August 3rd, 2006

Naruto, FFVII, and Full Metal Alchemist DJs

Hey everyone. I've got some Naruto and FMA Doujinshi's to sell. They're going for $10 a piece with shipping at $4 for 2-3 day shipping. Another $1.00 for registered. Most of them are soft yaoi, nothing too explisive.

(sorry for the large images; i am not so computer-savvy when it comes to this ~_~)

They are:

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~~New Updated list - Doujinshis for sale~~

Once again, I have updated my LJ with some new fullmetal alchemist doujinshis: Still, Scintilla and Lovely Cool Fake.

I'm still selling:
_2 Hikaru no go Doujinshis
_3 Fullmetal alchemist Doujinshis
_3 Harry Potter Doujinshis
_1 Prince of Tennis Doujinshi
_1 Deathnote Doujinshi
Here's the link to view the doujinshis and get more detailed informations: ++Doujinshis Sale++

Fruits or FRUiTS?

It's me again! I made a strawberry beanie this time! Next up is a kiwi scarf, and then onto a peach hat and a blueberry hat. I am also in the process of making Baby the Stars Shine Bright-inspired white bunny ears beanie, along with a black Hyde messenger bag with this design on it and a lacy Deery Lou tote! AND, as if that wasn't enough, I am also making BJD accessories! Jazz up your dollfies with my cute hats, bags, and scarves! Other things that I seem to be mass producing now are Ai Yazawa's Happy Berry items, including Miwako's berry backpack, logoed scarves, a berry handbag, and little berry pins! And my amigurumi soot balls of Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away are still working and they can't be bothered with right now ♥...

If you are interested in any of these soon-to-come items, or want to keep up to date on everything, you can sign up for my mailing list! Just comment with your e-mail address and I will screen the comment, as well as add you to the list!

If you are interested in commissioning, ordering, or suggesting an item, please read on under the cut.

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selling Dir en grey PIT concert tickets!

Dir en grey will be performing with Korn and Flyleaf on Tuesday, August 8th, at Corpus Christi, Texas. Usually the tickets are around $60, but I am selling them for only $40 because I really want to get rid of them. E-mail me ( or comment if you're interested! Again, this ticket is at the very front, since it's a pit ticket.

WTB: Ear to Lip Chain

I thought I'd give it on a shot on here and see what I get. Does anyone know where I can find and ear to lip chain??? I've been looking everywhere and it's so hard =/. I guess I can make my own but I'm just too lazy LOL. SO if anyone knows where I can buy one please leave me a comment. Currently the only one selling is this one on ebay:

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Filikili by eumelkeks

(no subject)

Selling quite a few items. CDs, some plushies, and some video games. Feedback at my journal.

I accept well-concealed cash, checks, and money orders. I am willing to ship internationally, if you can provide payment.

Please e-mail me directly at elisabess [at] gmail [dot] com if you are interested in any items.

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Thanks for looking!
toshiya [otsu]

(no subject)

Hello everyone! I am trying to get rid of some of my old stuff that I don't look at anymore. I hope you find some things you like! :)

1. I am not responsible for any lost or damaged items or money. That is the postal service's job. = )
2. No returns/backing out please. The last time I sold stuff online, people did this to me often. If you are not sure if you can get something, just don't ask for it. I don't want to have to spend months trying to track down people.
3. I accept money orders, personal checks (will have to be cleared) and (concealed) cash.
4. All prices are in USD, NOT including S+H.
5. I will consider international orders, but the S+H price will probably be greater and we will have to talk about what type of currency will be exchanged.
6. S+H depends on the weight of the package and the type of packaging that needs to be used--for example, posters will be sent in poster tubes.
7. I will PM you if you have "won" the item. = )
8. I will not ship your item to you until I have received payment (you will be notified once your item is shipped).
9. Prices can be negotiable.

w/ all that said:

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Some more information:
Apprx. shipping prices (just estimates):
CD: $4
Poster: $5
Magazine: Depending on the weight/packaging, $3-$5/6 (some of the magazines are HEAVY)
These are just approximate prices. It really depends on the envelope/box I am shipping things in and the weight. We don't want to guage you on shipping but it's really expensive to mail some of this.

Reply w/:
email address:
Total not including shipping:

Thank you. = )

T.M.Revolution Singles

I've got some TMR Singles to sell ~ ~ ALL SINGLES $5 EACH! 

From his earlier years! ^^
- Boarding
- Black or White
- Heat Capacity

And 2 singles as 'the end of genesis T.M.R. evolution turbo type D' with Daisuke Asakura
- Gekkoh (月虹; Moon-Beam
 - winter dusk  (雪幻) 

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MOVING SALE! Manga, Magazines, Cds, DVDs, etc.!

I'm moving out soon and I need to get rid of some things. I don't have pictures, as I am one of the few without a digital camera, but everything I have listed is in GOOD CONDITION. Personal use considered, of course the edges of some books will show some wear.

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* I accept PayPal (preferred), Money Orders, and Concealed Cash (at your own risk)
* Shipping will be determined by me on each individual case, as it and packaging will vary
* eBay feedback
* NO TRADES thank you

COMMENT or EMAIL (kirito [at] if you're interested in anything.

(no subject)

h.Naoto h.Anarchy Shirt (perfect condition) still for sale -- last chance!!

This was shipped to me straight from Japan, and I have been keeping it because I love it, but it's not something I would wear. It's also a bit big for me. This is the last chance to get it, because after this, it is going straight to eBay.

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alice//aoyagiminato LJ

YYH Doujinshi Wanted

Does anyone have this specific Yu Yu Hakusho doujinshi? Please include price with shipping to NY and condition of book.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I can pay by Money Order only!


Oh, and I have feedback under Pikagirl in the GSJ feedback thread


(no subject)

Hey hey.

I'm selling this ADORRRRABLE electronic Pikachu. It's been sitting in my house for a long time now, it's soooo freakin' cute but I figured since I don't get much use from it I would give it a new home. When you squeeze either of his hands he talks, moves his ears and mouth and his little cheeks light up. Surprisingly the batteries still work! I even forgot they were in there. He's in perfect condition and comes with original box.

I can take money order or PayPal or concealed $$$ but AYOR!

Though if you pay with PayPal shipping may take a few days since I'm kinda broke so I won't be able to ship it until I get paid & my printer is out of ink so therefore I cannot print on of the PayPal postage thingies. Rather with a money order I can ship it right after I recieve your payment.

Feedback is on my LJ.

I'm asking $15 + s&h. I can't give a total tho until I get your ZIP so I can get a s&h price.

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Candy Pills // fooish_icons

(no subject)

Hi, I'm looking for old issues of Hana to Yume, specifically 8/2003, 9/2003 and 10/2003. (Um, the first number refers to the issue #'s, not monthes.)

I'm mainly interested in these for the chapters of Sequence by Saenagi Ryou, or any one-shots by Saenagi Ryou. I think 10/2003 has the chapter of Sequence I'm missing.

So if anybody has those and are willing to sell them, please drop me a note. :D Thanks!
rilakkuma 2

(no subject)

Yes, I'm selling many a things that I don't need anymore. Please come to Doramunokai and look around!

List of items I have available. Adding more in future:

UV issue: Front - Gackt, Back - Dir En Grey
TM Revolution: Poster
Rag Fair: Poster
Every Little Thing Single
Miyavi postcard Type A & B

Fushigi Yuugi Volume 2
Yu Yu Hakusho Volume 11
Betsuhana 11
Inuyasha Secret Book c/w Stickers
Yu Yu Hakusho Tournament VHS 1 & 2
Neko no Ongaeshi (The Cat's Return) Booklet
Yugioh Trucker Hat/Cap

DIY Strawberry Cake Cell Phone Strap
Rakkyo-chan Cell Phone Strap
Pinky Earrings
Funky Dotted Earrings
Blue Indian Earrings
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20% Grand opening sale of my anime dvd/cel/manga site! Items added almost daily!

Hi I am having the grand opening of my anime dvd/anime cel/manga and more site today with a special sale of 20% off the marked price of all items. This sale will run until Tuesday August 8th at 11:59 pm, so stock up today. My store includes for sale:

100s of anime dvds
100s of anime cels
over 100 manga (most just $4.00 each)
Anime soundtracks (all just $6.00 each)
Video games
and more!

Added today, Sealed Anime dvds: Scrapped Princess, Andriod Kikaider, Angel Tales, Gundam F-91 movie, and more!
music note itsuki

(no subject)

I'm trying to get rid of a couple of magazines so I don't have to ship as much stuff home when I leave Japan. If there are any that you want and you can get me the money for the magazine by Saturday August 5th, I'll cover the shipping.

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Thank you for looking. ^_^
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Tom Felton by Rachel

Flyers for sale! Clearance!

I have a ridiculous pile of flyers that have been collecting over the past year, that I *really* need to get rid of. Mostly recieved at visual and oshare lives, or picked up at music stores, these flyers cover the last year. Both NEW and up to 1-YEAR OLD flyers aplenty.

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(no subject)

A few new things! Angel Sanctuary purse, Gravitation Fanbook, Gundam Wing Stickers~. Pictures of those under the cut! And more in my journal, including the shounen-ai and bishounen posters I'm still trying to sell. ^-^ I only ship to the US { Not including Hawaii or Alaska. } And currently I'm only accepting money orders or concealed cash~. { At your own risk! }

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Sailor V

Sailor Moon DVDs for sale?

Hey, I was just wondering does anyone have the following region 1 Sailor Moon DiC DVDs for sale?

- Sailor Scouts to the Rescue
- The Man in the Tuxedo Mask

I REALLY need these two, as they are the only ones I don't have. If you have one you'd like to sell, PLEASE comment cause I'd be very interested as well as grateful! I haven't had much luck on eBay or and I don't want a bootleg, so if any of you could help me out, I'd like it a lot!

great wall  prep


Yep, still me. Yep, still selling things. But! I've added newer, better-er things!
-Huge Demonia platform boots! (Perfect for J-Rock or other cosplay, EGL/EGA, hipsters, everyone!)
-Clear files!
-Hana to Yume and Ribon magazines!
-Newtype USA!

The Desperate For Cash Sale Continueth!

Of course, I'll also take Paypal and personal checks, but you'll have to wait until the payment clears before I ship! Shipping prices are, of course, negotiable.
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THANKS FOR LOOKING! Feel free to ask your questions here, at my LJ, or through email(!)
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Fukaya (Shiki)

japanese visual kei fashion pants

I advertised these same pants on this community a couple of weeks ago; however, the winning bidder for the pants backed out after they won! Soo... the pants are now relisted at ebay- so bidders please try your luck for some authentic Visual kei style pants by Creedence~!

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