August 8th, 2006

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Gloomy / Sony Cat / Rilakkuma

Several new items have been added to shop8~

Gloomy plush (black / pink / blue), $40 each (shipping not included). For more information and pictures, please refer to this post.

Sony Cat phonecharms, $11 each (international shipping included). For more information or to buy, please go to this post.

Lastly, if you are interested in ordering a sleeping Rilakkuma plush, take a look here~ :3
Thanks for reading!
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need to sell everything!

I know I posted not long ago, but I just took off the price off almost everything I put up. So now whoever is interested they can make offers for it or the highest offer. I am in desperate need of money! And I really want to sell them as quick as possible, since school is starting soon. So please have a look! Everything is here!!
Jeans and style

Sailor Moon Items! :) Help me pay for fall! x_x

Hello! I have some Sailor Moon items available for sale that I really need to get rid of! I need help paying for school and it's hard to let them go,but I'm sure they'll go to a good home!

**I have 100% feedback on Ebay (37 positive,0 negetive)**
**I accept PAYPAL (for it is love), but under special circumstances I will except other forms of payment (except checks!)**
**Shipping will depend on when I work-but most of the time it's the next day or day of (unless I work a 9:00-5:00 shift..which is when our post offices open and close here x_x lol)**

EVERYTHING IS MAKE AN OFFER! You most likely won't be turned down unless it is unreasonable.

-The VHS movies are all in perfect condition with their original cases! Mint-
Want to see more of this pretty senshi? Follow the cut!

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I also have some other anime items-but I'm working on the selling journal at the moment so I will give you a listing..all of this is make an offer as well and I will provide pictures ON REQUEST.
(all manga in Brand New condition and most are actually doubles that were given as gifts)
-"Negima" manga volume one-English-
-"Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle" Volume 2-
-"Chobits" Volume 1-

-FINAL FANTASY VII Doujinshi-"Ike Ike Fantasy!"
No pairings,just a very silly and sooo cute doujin of your favorite FFVII characters!

♥ I will have more once I sort through my stuff some more, so please, help me out with school and I will be able to pay it all off (car trouble is a pain right before this time >O Lol). Thanks so much again! ♥

Starry Neko!

more stuff to sell!

Hiya! Still trying to get rid of stuff in my room and clear off space in my bookshelves. Everything is name your own price, no bidding, no trades. I will ship internationally, but keep in mind shipping can be expensive. I will accept Paypal and concealed cash (I prefer Paypal, and cash at your own risk). If you’d like pictures of any item ask me! Thanks!

**if you showed interest in items from a previous post feel free to comment again
Malice Mizer “au revoir” single release poster (has wear because I pinned it to my wall and I’ve had it for three years, a few small tears around edges)

Chobits Chii plush (HOLD)

Demon Diary vol. 1-7 (all volumes)
Angel Sanctuary vol. 3-6
.hack//legend of the twilight vol. 1,2
Under the Glass Moon vol. 1,2
Aquarian Age Juvenile Orion vol. 1,2
Megatokyo vol. 1
Lament of the Lamb vol. 1
X/1999 vol. 1
Suki vol. 1
Hands Off vol. 1
GetBackers vol. 1
Pita Ten vol. 1
Pet Shop of Horrors vol. 7
FLCL vol. 1
Eerie Queerie vol. 1-4 (all volumes)(SOLD)

Yu Yu Hakusho Kurama poster
Naruto Sasuke and Naruto poster
signed Megatokyo poster (the one w/ Piro’s gaming alter ego carrying the chibi kill stick, this is signed so it has my name on it)
Cat girls in lolita-esque clothes poster
X/1999 the movie promo poster
Gara and Naruto pencil board (I think that’s what it is)
*all posters have some light wear

Cardcaptor Sakura the movie (first movie, viewed once, should play fine, case in very good condition)

How to Draw Manga: Illustrating Battles
Cosplay Girls
The Anime Encyclopedia
Anime: from Akira to Princess Mononoke

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ENDING TONIGHT Grico anime Grand opening sale 20%! Anime dvds/cels/manga!

Hi I am having the grand opening of my anime dvd/anime cel/manga and more site with a special sale of 20% off the marked price of all items. The 20% sale is ending TONIGHT at 11:59 pm. Items added almost daily! My store includes for sale:

100s of anime dvds
100s of anime cels
over 100 manga (most just $4.00 each)
Anime soundtracks (all just $6.00 each)
Video games
and more!

anime and manga for sell!!

metropolis- 14.49
slayers the book of spells-11.00

book 6
book 8

The Canadate for Godess
book 1
book 2

Under the Glass Moon
book 1

book 1
book 2
book 3
book 4
book 5
book 6

Love Hina
book 9
book 10
book 10
book 11
book 12
book 13
book 14

book 1

peach girl
book 4
book 5
book 6
book 7
book 8
book 9
book 10

all books are priced at 5 dollars plus shipping and handeling. these prices are NOT negotiable.

trades are also a possible form of payment. one book given=one book recived.  manga that i am currently looking for(graphic novels only):
doll 2 and up
made in heaven 2
dokebi bride 2 and up
angel santuary 14 and up
and books by erica sakurazawa: angel, the aromatic bitters, the rules of love

only avalible for people inside the United States.

**any other shots of the merchendise avalible upon request**

forms of payment: cash,check, paypal, and money orders.

feedback can be found here:

for more information please im me at any of these screenames:
aim-al0n3 t0gether


email me at:

if intersted please either contact me or leave a message here. thank you!

English manga for sale

Manga for sale! Almost all manga $5 or less, buy 4 manga and get free shipping in the US!

Added recently:
PhD: Phantasy Degree v1
Diabolo v1-2 (new)
East Coast Rising (OEL) v1

Fruits Basket v1-3
Angel Sanctuary v1-4,6
Happy Hustle High v1-5 $25 shipped

Juvenile Orion v1-3
Kingdom Hearts v1-3
Chronicles of the Cursed Sword v1-3
Trigun (original not maximum. 300 pgs each) vol 1 and 2

(no subject)

New Items at Niihon Onegai>

New Items at Niihon Onegai Including:

+Whole new American DVD Section
+Whole new American CD Section
+2 new Manga's Including hit titles Yotsuba, Azumanga Daioh, .hack, Demon Oron, and The Ring
+JROCK Items including a W~inds Arena37c Issue, MUCC Limited Badge, Azumanga Daioh Soundtrack
+Tons of Apparel items, including Pikachu and Gang T-Shirt, Young Link Shirt, +so much more
+Tons of Kawaii Stationary
+New Items being added everyday!

To Niihon Onegai!

-Click Banner to Warp Over to Niihon Onegai-
bee death


Relisted some items here, I'm moving so I really need to get rid of some stuff- lowered the prices in hope of getting rid of everything faster. Please take a look!

Liz Lisa top and skirt
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Grico Anime 20% off grand opening sale ending at MIDNIGHT!

Hi I am having the grand opening of my anime dvd/anime cel/manga and more site with a special sale of 20% off the marked price of all items. The 20% sale is ending TONIGHT at 11:59 pm. Items added almost daily! My store includes for sale:

100s of anime dvds
100s of anime cels
over 100 manga (most just $4.00 each)
Anime soundtracks (all just $6.00 each)
Video games
and more!

(no subject)

I'm selling a bunch of items, primarily manga and anime DVDs/tapes, and primarily older stuff (such as Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Ranma 1/2); but I do have some newer items and a few Japanese pop CDs thrown in as well. Since the list is rather big, I invite you to browse my sale page, located at the following:

Payment and shipping terms are also on that page.

I may add more items in the near future; if I do (and they're relevant to the community), I will post an update here.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment or e-mail me.
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selling 2 CDs

hey! i need to get rid of these CDs because i'm in need of some quick money... i really don't want to part with them, but i need to. T_T

the legend of zelda: ocarina of time re-arranged album - $5

this cd has basically all of the classic zelda songs from the game re-mixed into electronica. the tracks are:
1. title theme
2. battle
3. lost woods
4. lon lon ranch
5. shop
6. zelda's theme
7. middle boss battle
8. temple of time
9. kotake + koume's theme
10. hyrule field main theme
11. great fairy's fountain
12. last battle

merveilles by malice mizer - $6

awwweesome cd. there's an itsy bitsy chip on the case, but otherwise everything else is in fab condition. :D it's got a really nice thick booklet too with cool photo shoots and all the lyrics. the tracks are:
1. ~de merveilles
2. syunikiss
3. (i can't read kanji O_O)
4. illuminati
5. brise
6. (again, can't read kanji)
7. au revoir
8. je te veux
9. s-conscious
10. (...)
11. bois de merveilles

will take concealed cash or money order! thanks!!
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NewS, Kanjani8, Yamashita Tomohisa

I'm selling a NewS, Kanjani8, and Yamashita Tomohisa pack on Ebay.

AUCTION IS HERE. It ends on SUNDAY. I'll post 3 days before and the day of the auction as a reminder (and because nobody needs to see me post this everyday). Started out as 99cents. No reserve. Much better and clearer pictures of all the pages/pictures.

(Incase anyone is curious, I have bought a ton of clipping packages from LJ and Ebay and basically just took the ones I wanted and am selling the rest!)

Thank you!

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