August 15th, 2006

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Hello fashion fanatics, 

In celebration of the grand opening of Rakuen, from now until August 31st our store is having a promotional discount of 10% off on the original sales price of all items. We currently have a catalogue of over 200 designs for you to choose from, and with each purchase you will receive a free headress! Please click the logo to visit our livejournal community.

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cute girl


I'm looking for:

-anything related to I'll CKBC (especially the jacket from Animate)
-Kaze to ki no uta mangas (or goods) by Takemiya Keiko
-Eyeshield21 goodies
-Morinaga Ai related stuff (mangas, goods...)
-Nishikido Ryou related stuff
-Tenimyu DVDs (and/or Bleach) or other stuff
-Aishiteruze Baby stuff
-Penguin Brothers mangas
-Emura stuff
-Cluster Edge related stuff (doujinshi, goods...)
-doujinshi by Acute Girls, Idea, Shisinden (or John Dow), Takahashi Jinrai (Hikaru no go), Ichihara Tetsuno
-Takanaga Hinako's, Kawai Touko's, Sakuragi Yaya's mangas

The cheaper the better XD
Sailor V

In need of DVDs

Ok, I've been browsing the LJ communities,, ebay, and, but haven't been able to find what I'm looking for. Is anyone selling any of the following DVDs -

DiC Region 1
- Sailor Scouts to the Rescue
- The Man in the Tuxedo Mask

PGSM Region 2
- Special Act w/ box
- Act Zero w/ box

I know the odds of finding one of these is slim to none, but there's no harm in trying. Please comment if you have one you'd like to get rid of! I'd be VERY interested and VERY grateful to you. I don't buy bootlegs or copies either, so please don't post those.

Thanks very much!

Aerith Statue for Sale

I bought this Kotobukiya Aerith statue implusively and now regret it. It's a gorgeous statue but I've decided to save money by focusing my collection on Tifa.

It's still in box and never been opened. I paid $75 for it and would like to sell it for the same amount but I will consider offers. Pick up is available in West Los Angeles if you want to save on shipping. Let me know if you're interested!
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Stuff for sale ;;

Okies, Selling a whole bunch of shiz cause I am very poor. o-o;;; Aaaand cause I have too much stuff. ToT Everything is negotiable. xD; Cause I need monies xD; I am also willing to trade for misc anime things for anything here. I just cant resist o_o

Anywho here we go.

Manga - 4$ each

InuYasha - 1,2
Sailor Moon Super S - 3
Kare Kano - 1
Fushigi Yugi - 1 (First ed)
Ayashi no Ceres - 1,2 (First ed)
Ranma 1/2 - 16
B. B. Explosion - 1
Shoujo anthology - 1
Seven of Seven -1
Baby Birth - 1
Hikaru no Go - 1
Shaman King - 1

InuYasha Volume 1 - 4$
Yu Yu Hakusho - Point of no Return Dvd - 5$

Hinata Wig - Cut and styled by me, paid 35 dollars for wig, skin top.(Is a little short in the back) =3

Misc stuffs

Pleather Pants - Size 7 - I was gonna use em for Gravitation cosplay but they are too big. Tried onfiltered=P - 5$

Tripp corsetted pants from Hot Topic - Size 3 - New with tags - Love these pants, they are so cute. But, they are too big. -.- Paid 50$ for em too ;;

Pia Carrot planner from 98-99 - 1$
Flay Figure - GSD - Flay sitting on a Haro. Hate to sell a figure but cant have a FLay in my house w< - 2$

Chii ears -
Ive done them a kagillion times, set on headband made of light foamie. - 4$ a pair

I will proabably add more later. =3 Any questions or anything or if you want more pics, just ask. =D

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Bunny gone bad. D: {My Melody}

FRUiTs, Decora, J-fashion items for sale!!

Photos and descriptions under the cut!

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Here's my About me page on eBay if you wanna check out some of my feedback. All items come from a smoke-free home. I prefer paypal, but I also accept Money Orders or concealed cash (AT YOUR OWN RISK!). I ship only to North America (the US and Canada)--sorry!

I'm willing to haggle on prices, too, so if you see something you like make an offer!
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Look look!

Hello people

im planning to sell Candy shppoky theater's Cds on ebay next week
Yes its pretty difficult to find candy7s CDs even in Japan and already sold out
If you are intersted check my IDDDD lu_ulx_xl-_-lo_ol

Im selling La:Sadie's Lu:Ciel ( limited 5000)
so if you like diru check it outtt.

check my web shop and community too!
och but Please use Internet explorer if you go to


Pink Berry Shop Direct Sales!

Store is closing on 20th August (5 more days!) - everything must be gone by then! Many prices reduced!

(This is the last time these items will be reposted here - I'll be moving house and leaving all unsold items behind ^^;)

Click the links to see and buy...
♣ - Japanese Fashion/Bishoujo magazines!
♣ - Craft supplies!
♣ - OOAK clothing!
♣ - FRUiTSy and gothic lolita brand clothing!

Also, please check out my Ebay sales! ^^

♥ - Shipping internationally via Airmail Small Packets, non-credit card Paypal only from international customers ^_^

Take a peek under the cut for examples of the things I'm selling...♥

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MOVING SALE pt 2! Serious Buyers only! ITEMS MUST GO!!!

Before looking, please read the following terms and details of the sales:

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. ONLY serious buyers!! Sale ends

Friday, August 18 2006

. When you comment, please leave name and email address. If you are going to contact me through email, please forward all questions/inquiries to: Thank you!


Due to time constraints, payment will only be accepted via paypal. I do add a $1 fee for paypal use. If you really want an item, and cannot use paypal, please contact me at: We might be able to work something out.


Shipping will vary, due to the amount of items bought, the weight of items, and the speed that you want.

- Express: Need item ASAP? 1-3 business days guaranteed, though the most expensive. Includes: free delivery confirmation and insurance.

- Priority: Recommended! This is quick delivery, 3-6 business days, with free delivery confirmation.

- First Class/Media Mail: Slowest, 2-3 weeks, but the cheapest.

- International Shipping: I will ship items internationally, and the cost will be discussed with the buyer.

Now onto the items!

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Didn't find what you want? There are more items (FLYERS, POSTERS, and MEDIA) available on my other post:

Want Saiyuki anime sale/trade new items!

Hi, umm.. i wanted to see if I could find anything I'm looking for. I'dd buy at decent prices or trade.

What id like

Saiyuki OVA Eps 1-2 (1999 Tokyo kids release) DVD or vcd i dont care.
Saiyuki Doujinshi's (Sanzo/Goku)
Saiyuki Gunlock Japanese PS2 game

Jap PS2 System

Ahh.. well.. Basically anything Saiyuki!

What I have To Sell!


Inuyasha (eng dub) Vol 1-7,9-10 $10.00 each or $75.00 for all 9

Gravitation vol. 1-3 +collector box set $30.00

Naruto vol 1-2 $4.00 each

A japanese manga not sure what its called its by Kodansya Comics!
(sailor moon style) $5.00

Evangelion -addition $8.00

refrain ~songs inspired by Evangelion~ $8.00

Cardcaptor Sakura Valentines sleaed $6.00

Pokemon Music CD $8.00
(the new cds/pins/shirts images are all at this site)
just incase top link isnt working
Chibi Inuyasha-3.00
Rare Bakura-5.00
Rare Marik-6.00

Water bobble lee from Naruto is the burry item! -3.00

Inuyasha 23.00

Jap cds
8 different Jap anime song collections(see covers in pic) 8.00 each or all for 55.00
Jap DVD music video disc (not sure who it is) 6.00 (its in the scans)

Pink Fullmetal-2XL-still has tags 7.00

Black Fullmetal-L-6.00

(All yugioh shirtd are Boys youth XL 16/18
YUgioh grey w/joey/yugi 5.00
YUgioh red w/egyptian gods 5.00
Black w/kaiba and joey 5.00


Loveless Vol. 1 Sealed 15.00

Fullmetal Alchemist Vol 1. dvd 6.00


Saiyuki Vol 5 5.00

Yellow Vol. 1 (Yaoi) 8.00 (HOLD)

yellow Vol. 2 (Yaoi) 8.00

Inuyasha manga vols.3 4.00

Inuyasha Vol 4. 4.00 (both for 6.00)

Naruto Foil Cover 7.00

Yu-Gi-Oh Foil Cover 7.00

Ok, if you have any question about an item please email me. All prices include shipping.
I will hold an item til the date agreed. I need money soon, as I am out alot of bill money.

Remember the more you by the more of a savings i'll give.

I accept Paypal and Money Orders or cash at own risk.


I have an ebay account if you wish to see my possitive feedback!
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honey bane

looking to sell...

  • Hotelier dvd boxset - 20 vcds, mandarin dialogue and subtitles
  • Dir En Grey white Kyo sweatshirt - size large but is much smaller says "Kyo is a God" on front and has a silkscreen image of Kyo on the back
  • Inuyasha girls fitted tshirt - white size large but in girls sizes so is smaller, has image of Kagome with bow and arrow on front and says "Inuyasha"

I accept paypal or online checks. Make an offer for items, thank you!!

h. NAOTO at Niihon Onegai!


Now for the first time. H.NAOTO clothing items will be posted for sale on the main page of Niihon Onegai

Click the banner to check it out, and to see more pictures. Don't forget to check out all the anime, manga, apparel, and japanese entertainment goods while your there!

Some Items at Niihon Onegai:

-Sendia Kimotsu SHOXX Poster
-Nightmare SHOXX poster
-Brand New American DVD's and CD's
-Cute San X and Qulia Stationary
-Anime Apparel
-Manga from huge titles like Yotsuba&! and Azumanga Daioh
-Tons of low priced Anime DVD's and VHS

To Niihon Onegai!
JRM, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Super Princess Peach Accessory~!!!

Hi! I'm selling this Nintendo DS Sleeve (fits the regular sized DS only). It fits snugly over the DS and keeps it all protected and cute! It has velcro on the top inside to keep it from sliding out. The thing attached to it is a little cleaning cloth you can fold up and tuck away in the tiny pouch, or you can just disconnect it with the hook. It's perfect and safe for getting those smudges off!

It has the Super Princess Peach logo over the black band on the case, and a portrait of Peach on the cleaning cloth.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Interested? $6 shipped in the US, other countries will be slightly higher.

Everyone loves Domo-kun!

Or at least, I do! My newest creation: a Domo-kun* scarf! It is incredibly long and soft, topped with some felt creating the beloved Domo face. Here is a picture taken with my sickeningly horrible camera under the control of an unphotographer, moi:

To learn more about this item or my other crocheted items, click the fake-cut! It will lead you to my commissions page ;D!


* Note: I do not own Domo-kun in any way. He is copyrighted to his respective creator, and this is merely a fanmade product.

Getting rid of some stuff~

Couple of Manga's in Beautiful condition, A plushie and Just some random things I'd like to get rid of before I head off for College :

Free Image Hosting at

- Manga $7.00
- Plushie $15.00
- Other

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I prefer Paypal. I do not except Credit cards and will ship Worldwide. Cheques will be accepted, but orders will not be processed until check clears. If interested leave a comment or you can email me to place an order at:

Thanks for looking!

(Ps: I am also in search for some Loveless and Tsubasa stuff, thanx ^^)

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Selling anime merchandise!

KakaIru poster
Gaara poster
Kakashi poster
Sasuke poster
Sasuke x Gaara poster
Kakashi notebook
Konoha!symbol necklace w/ astrological sign
Kakashi cell phone chain

set of 3 keychains/phone straps (Ed, Al, and pocket watch)

Prince of Tennis:
Tezuka (?) keychain/phone strap

@ buttdent!

ALL NEW. Inluding the account xD

tota - luke: excellent

^_^ Stuff For Sale ^_^

Yo ho! I've had a few things to post for a few weeks now, but have been very busy with other things, but now I'm back! And with even more stuff.

Pricing: All prices are best offer!
Shipping: Please specify when you make an offer whether it includes shipping or not, if not I will calculate shipping
Payment: I accept Paypal (e-check only please), Postal Money Order, or well concealed cash via mail (at your own risk).

contact info:
email :
aim: komishika

Also open to trades. Please remember if you wish to trade do not be offended if I can't find anything to trade you for. And also if you instigate the trade you are required to ship first.

Okays! On with the stuffs!

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