission/sales journal, joa_stuff! I make messenger bags, scarves, beanies, amigurumi, and more! All with whatever FRUiTs-y, cosplay, cuteness that you could want!


Good morning!

I have some stuff for sale to try and clear my closets. The prices below are negotiable, especially if you are buying in bunk.

Shipping is not included in these prices - I am shipping from USA, California and I'm very wary about international shipping(as it can get very pricey for you). All of these come from a smoke-free home.

Please comment or send me an email at thefacelessevil@gmail.com if you are interested. And let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

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(no subject)

I have a Manga Masters of the Art for sale by Timothey R. Lehmann.

It interviews with Asamiya Kia, CLAMP, Egawa Tatsuya, Furuya Usamaru, Inoue Takehiko, Maruo Suehiro, Okano Reiko, Sakurazawa Erica, Takaya Miou, Taniguhi Jiro, Tsuno Yuko, and Hiroki Matyuu.  The interviews include both color and black and white manga sections.  The retail price is 16.00 (on Amazon).  It has one black mark on the bottom from a black marker.  (like on the bottom of the pages not the cover.) Other than that is it beautiful condition, not bends no creases in the spine)  I bought it for CLAMP but being around little kids all of the time, alot of the material in it is WAAY too graphic to have around.

Here is a link to the pic:

Any offers?

I also have Fushigi Yuugi 5, 6, and Please Save my Earth 2, and Essential Spiderman Vol 2 (not really manga but I'm throwing it out there)

I'm also looking for Fushigi Yuugi 9, 11+, Sailor Moon Stars 2, And Miracle Girls 1, or any great deals on Hot Gimmick

{Chii} hmmm?

(no subject)

I have a dress that I bought at LaForet in Japan at OLIVEdesOLIVE. I've tried to make it work, but it doesn't look right on my body type ;__; I'm selling it for $90usd. The original price on the reciete comes out to ~$126usd. It still has it's tag on, and comes in it's special bag. It's really very nicely made, but again, doesn't look right on me. The size is an M, but fits all sizes. It has a tie-up connecting to the front of the dress that goes around your neck.

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If you want an instant buy (which I'd love you forever) Send through Paypal at nekorei@hellokitty.com

Sailor Moon Stuff

These things have been sitting in the corner of my bedroom since I was in the 6th grade. From 6th-10th grade I was a huge Sailor Moon freak. I have 78 trading cards and the three movies (DUBBED). (My mom bought me the tapes.) Most but one are all from the American franchise. It's official, just American.

Any video I have is VHS. My family didn't know what a DVD player was until two years ago. I understand nobody likes dubbed movies let alone dubbed VHS xD. Paypal prefered, but I will settle for checks and money orders. Well-conceiled cash if you're feeling testy with the laws of nature. Leave the country and zip code/postal code you're from so I can calculate a shipping charge :D.

Note: the videos are in good condition, but their boxes have cat bites on them. One of my older cats decided he thought Sailor Moon would be delicious. They're minor punctures that only go through the plastic slip over the paper slip.

The whole lot you can get together for a mere $20 :o.

(no subject)

→ Manga: English Translated - 3 Books ($5)
→ Manga: Yaoi (Boy's Love) - 2 Books ($5-$10)

- Accepting well-concealed cash only
- US Dollars only
- Two Weeks HOLD

- In USA only
- Shipping included in the item's price

{Pictures of all items are avaliabe inside the post}

\(^∀^)Take a Look(^∀^)ノ

singer | bice

[Dvd Lot] Auction ends on Friday August 4th at 12 pm central

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Auction of 8 anime dvds
titles: Animatrix, Bubblegum Crisis 2040 Crusade, Blue Submarine No.6 Minasoko, G Gundam Round 10, Outlaw Star vol.1, Please Save My Earth, Sherlock Hound Case File V, X tv vol.2
condition: all in good condition
shipping: $8 US, no international
payment: paypal only
insurance: optional $1.50 extra
auction ending: Friday August 4th at 12 pm noon (central time)
starting bid: $9.99

Bid only on the labeled comment. Questions welcome.


Laminated posters that will make any yaoi/bishie fangirl squeal. <3 I hate to get rid of them but... Since they are my babies, they're in great condition. ^^ ~pets the posters~ I hope I can find a good home for them.

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tota - luke: excellent


And I just keep on finding more stuff to add to my list of stuff to sell.

- Pricing: All items with a price beside them are the price with shipping included within the US (if outside the US comment and we'll talk shipping and fees and stuffs). Any items without prices next to them are make an offer. I will try to make sure and mention this in the section for them but this is here in case I forget.
- Payment: I accept paypal (additional 4% fee for card transactions), postal money orders, and well concealed cash via mail.
- Shipping: As stated shipping is included with all priced items, shipping will be negotiated for all make an offer items, and once I receive your payment I will mail you item(s) within the next 3 business days.

If you would like to physically see any items not featuring pictures please just let me know and I will post a pic for you.

Now onto the items!

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Jrock Blow Out~CD Albums, CD Singles, Tapes, Posters, Photo Book, Tour Bag, and More~

Once again I need to pay off some bills so this stuff needs to go. Just trying to feel around and see if any one wants these items. Pictures can be taken of anything you wish.. just ask!. Feel free to speak with me about pricing. All items in good condition. I take paypal (if with credit card you must pay the charge), money order, or concealed cash at your won risk. (please don't request to buy if you do not intend on paying -_-;; I've had six of these cases in the last month. I'm more willing to haggle with you then work with a person again if they make a deal and don't follow through) If you would like shipping insurance or a tracking code we can work it out into your order. Please take a look!
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ani-mayhem card lot ending in a day and a half

Auction will be ending in a day and a half! :o

I've had these cards since they first came out in the mid-90's, but I never used them, nor do I want them anymore D: They need a home! For more information on Ani-Mayhem, check here:

Please check out the auction!

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