August 16th, 2006

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alright *_____* I need to desperatly get rid of some of my stuff...

I've got anime, manga, plushies, wall scrolls, fruits-y accessories, kawaii phone charms, ect.

check it out! tastetheneedlestastetheneedlestastetheneedles


also, If anyone is interested in buying the Comic Party complete DVD box set I'd be willing to part with it for a decent offer. you can leave a comment here if interested.
I've kept it in perfect condition <3
I'll take either money orders or concealed cash. just let me know your offers, I may consider them, I may not XD.

thanks :3

CLAMP artbooks

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X (1999) by CLAMP - “zero” artbook; has about 200 full-color pages (plus a few black-and-white pages at the beginning with descriptions of certain illustrations), all beautiful. Some illustrations are two-page spreads, some pages have multiple pics, so there is a lot of rare art in this book. This is the official Japanese edition, not the Hong Kong version, printed in 2000. Minor scuffing on cover. $30 or best offer.

Tokyo Babylon “Photographs” book by CLAMP - very rare. Also about 200 pages, full-color, with an amazingly striking layout. Lots of extremely rare images from the Tokyo Babylon series and even a few of Subaru and Seishiiro with their X looks. I adore this book and spent a long time looking for it, but I have to let it go. Official Japanese editition. Minor damage on cover. $35 or best offer.

As you probably noted, I'm willing to take offers because I need money and I need to get rid of stuff because I'm moving. I prefer paypal but I'll also accept cash; I've never dealt with money orders and checks usually take time to clear so those are less favourable but still acceptable :D If you'd like an estimate on shipping please comment with your zip ^_^

Also please see my sales journal (this one, saturnsale) for other items like manga, jrock stuff, etc.
maid cafe

Gotta catch'em all! (my guilty pleasure)

Hi there!
I don't think I can wait until this spring for the North American release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, so I was wondering if anyone in garagesalejapan land had a Pokemon Emerald GBA cartridge (preferably with the instruction booklet). I think it came with a wireless adapter but I don't need it since I'll be playing the cartridge on my DS lite. I'd also consider Pokemon Ruby or Saphire cartridges as well, and maybe even Leaf Green or Fire Red. Let me know! *^^*

...and would anyone be interested in my Pokemon Trozei game for the Nintendo DS? It would come with the game card, instructions, and box for $20 shipping inclusive within the continental US and Canada.

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→ Jrock Album: Gazette - Nil
→ Jrock Single: Dir en grey - CLEVER SLEAZOID
→ Manga: Yaoi (Boys' Love) - 4 Books
→ Manga: English Translated - 6 Books

- Accepting well-concealed cash only (for now)
- US Dollars only
- Two Weeks HOLD

- In USA only
- Shipping Included in Prices

{Pictures of all items are avaliable inside the post}

Lookie Here

Thugnificent (unknownunknowns)

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manga for sale: (all in english)
all are $5 + $1 for shipping, except for the
ultra maniacs which are $6 + $1 shipped

a.i. love you 1-3 ($18 for all)
comic party 1
fruits basket 1-2 ($10 for both)
gravitation the novel
inuyasha 2, 5, 13, 16 ($22 for all)
inuyasha 12 (large format)
love hina 1 (get this and a.i. for $22)
naruto 1-4 ($18 for all)
ultra maniac 2, 3, 5 ($20 for all)

other items:
chobits volume seven ($20 shipped)
dragon ball z wallscroll ($15 shipped)
fullmetal alchemist girls t-shirt (large) ($8 shipped)

will trade for: (english ONLY)
pet shop of horrors
school rumble
cromartie high school 2+
strawberry panic
love roma
the dreaming
(super) gals!

i accept concealed cash and (NON-credit card) paypal
prices are negotiable! my feedback is located here
for pictures and additional information shatteredsepsis


Hello everyone. I come here searching for something and I hope there's someone who might help me. I'm looking for orb-anything (mainly necklasse though, but bracelets, earrings and other jewelry can work too ^^''), since I can't use paypal (my country, Bulgaria, doesn't work with it) and I can't really buy orb-stuff from eBay. So I was thinking maybe someone here is selling some nice orb-necklasse or something. I'd also be happy if you point me out to someone/online shop that sells orb-stuff and accepts cash or money order. =) Thank you very much in advance.
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I'm not sure if requests are allowed, and if they aren't I'll delete this, but no one seems to be carrying the things I'd like.  I'm looking for:

Carcaptor Sakura fanstuff (I have the anime/manga, now I'm thinking plushies and the like)

xxxHOlic manga (I have vol. 1, would like to buy other volumes in bulk if possible)

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle manga (I have vol. 1 through 6, would like to buy other volumes in bulk if possible)

Thanks for your help!

Also: I can only pay by check or concealed cash.

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Manga for sale/trade

All manga volumes 4$US plus shipping, paypal only!

Manga for trade:
Fushigi Yugi 1, viz flipped edition
Marmalade Boy 1
Hands Off! 1, 2
Mars 1, 2, 3
Beck 1, 2, 3
Othello 1, 2, 6
Yuyu Hakusho 1
peachgirl 1, 2, 3
peachgirl change of heart 1

looking for:
fruits basket
flowers and bees 4+
sugar sugar rune 2
nodame cantabile 2-3
maison ikkoku other then 12-13
happy mania
death note

comment or contact me at harmless_manic_lolo

Pinky Street figures for sale!

and then she lost interest in Pinky St. figures! Anyway, I have stuff for sale all over the place, sorry 'bout that, but I have a ton of stuff! Rare and older figures, repaints, keychains, cloths, and all sorts of crazy Pinky St. things! I am selling them by the full figure, by the "kit" (an incomplete figure), individual pieces, and lots.

For Kits and Full figures, visit this link!,5659.0.html

For individual pieces and knick-knacks, visit here...

WinterWonderFest Pinky (on Ebay)

Pinky St. Street Fighter NRFB (on Ebay)

Pinky St. Fruits Basket NRFB (On Ebay)

Pinky St. Animate Version 1 NRFB (On Ebay)

Any questions or comments, let me know! (cross posted all over...)


These items need new homes and are priced to sell (about 50-90% less than what I originally paid). All anime items are authentic, and most purchased via Yahoo Japan auctions and imported; most of the DVDs were bought locally. Everything used, but in wonderful condition. Selling because I've hardly touched the items (and not much into anime anymore). Will do bulk discounts or entertain lower offers!

Links added to scans or outside pages with more info. Any questions, feel free to ask by comment or email.

Anime DVDs
- Magic Knight Rayearth 5-DVDs & 7-VHS collection (entire two series) SOLD
- Final Fantasy Unlimited 2-DVDs (entire) $ 8
- Rurounin Kenshin 5-DVDs (to episode 22) $ 40

Movie DVDs (HK All-region)
- Bishounen (collector's box with book) $ 10

Manga (Japanese text only)
- FAKE (vol.2-7) $ 20
- The Young Magician (vol.1-10) $ 50
- Spiral ~Suiri no Kizuna~ (vol.1-6) $ 30

Manhwa (Korean text only)
- Bichunmoo (collector's boxset) $ 35

Drama CDs (Japanese language only)
- Spiral ~Suiri no Kizuna~ $ 10
- The Young Magician (two CDs) $ 15

** If you buy them all together, I will sell the Spiral manga/drama set for only $ 35 and the Young Magician manga/drama set for only $ 60.

AKIRA items
- AKIRA Club Otomo Katasuhiro artbook $ 8
- Tetsuo McFarlane action figure $ 5

** Take both AKIRA items for only $ 10.

Seiyuu Magazines (Japanese text only)
- Voice Animage (vo.6-8) $ 8
- Seiyuu Grand Prix vol.11 $ 3

** Take all the seiyuu magazines for only $ 10.

- Born to Sing (vocal training) tapes & booklet $ 10
- Urband Rebounding beginners 3-DVDs $ 3
- A History of Japan paperback book $ 3
- The Japanese Way paperback book $ 3

Payment Options: I prefer payment be made by a Money Order or personal check, but will also accept PayPal. Sending cash is never a good idea.

Shipping and handling is to be paid by the buyer and not yet included in the prices. Fees due to be determinded at time of sale, according to what you purchase, how many items and where it will be shipped to. If you would like to calculate shipping beforehand, check the US Postage Rate calculator here: (my zipcode is 08865).

I am a very friendly, flexible seller with 100% positive feedback with eBay. You can see my page here. Any questions or to purchase, EMAIL ME. Thank you for your time!!

Buy 3 Get 1 Free sale at my anime dvd/cel/manga site

Hi, I am having an end of summer Buy 3 get 1 Free sale that will run until Wednesday August 23rd at 11:59 pm for my dvd/cel/manga selling site:

You can mix and match the buy 3 get 1 free sale across all types of items sold, so make sure to take a look!

My site includes:
100s of anime dvds
100s of anime cels
Over 100 manga (most just $4.00 each)
Anime soundtracks (all just $6.00 each)
Video games
and more!

Getting rid of some stuff~

Couple of Manga's in Beautiful condition, A plushie and Just some random things I'd like to get rid of before I head off for College :

Free Image Hosting at

- Manga $6.00
- Plushie $15.00
- Other

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I prefer Paypal. I do not except Credit cards and will ship Worldwide. Cheques will be accepted, but orders will not be processed until check clears. If interested leave a comment or you can email me to place an order at:

Thanks for looking!

(Ps: I am also in search for some Loveless and Tsubasa stuff, thanx ^^)

Wish List

I'm looking for doujinshi from the following series:

Final Fantasy VIII - Selphie/Irvine, please. I haven't found any doujinshi I don't own with this pairing in about a few years, and I really want to expand my collection.
Harry Potter - Anything James/Lily, paticularly anything by Warabi of MT--especially Lune #1 and #2. I wouldn't mind Draco/Hermione or Harry/Hermione doujinshi either. If Luna Lovegood doujin exists out there, I'd kill for it, too.
One Piece - Cute, fluffy Nico Robin doujinshi; any pairing with Robin is fine by me. Anything that isn't hentai is hard to come by, though if the hentai doujin has good art, I might be willing to buy.

I'm willing to trade doujinshi from a variety of series (Death Note, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribean, FullMetal Alchemist, Revolutionary Girl Utena, X, Tokyo Babylon, Final Fantasy, and a few others) if you have something that I want. I'm also willing to pay via PayPal.

If you're possibly interested in a trade, you can find my ebay feedback here. My feedback score is 65, with 100% positive rate for both buying and selling.
IbuKami &amp;hearts;


Just reminding people that there are 22 hours left (and counting) for the Yu Yu Hakusho doujinshi shitajiki and bookmark that I was selling

( HERE ) .

Please have a look if you're interested ^^ Thanks~