August 6th, 2006


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I'm giving this another shot before I leave for school. I would really like someone to buy the 2 Sailor Moon dolls because I'm not sure I have a safe place to store them. I also have not listed on my page:
3 Ribon phonebooks from 2003 and another pair of black lace gloves. These are short gloves and come with a matching handkerchief.

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20% off grand opening sale at Grico Anime, my anime dvd/cel/manga site!

Hi I am having the grand opening of my anime dvd/anime cel/manga and more site with a special sale of 20% off the marked price of all items. This sale will run until Tuesday August 8th at 11:59 pm, so stock up today. Items added almost daily! My store includes for sale:

100s of anime dvds
100s of anime cels
over 100 manga (most just $4.00 each)
Anime soundtracks (all just $6.00 each)
Video games
and more!

Updated today: Used Anime dvds: Mahormatic: Something More Beautiful
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Selling on ebay

Hi everyone~
I'm currently selling Sadie's The Trend Killer Minialbum on ebay, it's brand new and still wrapped and really great music, too lol :D
For the article description go here:

I'm going to sell Dir en grey's limited It withers and withers 2005 Tour DVD, too, but it's not there yet, so maybe come back later? '_'V It's the one with the three DVDs and it's still shrinkwrapped, too and pretty rare I believe so yeah.. @__@
Anyway, thanks for looking <3
shinya, dir en grey, grey
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Yes, because I'm an idiot and I like to buy crap. It's called, I like expensive dolls so I need money. Like $700, and ASAP. (Because I want to spend as little of my paycheck as possible, since I have to pay for important things like school and books pretty soon too.) Paypal is AWESOME, by the way.
Whatever I don't have pictures of up right now, more are definitely available upon request.
Added lots of clothes, and lowered prices on manga

I am a copy paste freak. So if you're tired of seeing the same thing over and over... try going /b/ at 4chan. It won't seem so bad anymore.

So, here I present my meager accumulation of anime/jrock/clothes stuffs that if I were to be so honored by you buying, I would love you forever.

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Artbooks for Sale!

Hello! I am selling two anime/manga artbooks since I need money FAST! XD

Chocola ~2001~ (Koge-Donbo) - $20 + $5 s+h within the United States and Canada

Hardcover. 208 pages. Almost all in color. Minor shelf wear on edges.

Your Eyes Only (Yun Kouga) - $20 + $5 s+h within the United States and Canada

Hardcover. 95 pages. All color. Minor wear to dust jacket. Obi included.

Both of these books are beautiful and in great condition. ^___^ I apologize for the poor pictures. The lighting in my apartment is really terrible. D:

If you are interested and do not live in the United States or Canada, please let me know beforehand so I can check on the shipping for you.

Payment: Right now, I really need to be paid using Paypal. If you absolutely can not use Paypal, but will be able to have payment in the mail within 2-3 days, I will accept money orders, checks, and very well concealed cash at your own risk.

Also, I can't hold items for more than a day or two, so if you need to think about it, I will have to know your answer within the next day or so. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I have things that need to be paid for fairly soon so having the money within a few days will be very helpful.

Thank you! If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me at:

Pink Berry Shop Direct Sales!

Store is closing on 20th August (14 more days!) - everything must be gone by then!

Click the links to see and buy...
♣ - Japanese Fashion/Bishoujo magazines (I also have Pichi Lemon J-fashion magazines - please ask me if you're interested! :D)
♣ - Craft supplies!
♣ - OOAK Clothing!
♣ - FRUiTSy Store-bought clothing!

♥ - Shipping internationally via Airmail Small Packets, non-credit card Paypal only from international customers ^_^

Take a peek under the cut for examples of the things I'm selling...♥

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Shitajiki on eBay

Lots of Shitajiki for auction on eBay. All starting at $3.99 each. Shipping is only $5.00 for as many auctions you win. No extra fees! Only 2 days left!

Also, I have more at My Collection's Site on the extra page. Please help me get rid of as many as I can. Taking offers. (reasonable offers please)

All my shitajiki are all in mint condition and never removed from their plastics.

Thanks for looking!


I'm just requesting some stuff.. I don't know if this is allowed? please delete if its not


I live in Australia so I can only pay by $AUD or money order =[