August 11th, 2006

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Cleaning Out!!

Getting ready to go back to school -- Cleaning out my Sales Journal, adding some things and hoping to make a bit of money. As always, if you don't like my price, please make me an offer!! I will consider all reasonable offers! :)

Check out my anime merchandise!

Check out my Sales Journal!

I'm selling all kinds of clothing & accessories, anime merchandise & collectibles, manga, posters and more! Check it out!

I have merchandise from Fullmetal Alchemist, Chobits, Fushigi Yuugi, Gravitation, Sailormoon, Fruits Basket, GetBackers!, and many others. If you're looking for a specific series, I can always check my collection to see what I might be able to part with.

Thank you for all of your support for crayon_ninja!! I've had such a positive selling experience, I thank you all!!
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Rakuten shop

Urm, hi there. I wonder if it is ok to post this...? I was wondering if anyone (not from/in Japan, anyway) has ever bought anything from the Rakuten S.O.S. shop? I was thinking of getting some stuff from there, but as my Japanese isn't quite as good as I'd like, well I wanna make sure that it'll all work out. So before I embarrass myself horribly by attempting to write them an email in Japanese, if there's anyone who's actually bought something from there, please tell me how it all works? Like, do they take foreign credit cards (and if not, how can you pay?) and how do you find out the shipping charges and such. Urm... yeah, if anyone knows, and could share their experience, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you very much~ m(_ _)m
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Help me save a dogs life.

( SHIRT ON HOLD TILL SUNDAY)I need to sell this shirt. I've worn it once. I got it in Japan last summer it cost me about $200 american dollars. I'm selling it for $100. The reason I'm doing this, is because I want to adopt a dog that's going to be put down this tuesday. I'm hoping to raise the $75 to adopt it before this happens. The extra money will go for the dogs food and collar etc... I love this shirt so much, but I value a life more then it. I might be willing to go a bit lower, but nothing less then $90


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The shirt is about an American M/L. It has velcro on the top so you can show shoulder or not. The sleaves detatch and so do the chains. CLICK LINKS FOR MORE PICTURES!

Want Saiyuki-Anime goods sell/trade Added more

Hi, umm.. i wanted to see if I could find anything I'm looking for. I'dd buy at decent prices or trade.

What id like

Saiyuki OVA Eps 1-2 (1999 Tokyo kids release) DVD or vcd i dont care.
Saiyuki Doujinshi's (Sanzo/Goku)
Saiyuki Gunlock Japanese PS2 game

Jap PS2 System

Ahh.. well.. Basically anything Saiyuki!

What I have To Sell!
(the new cds/pins/shirts images are all at this site)
just incase top link isnt working
Chibi Inuyasha-3.00
Rare Bakura-5.00
Rare Marik-6.00

Water bobble lee from Naruto is the burry item! -3.00

*NEW*Inuyasha 23.00

Jap cds
Utada Exous-7.00(Held)
8 different Jap anime song collections(see covers in pic) 8.00 each or all for 55.00
Jap DVD music video disc (not sure who it is) 6.00 (its in the scans)

Pink Fullmetal-2XL-still has tags 7.00

Black Fullmetal-L-6.00

(All yugioh shirtd are Boys youth XL 16/18
YUgioh grey w/joey/yugi 5.00
YUgioh red w/egyptian gods 5.00
Black w/kaiba and joey 5.00


*NEW* Loveless Vol. 1 Sealed 18.00

Fullmetal Alchemist Vol 1. dvd 7.00

Gundam Seed Movie 3 DVD 10.00 (Hold for Kui-chan)


*NEW*Saiyuki Vol 5 5.00

*NEW*Yellow Vol. 1 (Yaoi) 8.00

*NEW*yellow Vol. 2 (Yaoi) 8.00
(or both for 14.00)

Hikaru No Go Vol. 1 *Just added* 4.00(HOLD)

Inuyasha manga vols.3 4.00

Inuyasha Vol 4. 4.00 (both for 6.00)

Naruto Foil Cover 8.00

Yu-Gi-Oh Foil Cover 8.00

Ok, if you have any question about an item please email me. All prices include shipping.
I will hold an item til the date agreed. I need money soon, as I am out alot of bil money.

Remember the more you by the more of a savings i'll give.

I accept Paypal and Money Orders or cash at own risk.


I have an ebay account if you wish to see my possitive feedback!
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(no subject)

I'm selling a MYV Rocks skirt on ebay. The starting price is only $10 and the skirt is in brand new condition! It's just like the one he wore in concerts and photoshoots and it can fit a very wide range of sizes! Check it out here!


Added new tops! Help me lighten the load of moving :)

US only. No Canada/elsewhere.
Paypal only. I don't have a mailbox of my own, except at home which I only go to a couple times a month. And I need money now, heh.
Trades considered if you have stuff I want, and if you have 30+ feedback collectively.

( New tops added! H+M, Delia's, Urban Outfitters, thrift YM/YL, CDs [Apoptygma Berzerk, Tiger Army, Tsunami Bomb, Silverchair, Bush + more], anime DVDs [Gantz boxset and Kodocha], band stickers, and way more )


Couple of Manga's in Beautiful condition, A plushie and Just some random things I'd like to get rid of before I head off for College :

Free Image Hosting at

Collapse )


I prefer Paypal. I do not except Credit cards and will ship Worldwide. Cheques will be accepted, but orders will not be processed until check clears. If interested leave a comment or you can email me to place an order at:

Thanks for looking!

(Ps: I am also in search for some Loveless and Tsubasa stuff, thanx ^^)

moving away deal :D!

hellu~~~leaving for uni and have to get rid of some stuff!!!! please help me and take these babies of my hands :)

how to draw manga:
volume 2, 3
super tone techniques
$16 ea. shipped
*perfect condition*

chinese manga:
$4 or all 4 for $13 shipped
v.1-4 dn angel

japanese manga:
$4 or all 3 for $10 shipped
v.1-3 hunterxhunter

english yaoi:
$7 ea shipped each unless otherwise stated
v.1 hands off
v.1 level c
v.1-7 FAKE *comeplete* all for $40 shipped
v.1-4 eerie queerie *complete* all for $30 shipped

english manga:
$7 ea shipped
v.1 negima

comment or email at[@]
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Batsu-Club Sweater for sale

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to see if anyone here would be interested in this before I went to e-bay with it. It's roughly a medium in USA sizes. Only worn once. Bought at the Batsu-Club shop in Osaka, Japan. Looking for $60, but I'm willing to negotitate on the price. Shipping not yet included. If your interested e-mail me at

Links to pics:¤t=Captured2004-8-800000.jpg&refPage=&imgAnch=imgAnch3¤t=Captured2004-8-800001.jpg&refPage=&imgAnch=imgAnch2¤t=Captured2004-8-800002.jpg&refPage=&imgAnch=imgAnch1
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(no subject)

Olivia - The Lost Lolli {Tower records version}
Olivia - Synchronicity
Olivia - Internal Bleeding Strawberry
Olivia - Comatose Bunny Butcher
Olivia - The Return Of The Chlorophyll Bunny
Olivia - a little pain + DVD {sealed}
Anna Tsuchiya - ROSE + DVD {sealed}

it pains me to do this, but I must let go of my OLIVIA cds due to financial reasons...these were very hard (and expensive) for me to get, so I hope it goes to a good home! LJ isn't notifying me of comments, so feel free to e-mail me! Delirious.Asian[at]gmail[dot]com

Niihon Onegai

New Items at Niihon Onegai

New Items at Niihon Onegai Including:

+Whole new American DVD Section
+Whole new American CD Section
+2 new Manga's Including hit titles Yotsuba, Azumanga Daioh, .hack, Demon Oron, and The Ring
+JROCK Items including a W~inds Arena37c Issue, MUCC Limited Badge, Azumanga Daioh Soundtrack
+Tons of Apparel items, including Pikachu and Gang T-Shirt, Young Link Shirt, +so much more
+Tons of Kawaii Stationary
+New Items being added everyday!

To Niihon Onegai!

-Click Banner to Warp Over to Niihon Onegai-

Cel collectors, take note

Hiya~!! :)

Selling practically all of my remaining anime production cel collection. The hobby is just too darn expensive, and my interests now lay elsewhere. All items are authentic and used in the actual making of the titles. Would love to give these a new home, preferrably at the prices I originally paid back when the market was high (my asking prices). But prices are O.B.O. within reason. Will do payment plans as well. Don't be afraid to email me with any questions. I have 100% positive feedback with eBay (however, I'm sick of paying the seller fees for nothin').

Visit my slap-dash sales page here:

Thanks for your time, and if you know anyone who may be interested, please pass the word around. Appreciate it! ♥

huge update @ lemonyokan sales!

huge update @ lemonyokan!!

Many new items added to the stationary and accessories sections, as well as a few restocks. MANY items sold out in stores AND online. Great customer specials including Free Shipping, Discounts, and more!

WIN A PRIZE! Raffle for the month of August for all who purchase!
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Sailor Moon season 2 ADV DVD boxsets are a new target on eBay lately. Everytime I catch an auction that's suspicious, the seller uses the same pictures, always has a different name and 0 feedback. Also, the boxes are ridiculously cheap. I've seen previous auctions pulled off of eBay in this pattern. I ask that if you are on the lookout for season 2, (also this seller has three "rare" identical Sailor Moon lockets, and 2 boxsets of season 2 in this case). Please be on the lookout. I could be wrong, but I ask everyone to be cautious. I've been eyeballing season 2 for a month now and it's awlays the same pattern.


Just added 65 doujinshi to the site~ 40 new, 25 restocked


Added 65 doujinshi for sale.

New doujinshi:
25 Prince of Tennis
8 Eyeshield 21
7 FullMetal Alchemist

24 Prince of Tennis
1 Eyeshield 21

Please take a look and hopefully you'll find something you've been looking for!

Feel free to email with questions related to the doujinshi or the site! I answer them for no charge. ^.~


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