August 14th, 2006


ebay auctions ending soon & privately selling stuffs

Trying to get rid of a WHOLE lot of Visual Kei, Japan Punk, J-Rock, etc. Japanese goods in the coming two weeks or so because I'm moving out of the country and it's going to be thrown out by my mother otherwise. These are beloved items I really don't want to get rid of, but you know what they say, you can't take it with you. Hoping to find a good home for this stuff, so please take a look!!!

Auctions set to end in less than 24 hours!!!!

Auction #1 is for a Sex Pot Purse.

Auction #2 is for a Shin-ComP schoolbag.

Auction #3 is for a Fred Perry purse. (Fred Perry is hella popular in Japan, suprisingly enough! ^^;)

All are in mint condition. Check out my 100% good feedback if you feel the need!!

I will be listing more things (and with pictures!) such as older issues of SHOXX, B-Pass, Z:Y, Zappy, and many rare VHS tapes featuring such artists as Buck-Tick, Pierrot, Gackt, Plastic Tree, Sophia, X-Japan, Blast, Aile, cali=gari, in addition to other punk goods from stores like Sex Pot and Algonquins, and cute things from Anap and Tommy Girl Japan in the coming days.

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Gettign rid of stuff~

Couple of Manga's in Beautiful condition, A plushie and Just some random things I'd like to get rid of before I head off for College :

Free Image Hosting at

- Manga $7.00
- Plushie $15.00
- Other

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I prefer Paypal. I do not except Credit cards and will ship Worldwide. Cheques will be accepted, but orders will not be processed until check clears. If interested leave a comment or you can email me to place an order at:

Thanks for looking!

(Ps: I am also in search for some Loveless and Tsubasa stuff, thanx ^^)
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utena manga, tokyo mew mew manga, prism time, akfg and miyavi!

Here's what I'm selling this week:

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The first two volumes of Shoujo Kakumei Utena by Chiho Saitou. Entirely in Japanese without translation. No rips, tears or missing pages. In great condition. $3.00 each.

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The first two volumes of Tokyo Mew Mew by Ikumi Mia and Yoshida Reiko. Entirely in Japanese without translation. No rips, tears or missing pages. In great condition. $3.00 each.

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The first volume of Prism Time by Takeuchi Naoko. Entirely in Japanese without translation. No rips, tears or missing pages. In great condition. $2.50

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If you are interested, please comment and make sure you mention which item(s) you want and your email address. The transaction will be handled through PayPal and I am willing to ship worldwide. (worldwide shipping costs will take a little longer to determine.) I am also willing to mark any of the above items down. Comment with your offer and I'll see if we can work it out. If you need any further information, email me at Thanks so much :)
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still looking for this figure

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon doll

I have excellent feedback on eBAY 100% (my ID is "neo-tk") and I can pay via postal money order ASAP provided you have good references/feedback to show as well. I am desperately looking for this doll, and will pay a lot for it. PLEASE REPLY BACK IF YOU HAVE OR KNOW WHERE TO GET IT. THANK YOU!

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I sell things from Tokyo!

I went to Tokyo for 4 weeks and have bought a few things to sell!!
For example some shirts, my eyebrow scissors, Ruby Rose Photoalbum, ROSE FAN FAN notepad,  nail art stuff, Disney goddies and cellphone straps!!
I think you might be interested in those :3
Please take a look at my selling journal!!!

Click here: ALOHA SALES

!! My items are for direct sale, but you have the chance to "overbid" a person who wants the same item as you!
For a better description, read the "Tokyo Batch" entry of my selling journal!

Looking for some stuff...

Hi there! :3 I'm looking for some anime and such, and thought I'd post my list here to see if anybody has any of what I'm looking for...


*Cardcaptor Sakura- I still need quite a few volumes of the uncut, OFFICIAL version released by pioneer. (If you have it, let me know what volumes and I'll see if it's any of the ones I need)

*Chrono Crusade- Volumes 5-7

*FLCL- Volumes 2 & 3


*Anything Popotan (don't need DVDs), Nurse Witch Komugi (don't need DVDs), Keroro Gunsou, Negima! (especially figures!), FLCL, or Ojamajo Doremi related.

If you have any of the above, please drop me an e-mail ( ZeroDimensionMuffin (at) hotmail (dot) com ) or reply here, and i'll let you know if i'm interested. :3 THANKS!

(IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN TRADING... I have some manga still for sale/trade. I have Tsubasa #1-4, Inuyasha #1-8, Fruits Basket #6, and Ceres #1-2)
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Manga - Anime - Jpop - Everything Must Go!

I'm selling alot of my anime/manga collection as well as many cds and singles. 
As if getting ready to move to a new school wasn't costly I need dental work >_< My tooth fractured and I desperately need the money to get a cap (crown).
Help me pay for a cap on my tooth! 

All prices negotiable

Older T.M.R Singles
Here are some T.M.Revolution Singles -some with Daisuke Asakura 

Recently Updated! ~ Manga for Sale ~ Includes Samurai Champloo, Mars, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Vagabond, Shaman King, Dost Thou Know (yaoi), Hikaru no Go & more 
Click me for Manga!

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Recently Updated Many CDs and Singles including Glay, Ryuichi Kawamura, Luna Sea, L'arc en Ciel, Mika Nakashima & more

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I'm also selling a few Final Fantasy VII & VIII art musuem/cardass master cards

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