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31 July 2006 @ 12:00 am
I made a selling journal, though it's not completely updated please have a look! I have some good things up right now so please feel free n__n!


Beatmania, hide gear, other stuff! <3

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31 July 2006 @ 12:11 am

Things didn't work out between h.naoto and myself. Here's your chance to own two amazing pieces that sadly won't cut-it-DAMNTHEFAT- with me.

Thank ya!
scholar of war
31 July 2006 @ 02:22 am
Hello. I'm looking for someone that currently lives in Japan (or knows someone who does) that could get a hold of the cd below:

Band: Dio
Website: http://dio-0514.com/
CD: 『硝子の海』
Distributed at their first live.
(1st live 限定無料配布CD)


If you know where I can get this, or get someone to get it for me, please tell me. I've tried several online shopping sources and they're not too reliable or do not e-mail back. I'd prefer if you direct me to a place that you've worked with before. Thank you.

About payment: I'd be willing to pay a lot more than what usual singles cost for your troubles, I'd just be so happy to have this. If you think you can get this, suggest a price, please..
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31 July 2006 @ 02:52 am
More stuff I really need to get rid of stuff I no longer have use for and make some money. Thanks.

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31 July 2006 @ 04:04 am
Hello everyone~! I finally finished setting up my selling journal, so here it is zenkii
I have some Hyde, L'Arc~en~Ciel, w-inds., Tackey & Tsubasa, magazines, and other anime stuff up there.

Please take a look! ^_^

People do it everyday, they talk to themselves...
Dir en grey Blitz 5 Days DVD Box Set!
Last Day!
eBay auction ending in about 8.5 hours.

Auction is here!

I also have a Takoyaki pan listed, if anyone is interested.
And some JAL bags. :3

Thanks so much for looking!
31 July 2006 @ 08:17 am

Well it is not really a hundred yen it is more like $1.00 just in time for the summer. Now until August 31st you can get everything from Peach Jelly Drink, Pockey to UFO ramen for only $1.00. Supplies are limited first come first serve. So if you are headed out to the beach, just came back from a trip to Japan or going on a road trip and you need some drinks, snacks or quick meals with a japanese twist and don't have a lot of cash check out ThinkTokyo.com.

31 July 2006 @ 08:35 am
Tons of Auctions going on at my selling journal!

*Click on picture to go to post*
Full Moon wo Sagashite Lot
Fruits Basket Lot
Pencil Boards Lot
Hana No Kimi Lot
Time Stranger Kyoko Lot

Only taking paypal as payment.

Even more items at geek_shop
31 July 2006 @ 09:08 am
Hello everyone. I have the following auctions ending tomorrow night on ebay:

Gilgamesh Vol. 1 DVD + Artbox and Poster

MINMI Imagine CD On this album you will find "Shiki no Uta", which is the ending theme to the anime series Samurai Champloo. This edition comes with a limited edition sheet of stickers!

Weiss Kreuz All That Weiss Anime Book

Weiss Kreuz Verbrechen & Strafe Anime Book

Thanks for looking!
31 July 2006 @ 10:57 am

Modern Maiko Ware

The amount of detail and work put into this original design took many long hours to complete, over a period of days. Each petal must be folded, prepared, fixed and arranged individually. This is kanzashi set is truly a work of art, and will look stunning in any person's hair.

See my Auction Page for more pictures and detail! :)

I also take commissions, if anyone would like a certain look for their kanzashi!
Hey everyone! I've started a sales journal and I've got a ton of stuff for sale so please check it out. Just to give you a run down of what I've got for sale:

Sailor Moon Dolls (11 inch, 2 inch, UFO)
Galaxy Frauline Yuna Gashapon Doll
Card Captor Sakura Doll
Role Playing Toys (Sailor Moon wands and lockets, Sailor Starlights Accessories, Card Captor Sakura book with Sakura Cards)
Manga and Artbooks (Bastard! RG Veda, Ceres, Utena)
Sailor Moon Books (RPG, Scout Guide: Crystal, Friends and Foes, R Movie Memorial)
Sailor Moon CDs
VHS (Sailor Moon dub and FY 1st season dub)
Cards and Stickers (Sailor Moon, FY, CCS, Ah! My Goddess, Utena, Ayashi no Ceres)

Buy my stuff! It'll make us both happy!

31 July 2006 @ 01:27 pm
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Midnight Radio
31 July 2006 @ 01:50 pm
Hello! Was wondering if anyone would be interested in a Direct Sale of a "L'est Rose" Burgundy T-Shirt with pretty ribbons from Japan!

Brand: L'est Rose
Size: perfect for 8/10 (stretchy cotton material) - if more measurements are needed please ask me!

31 July 2006 @ 02:50 pm
CURE posters (will add pictures)
cell phone pouch
Dir en grey bag
myth bag with *kenshin* on it <- samura ???
pair of boots <-ON HOLD 7days
ipod skin
and Anime DVDs

direct sale

~MUST GO~Collapse )
a d o r a  ★
31 July 2006 @ 04:32 pm
I'm selling a bunch of random things. 8D;

(Part Two contains a bunch of anime magazines and extras, will be coming later.)

JRock: Gazette NIL A4 sized Pamphlet (Limited only to those who purchased from Guruguru!) SOLD! ClickCollapse )

Official Anime Goods:

Three in One FMA cushion (Ed, Al and Kitty~) SOLD! ClickCollapse )

Loveless Keychain SOLD! ClickCollapse )

Shitajiki/Pencil Boards
Loveless SOLD!
Gankustuou ClickCollapse )

Anime Artbooks+Official Fanbooks:

Matantei Loki Ragnarok (Romeo e Julietta) ON HOLD! ClickCollapse )
FMA (Official Fanbook 3) SOLD! ClickCollapse )
Cardcaptor Sakura (All three official artbooks, NOT Tokyopop)SOLD! ClickCollapse )
Rozen Maiden (Official anime series guide) ClickCollapse )

Other Cosplay-ish stuff:

Clip-on hair extensions ClickCollapse )

-PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE. We'll talk and see, okay? I'm a flexible persion. :D
-All items from a smoke-free and pet-free household.

-I will ship to Canada and the US. As for internationally...we'll talk and see. ^^; Shipping costs depends on where you live, comment and let me know if you're interested, I'll give you an estimate.

I'll accept concealed cash by registered mail (both Canadian and US currencies (Canadian is preferred though) and Paypal.

Email: x.alchemy.with.style.x[at]gmail.com OR adora.tam[at]gmail.com
MSN: ruki_92[at]hotmail.com

Thanks for looking and don't hesitate to ask any questions~ :D
31 July 2006 @ 04:42 pm
Still selling more than a hundred volumes of english manga at tachikoma_sales
Prices negotiable for large orders!

Added Recently:
Fruits Basket v1-3
DNAngel v1
Man of Many faces 1-2 from Clamp
Alice 19th v1-2
31 July 2006 @ 04:55 pm

New Items at cleaning_out!

Come see what's new at cleaning_out!

Thanks for looking!

Up for sale are some older issues of some shoujo manga magazines, some come with all the furoku (freebies). Furoku includes:

-Ai Yazawa
-Yami no Matsuei
-Full Moon wo Sagashite

and much more.

Pics and descriptionsCollapse )


--I accept Paypal (credit and non-credit), as well as money orders and concealed cash, if there's no other alternative. International users must use paypal.
--If you pay with a money order, it should get to me within 10 days of confirming your item unless we work something out.


--I ship internationally, so long as you pay for it.
--I try to ship the cheapest way possible, but it won't always be the fastest.


--You can find my feedback on Ebay here


--You can email me at utenaten 78 @ yahoo. com (remove the spaces) or post here
31 July 2006 @ 08:08 pm
Hello! I'm raising money for this project:


Please take a look! I have lots of great stuff going to a good cause :D

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31 July 2006 @ 08:16 pm

Store is closing on 20th August - everything must be gone by then!

Click the links to see and buy...
♣ - Japanese Fashion/Bishoujo magazines
♣ - Craft supplies!
♣ - OOAK Clothing - new skirts and dresses!
♣ - FRUiTSy Store-bought clothing - new tops!

♥ - Shipping internationally via Airmail Small Packets, non-credit card Paypal only from international customers ^_^

Take a peek under the cut for examples of the things I'm selling...♥

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creepy twin
31 July 2006 @ 08:26 pm
I am selling a Penicillin Tour 2003 "Gekiyaku" Tour Pamphlet. I got it autographed by Hakuei and Chisato at A-kon, but ended up buying a different pamphlet that I liked more. So I don't want to keep this one. ^___^

I am asking $35 including shipping within the United States and Canada (please ask if you are out of the country so I can tell you the correct amount).

Right now I will only accept Paypal because I need money immediately so I'm not short on my rent. If you want this, you need to be able to pay right away. Pleeeeeaaase!

Feel free to post with questions.

On to the pictures! Last two are the autographed pages.



Thank you for looking!

✝ cleric of the church of Jun
31 July 2006 @ 08:35 pm
Selling a few pins from the following anime series:

- Digimon
- Saiyuki
- Prince of Tennis
- Rurouni Kenshin

Pictures under the cut.

anime pinsCollapse )

Shipping: $1 for a single pin. $2 for two or more. Same shipping price for anywhere in the world.

Payment: I prefer PayPal[to becky@moon-clock.net :: no credit card payments as my account will not accept them], but am also willing to accept cash[U.S. dollars only] or money order via mail[at your own risk].
31 July 2006 @ 10:44 pm
Lots of items still for sale @ lacyinthetrunk

Also added a Psycho le Cemu "seek Fan" shirt and Malice Mizer book!

Check it out!

31 July 2006 @ 11:09 pm
Is there anyone who can or knows of a dependable service or Japanese contact that would be able to do the following for me:

I recently purchased Phantasmagoria's Survivor's Guilt and Territory of Divine DVDs and noticed there are cards in both that if I read correctly (my Japanese isn't fabulous) if you send both the cards to the address stated you get a free live cd. I've seen bands do stuff like this before and usually it is ONLY open to Japanese residents and since there is no english on the card at all I'm assuming this is as well. So I was needing to know if there was anybody in Japan I could pay, send the cards to, have the cd sent to them and then have them mail it to me?

Basically I'm entitled to something free and I'd like to be able to cash in on it, even if it will cost me a little cash to get it.

So seriously if there is anyone who could help me out or anyone someone could refer me to.

x-posted to jrock_market